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8 Perfect Places for Your Email Subscription Forms

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Most WordPress bloggers take years before starting email marketing, however, when they start, they come to realize its importance and benefits within a few weeks.

You can use email marketing not only to directly connect with your interested readers but also to grow your blog enormously.

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In this article, we will be sharing some tried and tested tips with you to help you build your email list. Before we start, here are some tools we use:

  • For WordPress: OptinMonster, SumoMe, AddThis, etc…
  • For Email Marketing: Convertkit, Aweber, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc..

Note: Don’t hire someone else to write your emails. The readers are used to your writing style and voice. When you hire someone, the tone of the written emails will sound like a salesman’s voice.

Coming back to our discussion, one thing you must focus on is to get as many subscriptions as possible.

If you are a blogger, you are surely wondering about the best way to get subscriptions. The best way for you is to put as many sign-up forms as possible across your website. But, having several forms is not required.

An essential thing is to convert these sign-up forms. Hence, be careful of the places you put up the forms.

Why Is It Essential?

Because your efforts will go in vain if you put these forms in places which are invisible to your audience. So, now you want to know the best places to put these email subscription forms.

In this post, we are sharing with you 8 best spots where you should set your email subscription form. Below Are The 8 Perfect Places For Your Email Subscription Forms;

1. The Opt-In Feature

This type of email subscription form has worked for several people. Most popular blogs are using this form on their website. You can use Plugmatter, a free plugin, to easily set up one on your blog.

2. Lightbox Pop-Ups

Bloggers are actively using this email subscription form for many years now. It is a great way to collect email addresses of your website visitors.

In comparison to others, a Lightbox converts really well because it is highly visible to your readers. You can decide when it pops up. If you want a particular page to show this form or whenever a new visitor lands on your website, you can set it the way you want.

For instance, if you want the visitor to stay a certain amount of time and read two or three paragraphs before showing them this form, you can easily do so. The only downside is that it might annoy some of your readers.

However, one way you can pop up this form without annoying your valuable visitors is you can show it after they completed reading your post and click the exit button. It works because if they liked your post they will probably subscribe.

Why This Form Should Be Shown After 60 Seconds?

Research proved that the subscription forms work best when the visitor has spent at least 60 seconds on your website. So, you should wait for 60 seconds before showing this pop up to receive best results.

Otherwise, you will get lesser subscriptions. However, do not wait for too long, or you will miss out on most of your visitors. Perfect timing will be 60 seconds.

You should give your visitors a way to close the box without filling the form because of two important reasons – (i) they have already subscribed previously, (ii) and even if they didn’t, you don’t want them to leave your website and never return.

Configure it so that only first-time visitors can see it.

3. After A Single Post

Consider this:

As a visitor, you are reading a post and you really liked it because of the value it offers. And, you saw an attractive sign-up form immediately below that post.

You will likely sign up. This is the kind of forms you see below every single post.

One great way, you can receive maximum conversions is by sharing (in the form) something related to that post. For instance, you can share an e-book on ‘Must have Plugins For Beginners,’ if the post was about ‘Steps to Start Your Own Website.’

4. On Your Blog’s Sidebar

This place is most popularly used by site owners for opt-in form. However, this place is no longer that effective to get subscriptions as it used to be.

Nowadays, visitors usually ignore the form completely in this place and hence, smart marketers avoid placing their form here. You can use this place or ignore it. However, don’t expect too much conversion from here.

5. The Welcome Mat

Like the name suggests, it works as a landing page when reader lands on your website’s page. The aim is to welcome your readers with a form providing an awesome return gift for a subscription when they visit your website.

The form is designed to entirely cover the screen while showing your visitors a single call-to-action. The visitor either sign up or doesn’t by clicking on the exit or ‘ No Thank You’ button.

You will get this feature free when you install SumoMe Plugin or OptinMonster Plugin in your website.

6. On Your About Us Page

Login to your Google Analytics account to check the number visitors who checked your About Us page. Most visitors check About Us Page when they first visit your website.

Knowing this, if you are not using this place to get the conversion, you are missing out a lot of subscribers. Include at least 3 types of subscription forms on this page to get best results. This page really matters a lot.

7. The Slide-In

This is the simplest form which triggers when a visitor scrolls down to a certain point in your blog. It generally slides in from below in your blog post. Configure a slide-in on your website. And, set it to enter when the visitor has scrolled at least half of the page.

8. The Top Sticky Bar

This bar is a lead capturing form which is placed on the website’s navigation bar. It is usually set to stay visible while the reader is scrolling the page.

Hello Bar is one of the most popular forms. You must try it if you have not ever tried this type of bar. Have you tried these strategies? Share your experience in the comments below.

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