A Guide to Using the Dark Mode Feature on Slack

Dark Mode Slack

No matter how low the brightness level is reduced in our phones or computers, that little white light peeping from the screen still has the ability to hurt our eyes and make them weak. If you spend hours on the internet or working from your screen, then a dark mode or theme will be a lifesaver for you.

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Dark colour schemes even have the potential to save power in mobile devices with OLED screens. Whatever your reason for wanting a dark mode in slack may be, you can now have access to it. Slack’s dark mode feature is very significant as the slack app is used as a workplace collaboration tool.

However, while the dark mode functionality on slack has made it past the beta stages, some Android devices do not have access to the update that has the dark mode toggle feature. If you don’t have the update yet, you may wish to access the feature by signing up to beta.

The dark mode toggle will be available by Android and iOS users soon, and Slack team says it is working on making the feature available to desktop users too. You can access the dark mode feature on slack by using the following methods.

Using the updated slack app

If your mobile device is running the app version or later, you can access the dark mode feature by using the following steps.

  • Click on the slack app icon on your phone to open the app
  • Look for the option button on the top right of the app;  it is commonly represented by three vertical dots. Tap on it to expand the menu
  • From the expanded list, tap on settings
  • Within the setting option, scroll down to dark mode and click on it
  • There may be a requirement to restart the app. Do this, and voila you got it enabled. Easy right?

Signing up using beta

If your mobile device does not support the updated slack app; don’t worry, you can still access the dark mode feature by signing up to beta. To do this, just follow this simple process.

  • Sign up for slack’s beta user option. You can do this via their form. You can also sign up for beta in the app itself.
  • Click on the options button on the app(the three vertical dots at the right-hand corner); click on settings, then click on join beta. Put in the name and email address you use for slack, and you got one more step to go.
  • When you have been approved as a beta user, or if you are one already, go ahead to activate the dark mode. Click on settings, and toggle the beta mode option to “on”. That is it, Dark mode feature enabled.

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