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9 Ways You Can Care for Your Hair During This Harmattan Season

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This holiday season gifts us with Harmattan and it what it does to our hair is no fun. Due to the dry, dusty and cold weather, care for our hair should become as important as important can be.

To avoid hair breakage and dry scalp, it is imperative that we give close attention to our hair so that it maintains its unique healthy and vibrant look.

It doesn’t matter the type of hair you have, locks, curly or natural straight hair; this is the season to invest extra time in making sure you don’t go around looking like an animal had a nervous breakdown on your head.

Since the weather allows for the air to stay very dry, this allows for the moisture in our hair to dry out easily, causing hair breakage to happen easily, worst still, cause your scalp to dry up.

But how best do we stop this from happening? Let us consider the following ways to help us avoid hair breakage:

1. Since harmattan fills the air with dust and the dryness makes it easy for these dust to settle in your hair, it is crucial that you wash your hair from time to time. However, avoid using shampoos to wash your hair. Instead, I’d suggest “Conditioner Only washing”, Co-wash.

Shampooing your hair causes even more dryness, and this could make matters worse. Co-washing helps your hair maintain its moisture as it cleans the dust out. Co-washing with warm water is recommended if you can’t stand the cold.

2. One easy way to letting your hair maintain it’s look is by moisturising the hair, and a good option is by using a water-based lotion or cream. A typical example is the carrot cream because it gives your hair that natural look and feel it deserves.

3. Regularly deep condition your hair, so moisture gets locked in. This method allows your hair to retain its healthy look and also strengthens the hair. Regular conditioning helps fight against hair dryness as it adds moisture to it.

This means, no no matter how crazy the weather is, maintaining proper deep conditioning allows your hair glow. Who wouldn’t want that?

4. A spray bottle is also recommended because it contains water, oil and a mixture of glycerin. It is essential to carry this spray with you to help you re-moisturise your hair as your spray it whenever you notice traces of dust or dryness.

5. It is crucial that you stay hydrated by increasing your intake of water. Water is highly essential for the body, most especially during this season when it’s easy to get dehydrated quickly and easily.

At least eight glasses of water per day are required for the body when the weather is normal. Now imagine how many glasses you would need this period for your nails, skin and hair to maintain a healthy fresh look — enough water. Your hair needs it. So drink up as much as you possibly can.

6. When visiting the saloon this season, explain to your stylist that you’d require a protective style. This option is an excellent option being that it helps to keep your ends hidden and has minimal to no manipulation. You basically would want your ends to be well hydrated and protected.

In order to protect your hair, simply adopt the method of tucking your hair away from the harsh weather. You could also consider braiding your hair to manage it better.

7. Stay away from a dusty environment to help reduce dust accumulation in your hair. It’s almost impossible avoiding dusty climate which is why hats and head gears are recommended. Adequately cover your hair if you are going to be exposed in dusty surroundings.

8. Hot oil treatment is also another option in helping your hair maintain its natural glory. The heat from a dryer after applying cream, oil or Shea butter helps open up hair stands cuticles allowing for moisture penetration into the pores of your hair.

9. Asides drinking of water, what you eat also goes a long way in deciding how rich and well maintained your hair should look. Vegetables and fruits should be added to your daily diet as they provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals that you need.

You stand the chance of losing the beauty and strength of your hair if you don’t do all it takes to maintain it. Endeavour to moisturise your hair frequently and cover it when the environment you’re exposed to is dusty. Eat and drink healthy as your hair benefits graciously from it.

Thanks for reading.

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