8 Passenger Vehicles and 8 Passenger SUV’s

8 Passenger Vehicles

Who would want to buy a car that can seat more than 7 people? I’m talking here about an 8 passenger SUV and 8 passenger Vehicles in general.

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Surely if you have a large family this would make sense. Also if you take your friends on short holiday breaks you want the extra space. Or if you just want a spacious car where you can leave all your gear in.

In other words there are plenty of reasons why people are looking for 8 passenger vehicles (again).

Popular Cars

In the 70’s, before the oil crisis we were all driving big big cars. Cars that could easily seat 6-8 people. All powered by massive V8 engines.

After the oil crisis hit us, we started to appreciate smaller cars more because of their fuel efficiency. Although big cars always remained. Technology didn’t stand still either. Fuel consumption got better and better, as well as aerodynamics.

Getting more miles out of every gallon of gas with the introduction of each new car model.

Hybrid Versus Gas

In the late 90’s we saw the first hybrid cars appear on the market, and fuel efficiency rose a mile. We started liking bigger cars again. 8 passenger SUV’s being one of them.   8 passenger vehicles

The Seating Arrangement of 8 Passenger Vehicles

The typical 8 seater seats 3 people on the 3rd row, 3 people on the middle row and two in the front.

Eight seaters SUV are also called MPV’s or multi purpose vehicles. Mostly requiring you to unfold the 3rd row in the back of the car, which otherwise would be used for bagage storage.

When the 3rd row is used for seating passengers there is usually not much luggage space left. So keep that in mind when considering buying.

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Some Advantages of Owning an 8 Passenger SUV

  • Luxury: most of the time when you buy a car this size (and this price) it is usually loaded with lots of luxury. Full leather interior, AC, cruise, and often also a fully equipped navigation system. The more newer models are can also be assisted with so called Park Assist. Whereby you only control the speed/pedal, and the car steers itself.
  • Safety: because of its sheer the cars are favorited by people concerned with their safety and the safety of their family. They are strong and solid and you will most likely come out on top if ever you get hit by another car.
  • Easy handling: these big cars drive like any other car. Thanks to power steering, power breaks and automatic transmission. The other huge advantage is that you’re seated quite high up, giving the driver a good view of the roads and traffic situation.
  • Easy Loading: While getting into the car would require you to climb up one step, when loading your gear or groceries you will take full advantage of the trunk being easily accessible.

Top 3 of the Best 8 Passenger SUV’s

While many cars being advertised as 8 passenger SUV’s, many of them in actual fact can only carry seven people. There for we’ve made a selection of the best real eight seating passenger SUV’s available on the market.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

This car does not get the highest of overall ratings when it comes to bigger SUV’s. But it really can hold 8 people.

And thanks to the fact that it’s a hybrid green vehicle it also makes it pretty fuel efficient, doing 20 miles on the gallon in the City going to 23 miles per gallon on the highway (21 MPG combined).

This car is so packed with luxury, it is not even funny (but very luxurious). Here’s a list with all the fancy stuff:

  • Standard power folding 3rd row seating; just flip a switch and you’re done.
  • Cooled front seats
  • Front and second row seats are heated
  • 16 speaker Bose audio surround sound speaker system
  • Head-up display (displays your current speed and first navigation turn on your windshield, which means you won’t have to take your eyes off the road at any time)
  • 4-way reconfigurable display

Starting price is around $75K (including a couple of the above mentioned gadgets)

GMC Yukon Hybrid

GMC Yukon Hybrid

One of my personal favorites. Four passenger door give easy access to the 8 available seats. A lot cheaper than the Cadillac (starting price around $55K), it gives equal milage as the Escalade because also this magnificent car is a hybrid.

And if minimizing fuel consumption is your goal, the Yukon Hybrid is presently the large SUV of choice. The average MPG in combined driving is 21 MPG.

Not bad for a car this size. Even though the mileage is pretty good for a car this size, GMC didn’t cut down on engine used for this car.

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Under the hood you will find a full fledged V8, 6 litre power beast. This combined with its two electric engines will give you a sweet 332 horsepower.

Not as luxurious as the Escalade, there are still a couple of nice features that this true 8 passenger SUV comes with:

  • Adjustable pedals
  • Electric speed-proportional power steering
  • Rear view camera
  • Three zone climate control
  • Bose premium brand speakers

Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

As the name specifies, this also is a hybrid car, giving you exactly the same mileage as the two other SUV’s. Starting price is $55K. Out of the three cars mentioned here, this could very well be the one that gives you the most mileage for your gallon.

The average MPG is 23. Not bad for a car this size. The 5.3 litre engine is good for 355 horsepower. The bare version of the 8 passenger SUV is the cheapest of the three. But if you want to get the same luxury as the Cadillac, you’ll have to pay significantly more.

On  the Chevy Tahoe site, you can find all the accessories you’ll need, in a convenient overview will all the prices mentioned there. Making “building” your own Tahoe easy.

Some Final Words

Finding yourself either an 8 passenger SUV or other 8 passenger vehicles comes down to personal taste. And very much to personal budget as well. Especially when you’re buying a new one. If you’re willing to settle for a second hand version you can get much more out of your buck. But pricy they will be.

Big cars like this are possibly also an image statement, and then we’re back to personal taste again. For that reason I like the Yukon the best. Simple personal taste.

When it comes to the environment; no matter that they are all hybrid, a big car like this will still consume more than a small car. Although the improvements these car makers have made over the last couple of years has been impressive.

Both in building more fuel efficient and less CO2 emitting engines and well as extending the lifespan (and thus the mileage) of the batteries.

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