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8 Website Development Challenges Faced By Both Clients and Developers

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A website that is nicely designed and developed can have a significant impact on your audiences. They will be impressed no doubt but not only with ease of shopping or information that you are offering through your website but also with the simplicity of navigation or access.

We live a competitive era where businesses have to nail their respective markets through the best and latest marketing strategies. But all your marketing efforts will not yield anything until you have a perfectly designed and developed business website.

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While designing a website, many clients are very clear about their requirements and they also explain very well what they want and how things should be. Such clients have complete technical knowledge about how the job will be done so that they can get what they expect.

But this is not the same for all. Some clients don’t know exactly what they want. They have a rough business idea but lack a proper business plan. In such a case, these clients need advice on what they need rather than trying to sell them anything and everything.

The web development process is very time consuming and tricky. It needs continuous communication and patience from both client’s and developer’s side.

But they are several challenges that both the developer and the client may face during the period of the website development. These challenges include:

  1. The top problem faced by developers from their clients is the shift in their expectations and requirements. This might be from both the client types we have discussed already. The client is expected to change their plans and project data after making a complete discussion or even after the project price have been finalised. This indecisiveness affects the quality of the work. The solution to this problem is by working together and making decisions on the project priorities.
  2. When a developer has begun working on a project, they choose one browser for themselves or ask the client to select a browser to make their website working. Previously, they make a site working for one browser because making it functional for more than one browser is a significant challenge. They will have to properly take good care of HTML/CSS needs for all the available browsers. The developers will also have to make sure that his code works well with all different possible versions of Windows and any other platform.
  3. If your client has a little knowledge of JavaScript then, he will discuss the usage of JavaScript. Whether JavaScript needs to be enabled or not is entirely a developer’s decision. An experienced and knowledgeable developer will never allow scripts and never let his client rely on it. Always develop a website that runs without Javascript as you can always add AJAX to make things very easy for the visitors to the site.
  4. It is vital that developers should demonstrate value and also establish long lasting business relationships through their active background presence and highlight the project achievement to date. You should share weekly, or monthly progress reports with the clients to provide a complete view of how their website is performing. These weekly or monthly reports will help you to detail the amount of uptime and downtime undergone by the site. This will enable web developers to demonstrate issues that the client did not know that are present because they were solved before they will lead to a significant breakdown of the site.
  5. Navigation is the most critical element of any website and web developers have to bear it in mind. Usability of any site is highly dependent on the navigational structure of a site. It is one of the enormous challenges for any developer to provide the users with a proper navigational structure. This will make it very easy for its users to access the client’s website and also increase their visitors as well.
  6. Contact on any website plays a significant role. It can not only add to website promotion through the proper keyword usage but also it can help to impress the website’s visitors. It should then be readable, and it is the responsibility of designers and developers to place content in such a way that it should enhance their reading. Making sure that the use of colours is proper according to the theme of the business, font size and keeping other factors in mind.
  7. One fundamental challenge faced by both clients and developers is to make the client’s business stand out among all. Whether you are an agency or just a freelance developer, you have to perform outstanding and must also have some excellent projects in your bags to grab new clients. But on the other hand, clients must have an exceptional website to attract customers. They have to be sure that their website is perfectly functional and easily accessible.
  8. Once the client’s website is ready for launch, or it has already been launched, both designer and client are pleased with it, but the next level of challenge will start from here. There’s a whole list of new things that the client would like to be done to the website in the future. Even after the completion of the website testing, there will be few issues that the client may face in a live version of the website. Moreover, there will be spammers who will likely signup for user accounts. The client needs to manage the website accounts and other tasks as well. Clients will keep coming back every day with one or more issues, or the other and developers have to help them in resolving these issues.

Designers and clients both have to face a lot of challenges during plan execution. it requires patience, endurance and support from both parties for smooth running and completion of the project.

They both have to maintain the energy and agree to the decisions made to overcome the development challenges.

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