8 Ways to Remove Dandruff Without Washing Hair

Remove Dandruff Without Washing Hair

There are about 50 million Americans are diagnosed with dandruff which is an alert problem. Dandruff not only cause damage to your hair, but it also makes you feel less confident in the public and over time it can cause further annoying issues such as dryness and itchiness to your scalp.

It seems that getting rid of dandruff is a lifetime’s vocation. Though there is no cure for dandruff caused by seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis and even dry skin is more prone to this hair issues, the news is not all bleak. It is quite easy and simple to take dandruff under control once you have recognized the root cause of this issue.

If you suffer from dandruff, then you are likely to be in the circumstance where it is necessary to control breakout. Soon. You the times is not waiting for anybody. You might have a date, a prom, or an interview which can be destroyed easily with the dandruff problem.

You know the feeling it brings right? Nervous. Helpless. Embarrassed. So the question is:

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What should you do?

There are many simple and easy ways to remove dandruff of just simply hide them in the urgent cases without washing hair. You will be surprised and amazed at the outcomes they bring back…

Wear light-colored clothing

When you have a date, an interview or a prom that you might need to meet someone important, wearing light-colored clothing seems to be one of the safest methods to let other parties know that you are dandruff free.

If you think about the likelihood of being noticed with dandruff on your clothes, it is very low. You can notice dandruff on the hair is because your hair is black or other dark colors, don’t you? Thus, wearing light-colored clothing will effectively help you hide your dandruff.

Wear a hat, cap or scarf

Seems to be another great choice for urgent cases as well, wearing a hat, a cap or at least a scarf will help you a lot. No matter what you are going to wear, a trilby, a baseball cap or a bowler, it will help you partially in hiding your dandruff from others.

Though sometimes, it can be a bit strange if you wear a scarf during hot summer days.

Wear a wig

Though it is not considered everyone choice, it is still useful in some aspects. Wearing a wig is likely the ultimate quick fix for those who suffer from dandruff. Besides, it is also more and more fashionable over decades.

Let’s try and see how good and natural you look like in a wig. That would be awesome!!!

Use a good hairbrush

Brushing your hair is great for your dandruff in more methods than one. Not only does frequent brushing can help evenly distribute your sebum as well as hair oils, but it also helps to clean your scalp by picking up pieces of skin, dirt or buildup from the hair.

For those who are suffering from dandruff, there are two types of brushes are highly recommended. If your hair is long, then a boar bristle brush is a great option whereas thick hair will require large spacing between the bristles.

On the other hand, if your hair is short, choose a nylon ball tipped smaller plastic brush.

Use a scalp brush

Whereas a boar bristle brush can help you to clean your hair, distribute the oils on your hair, a scalp brush can do a similar thing to your hair as well. Not only does it can distribute your sebum, but a scalp brush also invigorates your scalp by getting rid of flakes, dirt, and buildup.

Restyle your hair

Well, this seems not everyone choice but you can choose to restyle your hair by cutting it shorter. The lesser hair you have, the lesser dandruff you have to face too.

If you do not fancy having your hair cut off, you can restyle your hair so there’s no need to worry about parting. Pull it back, plait it or brush it forward.

Moisturize your scalp

Shea Butter

Common in both Asia and Africa, shea butter works as a natural moisturizer and medication for centuries. Besides, raw shea butter is importantly fat extracted from the shea nut which is species originated from Africa.

If you are suffering from dandruff and dry scalp, you can try shea butter. However, the butter is high in oleic acid, the excess of which can trigger an outbreak. If you suffer from sub derm, you should look for other moisturizers instead of shea butter.

Hair mask

So instead of shea butter, you can use hair masks to treat your dandruff too. One incredibly interesting is that is is specifically designed to combat dry scalp as well.

Composed with a large amount of oil, the hair mask can assist in the management of dandruff, flaky and dry problems.

Use a dandruff shampoo

The last option is to use a dry shampoo which is specifically designed for those who suffer from dry scalp and dandruff.

Though it is not the quickest option here, you can still expect to be greatly dandruff-free in a month if you choose the proper shampoo.

Here are some tips you should consider before buying the shampoos.

  1. Choose a gentle and sulfate–free shampoo. Strong detergents contained in shampoos can cause irritation which later allows easier invasion for microbes and other harmful chemical irritants, perpetuating the cycle. A shampoo can carry an organic or natural certification which can guarantee freedom from popular irritants. Besides, these shampoos can add benefits of soothing and healing effects which come from chamomile, antifungal tea tree, and aloe vera properties.
  2. Avoid washing hair every day. A gentle low foaming shampoo can help you to clean well and help to balance sebum production without regulating an oily scalp to produce excess oil or an over–dry one to flake more. Try to extend washing intervals by 3 – 4 days so that your hair can refresh in between with dandruff-busting herbal products.
  3. Apply an intensive overnight treatment to start your cure of dandruff, flaky and dry scalp. You can use your hairbrush (a non – metallic one) to get rid of any loose flakes then sparingly apply herbal balm which contains calendula or sea buckthorn) on the scalp directly using your hands. After that, cover your head with a shower cap and wash your hair in the morning to get rid of any excess balm.
  4. You can consider using Dove Anti Dandruff Shampoo which is well known for the usage of salicylic acid and sulfur which can combat dandruff effectively. Salicylic acid does a very well job in reducing the number of fungi as it comprises antimicrobial, antibiotics, and antiviral properties.


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