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8 Foods We’ve Been Incorrectly Washing

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People who do well to monitor their health know that it’s extremely vital to wash their food products such as vegetables and fruits.

The process of washing your food seems very easy; I mean, you turn on a faucet and rinse the food right?

However, there are some nuances that we can’t afford to forget. These are a list of some natural food products that we don’t wash the way they should:

1. Frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen fruits

Frozen foods and vegetables are just made-easy-to-cook food, right? Nonetheless, you should be aware that before freezing your vegetables, it is important to rinse them first with water.

Most individuals don’t rinse their turkeys or fishes before storing them in the freezer, while that is okay, do make sure that you place them at high temperature when cooking them.

And if you prefer your vegetable al dente, make sure you wash them very well during properly cook them in order to get rid of bacteria and dirt.

2. Rice


All rice needs to be washed at least three times before coming. The complication isn’t in the dust the rice carries, but in the starch that covers it.

Starch is responsible for rice clumping and also what gives the rice it’s unappealing look when cooked. It is recommended to rinse properly other starchy grains such as wheat and corn until the water runs clean.

3. Mussels and oysters

Mussels and oysters

Sea foods should be washed thoroughly, especially, sea foods that come in shells. It doesn’t matter where if you got them directly from the sea or the market, make sure you wash them well because they might be carrying grits and sand, not to mention other harmful particles.

4. Milk and dairy products

dairy products

It is advisable to the wash the container of yoghurt, milk and other liquid products before opening them.

Only God knows how many people must have touched the packagings before getting to you, and how many germs it must have carried in thy process.

Make sure the seals from the containers to rinse your lettuce before preparing it properly before trying to consume them.

5. Cabbage


Cabbage is one of the vegans favourite and it’s a primary ingredient in making a salad. It doesn’t matter the type of cabbage you have; you need to have them thoroughly washed.

You should have them separated and wash all the nooks with clean water in order to get all the dirt and dust out. Vinegar can also be used to get all the bugs and bacteria out completely.

6. Canned beverages

Canned beverages

Who wouldn’t love a can of cold drink especially when the weather is hot? Some people prefer to drink from cans because it makes the takes of the content taste even better.

However, it isn’t advised to gulp a can of soda without first washing or wiping the lid of the can.

Like all packaged products, they travel through different processes and places and can carry dust and dirt, not to mention bacterial contents. It is even better to empty the contents in the can into clean glasses before consumption.

7. Lettuce


Lettuce can be quite tasty when prepared with the right ingredients, and healthy too. But don’t forget to properly rinse your lettuce before preparing it.

It is best to tear the lettuce with your hands when rinsing it so as to get all dirt out. Allow the water to run for some minutes before leaving to dry.
Bingo! Dinner can be served.

8. Apples

Young fruits that don’t go through any kind of treatment are considered one of the healthiest for consumption.

However, regardless of how rich your apples are it is advisable to wash them thoroughly before you eat them. You should wash them with cold water, and then ate them directly or slice them before eating them.

How do you wash your foods? Are there other healthy ways you wash your foods that you’d like to share with us? Leave your answers in the comment section below. Thank you.

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