8 Lesser Known Tricks to Make Your Website Blazing Fast

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Website Blazing Fast
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It has been found that a very important ranking factor for your website is its loading speed.

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The rankings of your web page can be affected by the content?s loading speed and it was announced by Google in 2010. Page speed was considered more important by Google.

It has also increased the need of doing SEO of the website. The SEO people asked why site speed has become a big issue for the visitors? The end-users as well as SEO are influenced by it.

Not only your position on Google is affected by the page loading time but it affects the conversion rate too.

There is a very big issue related with the site speed when using mobile.

It has been found that 100 % bounce rate can occur if the loading of the page is delayed even by 2 seconds. It increases the possibility of losing a lot of potential visitors.

Now I am going to tell you 8 lesser known tricks to make your website blazing fast.

1. Your hosting plan should be improved ? If you are using shared hosting or a cheap hosting plan then it will not give your website a good speed.

The speed of the site will be lowered if more and more content is added to it and it is used at a greater extent.

Your hosting plan should be upgraded. With dedicated resources there is no need of sharing CPU, bandwidth and RAM.

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2. Images should be cut short ? Your site speed is adversely affected by the images and the size of the site. The images should be cut short. Site will be slower if the content is larger. For doing it the images? file size has to be reduced.

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It has been found that 72 DPI is the resolution size of the images for a website that is considered as the standard size and so the images? resolution should be changed to this size. The image size can also be reduced if we crop it or compress it.

If you are using a WordPress site, then a plugin known as WP-Smushit can help you a lot. By using it the useless data can be prevented after removing the hidden information on images.

3. HTML, JavaScript and CSS should be minified ? The speed of your site can be boosted if JavaScript and CSS are minified and images are compressed.

Useless characters, commas and spaces should be removed for optimizing the code.

The page speed can also increase if render-blocking scripts are fixed by you.

4. Compression must be allowed ? For compressing the file a software application known as Gzip should be used.

A more than 150 bytes sized file of JavaScript, CSS and HTML can be reduced by using Gzip.

For image files Gzip should not be used. You can compress these by using Photoshop. The image?s quality will be retained if we use Photoshop.

5. Redirects should be reduced ? The loading of the page can occur slowly because of the redirects. So, it will be better to reduce the redirects.

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6. The number of plugins should be minimized ? Your website has several components. Among these components a lot of importance is given to a component called the Plugins.

The Plugins provide several functionalities to your site and make it very rich.

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But you should know that your site?s loading speed is decelerated because of Plugins. As a result, the performance of your site is also affected. It will be better to remove the outdated plugins that are no longer in use.

7. Baggage of the website should be eliminated ? The website baggage can be of various types:

  • Accumulation of code on the site.
  • In various e-commerce sites formation of massive databases can occur.
  • If the server side is facing a lot of backups done.
  • If large media libraries and themes are present for the people using WordPress site.

The extra baggage should be cleaned up by doing overhauling manually.

A few pro-tips should be followed by you:

  • Useless trackbacks and spam comments should be removed.
  • If on your server, the WordPress has some older installations then these should be removed.
  • For a WordPress site the database can be cleaned up by using a plugin known as WP-Optimize.

8. A content delivery network should be used ? As per the geographic location of the user content can be delivered to him by a lot of optimized servers across the globe. This network of servers is known as a content delivery network. This will help site users in improving their performance.

If your website is accessed by a person in Australia, then the server present near his geographical location will help him in site content retrieval. He will not use the server in Africa.

A CDN can store the following files:

  • PDFs, videos
  • Images
  • CSS files
  • JS files

Examples of CDN are:

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  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Cloudflare
  • MaxCDN
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If you are interested in getting web design services and social media marketing services then you should consult a digital marketing agency.

Website Blazing Fast
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