9 Way to Deal With Cancer in Your Dogs

cancer in dogs

Dogs may be very intelligent and active animals, but they are also vulnerable to a couple of illnesses. Until recently, I was unaware that dogs couple battle cancer but when I met a family who has just lost their pet to the illness, I knew it was something I needed to do a couple of research on.

While you may get scared when you are told your beloved pet has cancer, it is important that you maintain a positive energy and believe that your pet will beat the condition just like some other dogs have done.

This article features nine tips and alternative therapy that just might be valuable to anyone whose dog is battling cancer.

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1. First things first: fight back against cancer

A dog parent who has been through this phase twice suggests it is best not to accept that cancer will conquer your pet. This parent says it’s best to view cancer in canines as a a hungry and relentless monster that has millions of other monsters as backup.

Cancer behaves almost the same way as the monster in a terrifying movie that appears dead when it’s been whacked but the second you turn around to walk away it rises up behind you are tries to attack.

You can learn a thing or two from author and cartoonist, Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s memoir about how she defeated cancer and earned the title “cancer vixen”.

Marissa makes us understand that cancer can be visualised as that bully that bothers you after school everyday but one day you have to stand up against that bully and fight for the life of your pet.

Cancer both in humans and animals has been zeroed as a death sentence but that’s not the mindset you need to have if you genuinely want your dog to survive and spend some more years in your home.

Remember that dogs can feel energies so when you are strong for them you are providing emotional support workout even knowing it.

2. Explore alternative remedies for cancer in dogs

The truth is, dealing with cancer in dogs is very expensive and the bigger your dog the more money you will be spending on treatments. Nevertheless, do not be discouraged by how much it costs to treat your dog and leave them to die.

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A dog parent said she and her husband spent almost $30,000 on conventional chemotherapy and surgery for their dog and the poor pet still had to deal with a great deal of pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Despite all the money spent on treatments the cancer returned and it was pains all over again.

After that experience, this dog’s parent decide to search for other alternatives to fight cancer. With the help of two  homeopathic veterinarians, she discovered an alternative chemo known as neoplasene. Neoplasene is a method of chemo that is formulated with alkaloids from the bloodroot plant.

This method of chemo attacks only the infected cells and leaves the healthy ones unlike the conventional chemotherapy that attacks both the healthy and unhealthy cells. Neoplasene is not only healthier and easier on the dog, it takes it rest on the pocket of the dog parent which makes the thought of giving up go away.

3. You are what you eat is a phrase the that holds true with cancer in dogs

Even though an oncologist will not recommend this but it is very important that you watch the things you feed your canine. Cancer cells are believed to feed off of sugars produced from carbs but they can’t feed off fat. What this means if that if you eliminate sugar and carbs them opt for more protein and fat, you could be helping to stop the spread of cancer in your dog.

If you are unsure of what you’ve been feeding your cancer fighting dog, you can begin you share your meal with your dog of you eat healthy. More protein and oils like olive oil and coconut oil are just right for your dog. You can also share cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, blueberries, and burdock with your canine.

Healthy eating solves a lot of medical problems both for man and animals. It you can completely cut off processed foods and feed your pet only healthy natural foods, it just might contribute to helping out recover fast.

4. Avoid these foods if your dog us battling cancer

Imagine you’re expecting guests and you’d love them to stay a while, the first thing you want to do is provide the kind of food that will keep them interested in sticking around.

Well in this situation, your dog’s body is the party and the cancer cells are guests only that they are unwanted guests. You wouldn’t want to provide foods that would keep these unwanted visitors around so you must check what foods are on the menu that they might like and then strike those foods out.

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Carbs, processed protein like Bologna and hotdogs, and even those dig treats that you think are a way to reward your pet for good behavior, all of those are bad for a dog battling cancer. You know those greasy drive through snacks you can’t stop buying? you need to let go of those and even the fries too because the cancer cells might be enjoying them.

All artificial preservatives should be eliminated as well especially Ethoxyquin that has been discovered to be carcinogenic. Ethoxyquin is used to preserve many canned and dry pet food. Avoid candies, cookies, and very sweet fruits no matter how sorry you feel for your begging dog.

Even very sweet veggies should be avoided. If you must reward your dog for anything, make sure you offer them something healthy and sugar free. Denying your dog all of these things it loves doesn’t mean you are a bad parent, it only means you love your canine too much to allow its situation get worse so don’t guilty.

5. Consider using dietary supplements that fight cancer in canines

A lot of people don’t believe in taking dietry supplements as a healthy lifestyle. I never used to be a fan of dietry supplements until i read about their benefits. This dog needs all nutrients it can get to help fight and defeat the any of cancer cells that are eating it up from the inside.

Giving your dog dietry supplements will help to boost its immune system so it can fight the cancer cells. Probiotics are very good at helping to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and dietry supplements can provide your dog with these healthy bacterias.

6. Reduce your dog’s exposure to carcinogens

Every day of our lives as we engage in different activities, we are exposed to various forms of toxins and our dogs have to deal with all of those too.

Because we are bigger than our canines and we live longer than they do, we do not feel the impact of these toxins as much as them and at the rate at which they are affected. With a little vigilance and dedication you can reduce thought dog’s exposure to these toxins.

When you have to use shampoo on your dog, opt for dig shampoo that does not contain parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. Your should also avoid using pesticides that contain chemicals, instead you can use any effective biopesticide.

If you are a smoker, make sure you do not engage in smoking activities around your dog or expose it to smoke from any other person’s smoking activity.

Cars and other automobiles have their exhaust pipe located at an angle that makes it easy for a dog to breathe in an that bad gas. Make sure your dog is not exposed to all these things if you genuinely want to help it recover faster.

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Also worthy of note is that some pet products that are made from PVC are unhealthy for a dog battling cancer because PVC is carcinogenic so a cone of shame isn’t something you want around your sick dogs neck.

7. Cut down on excessive stress when your dog has cancer

Dogs love to be active but when you stress them, you would be causing alot if harm just the same way stress is harmful to the human body. Make this dog’s life stress free and easy especially for dogs dealing with cancer.

Talk to your dog in calm upbeat time and day only positive things to them. Tell them all about the fun things you did at work or a fun place you read about and would love to visit. While this may sound dumb to some people, dogs can actually understand when you are trying to chat then up and make them feel strong so do not dismiss this as a waste of time.

Provide soft bedding materials and chew toys for your dog and do not forget to launder your dog’s bedding often. Music works magic to help your dog relax so once you can find the time your dog likes, play it often to help it find some inner peace.

8. Don’t ever think it’s completely over

Most people hate to discuss the subject of cancer recurrence especially human survivors. But the truth is whether human or animal, if cancer strikes once there is a chance it will strike again.

Healthy diet is important even after your dog beats cancer so that the battle doesn’t have to be fought a second time. It is possible for your dog to recover and be active again with your help so do not let your guard down no matter how tempted you get.

9. Show yourself some love

Taking care of a dog battling cancer can be demanding and stressful both financially and physically. You may not be getting any support from friends and family during this hard time so you need to also pay yourself some attention.

Take a day to relax and do something nice for yourself. It’s OK to be worried but reduce it so you don’t fall ill from thinking and stressing too much. Your dog needs you to be strong enough to take care of it and you can only do that of you are healthy and capable of taking care of yourself.

Good luck as your canine beats cancer and lives a healthy life with your family.

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