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9mobile Tariff Plans

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9mobile is the fourth largest telecommunications promoter in Nigeria (in terms of subscribers). In a comprehensive overview, we record the calls and data packets offered by this single operator.

In 2013, 9mobile Nigeria, which was previously known as Etisalat Nigeria, acquired a $1.2 billion loan from 13 different banks. The non-repayment of the loan forced its owners, Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), to withdraw their operations from Nigeria in June 2017.

The telecom operator was being redeveloped and redefined, and recently, in August 2019, the telecom company secured a $230 million line of credit from Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) to strengthen its infrastructure. The company hopes that infrastructure development will change the downward trajectory of the once-popular telecom operator.

A subscriber report earlier this year shows the telecom operator was consistently late. Facing determined competitors in the other three major carriers when down below was not a good game for 9mobile.

2019 has been the company’s biggest nightmare. The telecommunications company started in January 2019 with 16,385,317 subscribers, and by December the number had fallen to 13,641,995.

Today, we will be sharing with you the different 9mobile tariff plans you should know and how to subscribe to the plans.

9mobile CliqLite

This 9mobile tariff plan is intentionally intended for children aged 8 to 15. The package offers parenting features exclusive to all other pricing packages.

The Parental Controls feature allows parents to block incoming calls and restrict young people’s access to specific websites and apps. To blacklist, a website, all you need to do is call *257*1#. To add a number to the whitelist, dial *256*1#.

In general, to activate the data protection function, call *229*11# and accept the protection function from the child’s smartphone, send YES to 929.

With this 9mobile tariff plan, it offers a free SMS gift for every SMS billed, as well as an open call time of one minute for every 5 minutes call from other networks.

Other additional offers include 10MB of data sharing to browse any website and free access to browse six educational sites, one gaming site and one social site with a weekly supplement of ₦100.

National SMS on 9mobile lines or other networks has been rationalized to ₦4/message, while international SMS are charged ₦15/message. Multimedia messages are charged ₦100/message, and Facebook updates: MMS uploads to Facebook gallery allow you to pay ₦50/100KB. For users eligible to browse via broadcast credit, the tariff PAYG is ₦5,000 per kilobyte.

This 9mobile tariff plan includes an optional cliqLite tablet with educational content including approved textbooks for elementary and secondary levels, Wikipedia app, dictionary, sounds (pronunciation app), typing tutor and well written by others, all for the education of children.

To switch to CliqLite, call *244*10#.

9mobile MoreCliq

This 9mobile tariff plan is aimed at young people who offer unique bonuses for 9mobile users who subscribe to it. The ₦100 reload you two separate bonus sets: 250% and 300% split.

A bonus of 350% of the time on every charge of ₦100 and above, which is quite different from that discussed above, can only be used for online calls. With a 350% bonus, surcharges below ₦100 will give 250% bonus only for online calls. All bonuses are only valid for three days.

In addition to calls for help, the plan also offers data incentives. Switching to this 9mobile tariff plan (MoreCliq) provides you with a 100% data bonus on selected purchased data packages (40MB to 500MB). This bonus data can only be used until 11:00 p.m. at 4:59 a.m. every day. To access bonuses, call *545#.

The prices are as follows:

  • 50k/sec with 350% bonus option
  • 40k/sec from 250% bonus option and main account
  • ₦4/message for national SMS on the network and other networks.
  • ₦15/message for international SMS and to update the wall/blog/status of your Facebook application
  • MMS uploaded to Facebook gallery @ ₦50 for 100kb.

To access MoreCliq, call *244*1#.

9mobile TalkZone

With 9mobile entertainment chats, you get dynamically adjusted call speed up to 12fps. Calls to 9 other mobile lines benefit from a reduction of up to 80%.

Calls outside of peak hours (12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) are billed at a speed of 12k/s, while calls made at times other than those above are billed at the rate depending on your location. Call *551# to access the quality for your area.

Other features of this 9mobile tariff plan include the price of the call and the applicable discount notification via a flash message on the phone screen when you start a call.

National SMS are on ₦4/messages both on the network and on other networks; International SMS at ₦15/message; MMS at ₦100/message; and PAYG is 5KB per kilobyte.

With this 9mobile tariff plan (TalkZone), there are no daily access charges apply. To subscribe, dial *244*8#

9mobile MoreFlex

The 9moble MoreFlex plan gives you higher mailing value (up to 300%) by subscribing to one of their packages. Under this 9mobile tariff plan, network and offline calls are billed at 40k/s, SMS at ₦4 per message, MMS at ₦100 per message, and payment data at 0.002k per kilobyte.

With MoreFlex, you also get free incoming calls while roaming on select networks in 10 countries when you top up ₦5,000 or more in a month.

Here are the available MoreFlex packages that you can subscribe to:

  • MoreFlex 500 provides an airtime value of ₦1500. Call *344*500# for activation costing ₦500, valid for seven days
  • MoreFlex 1000 gives the time diffusion value ₦3000. Call *344*1000# for activation for ₦1000, valid for 14 days
  • MoreFlex 2000 provides an air emission value of ₦2000. Call *344*2000# for activation priced at ₦2000, valid for 30 days
  • MoreFlex 5000 gives a broadcast value of ₦12500 priced at ₦5000 which is valid for 30 days
  • MoreFlex 10000 gives a diffusion time value of ₦32500. Call *344*10000# for activation costing ₦10,000, valid for 30 days
  • MoreFlex 20000 gives the diffusion time value ₦62500. Call *344*20000# for activation costing ₦20,000, valid for 30 days
  • To opt for a package, call *344*quantity#; to check the status, dial *232#; to cancel the plan, call *344*0#

9mobile MoreFlex Plus

9mobile MoreFlex Plus is related to the MoreFlex plan, except that MoreFlex + offers a time and data bonus, unlike MoreFlex. Another difference is the speed of the call. While MoreFlex has a call speed of 40k/s, MoreFlex + has a higher rate of 45k/s.

MoreFlex Plus only offers three packages (500, 1000, 2000 Naira) valid for 7, 14 and 30 days respectively:

  • 500 Naira Plan offers 500MB + ₦1000 bonus for streaming. Dial *320*11# to subscribe.
  • Plan ₦1000 offers 1.5 GB + ₦2000 streaming. Dial *320*21# to subscribe.
  • The 2000 Naira plan approves calling credits of 3 GB + 4000 Naira. Dial * 320*31# to subscribe.
  • Dial *320# to switch to Moreflex plus.

This 9mobile tariff plan offers all subscribers a flat rate for network/network calls of 15 k/s. Calls to 7 selected international destinations (US, UK, Canada, China, India, Germany and Malaysia) are made at 15 fps.

However, this 9mobile tariff plan comes with an access fee. The daily token of ₦5 is deducted when the call is made. However, the carrier says subscribers will receive 15 minutes of free data each month and 15 minutes of network calls to remove 20 days of charges per calendar month.

Other benefits of the package include:

  • National SMS networks and other networks ₦4/message
  • International SMS in the amount of ₦15/message
  • Send MMS at ₦100 per message
  • PAYG at 5k per kilobyte
  • To subscribe to the package, call *620*1# or send an SMS from 1 to 620.

9mobile MoreTalk

This 9mobile tariff plan includes several unique features that positively impact mobile calling. One of them is the role of “user”. Allows the subscriber to make calls even if there is no broadcast while the recipient pays for the needs.

To test this, call 268 before the number you want to call, for example, 2680809xxxxxxx. This would force the recipient to pay to start or end the call.

Other features of MoreTalk include:

  • Voice (online) call rate has been reduced from 40 fps to 25 fps using 25 per day
  • National SMS are charged ₦4/ message and international SMS ₦15/message
  • “9 mobile numbers when you load ₦200 or get ₦10 if you connect ₦100 during the week.
  • call*233 *1*[9 cell phone number] # to save the number Call *233*2*[9mobile number] # to delete the number
  • call*233# to list your “you and me” numbers
  • 10MB per week after loading the ₦100.
  • Call *244*2# to subscribe to MoreTalk!
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