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9 Annoying Moments Single Women Can Relate to

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As a lady, being single can be hard. Not only do you have to deal with questions on why you’re single, but you’ve also got to deal with your friends who, sometimes unknowingly, shove their relationships in your face.

Then, there’s your mom, God helps us, who is continuously dishing out advice on where she thinks you went wrong. Or the relatives who ask when it’ll be your turn at every family gathering or the wedding of a family member.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Yeah, not so much. Here are 9 annoying moments every single lady can relate to:

1. The endless setups

Dear bestie, I know you love me and want me to find love like you have. Truly, i do, and I appreciate your constant efforts.

But I swear, if I have to go on one more date with Fabian, your boyfriend’s friend from work, or your neighbor who you think is cute and into me, I’ll kill myself. And you. Can’t be dying without my bestie, after all.

2. The BF Interruption

Can someone tell our friends who are in relationships that its perfectly OK for us to have a discussion without them somehow relating it to their boyfriends?! I mean, come on, there has got to be a topic under the sun we can discuss without having to hear you gush about what the boo does or doesn’t do.

3. Third Wheeling

Hey, friend-of-mine-in-that-loving-relationship, it’d be great if we could set up a date for just us girls and actually stick to it. You know, and not have you show up with your BF at the last minute. Do you not love me anymore?

Why would you make me a third wheel and have me watch your annoyingly sweet displays of affection? Hello? I’m right here. Why’d you guys have to be so kissy and all over each other while I’m here? Seriously, its uncomfortable to watch.

4. Be Less Picky

No, mum, I’m not picky. I just want a guy who’s cute, smart, shares my values and likes me back as much as I like him. Sounds easy, yeah? I know, but it’s harder than it seems.

5. The Movie Scenario

Your best friend starts dating and suddenly, all your male friends are potential boyfriends. She keeps telling you how perfect you and he would be together. No, we wouldn’t. That only happens in the movies. This is real life, and even so, don’t you see he has a girlfriend too?

6. The “Who’s he?” Moments

That moment when a male friend pays you a visit while your mom is around. You watch her stare and smile at him and you just know you’re going to face a barrage of questions about him later. No, mum, he’s just a friend. Not my boyfriend.

A friend. So, could you please stop asking me questions just cause you hear me talking to someone on the phone or because you see me chatting on the phone and laughing? I’m one of those people who actually laugh out loud while typing lol.

7. The Valentine Day ish

The fact that I am single doesn’t mean every valentine’s day sees me curling up into a ball, crying and wishing I had someone to take me out. I don’t binge on ice cream and watch reruns of The Notebook or some other romantic movie.

Its annoying to have the bestie feel the need to call me regularly on valentine and check up on me. Even worse is having your mom ask why you’re not going out when she knows full well you’ve never been a fan of celebrating Valentines.

8. Having Women in Relationships Think You’re Jealous

No, I’m not jealous. I also don’t feel like I’m going to die of loneliness. I quite like having so much me time. I like quiet nights where I can curl up alone in bed and not worry that I’m hugging the blanket to myself. It doesn’t make me lonely or mean that I’m jealous of you.

9. “You’ll Never Understand”

I think this is the most annoying. Your friend, married or dating, as the case may be, comes to you for relationship advice because, for reasons unknown to me, research has shown that single people tend to give the best relationship advice. You willingly give the advice you think is best because, you know, friend and all. And what do you get in return?

They refuse your advise with the excuse of, “Never mind. You’ll never understand.” Like seriously? I mean, of course, my puny single brain couldn’t possibly begin to comprehend the problems and challenges you married folks face. But yeah, you’re right. I’ll never understand.

Now you know it- 9 annoying moments that single women can relate to. The list might seem daunting but believe me, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s to hoping our friends who are dating read this and take the cue. Cheers! I hope you enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments below.

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