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AbokiFX: Check Naira Exchange Rate

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AbokiFX is a Nigerian web and mobile app platform that provides daily information and updates on the black market (parallel market) foreign exchange rate for the Nigerian Naira.

Making use of the power of the Nigerian internet space, AbokiFX has no doubt become the most reliable platform when it comes to the dissemination of foreign exchange related news in Nigeria.

On the AbokiFX platform, you can look out for news updates on currencies from global and local news agencies, with charts mapping different trends in the foreign exchange market over long periods.

AbokiFX is presently the most referenced platform in Nigeria when it comes to getting live exchange rates. It provides users with daily naira Foreign exchange rates against the (GBP) pound sterling, USD (dollars), (EUR) Euro and other currencies like XAF and XOF Benin and Cameroon Francs, and the (GHS) Ghana Cedis.

The platform also provides daily Market FX news, Lagos BDC rates, bank ATM rates, Aboki street news, CBN Rates, as well as Moneygram and Western Union rates.

AbokiFX Currency Conversion Calculator

One very important feature that any FX update site should have is a currency conversion calculator.

On the AbokiFX website, you will find a working currency conversion calculator that allows you to know just how much of a specific major currency (for instance, the US dollar, or British pound) you would get in exchange for a particular amount of the Nigerian naira.

The AbokiFX App

AbokiFX also is keeping up with internet trends as the platform now has a mobile app where users can access critical information with ease.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Interestingly, if you have been finding it hard to download the AbokiFX app, the website can help you to download the version of the app that is most compatible for use on your tablets, phones, and other smart devices.

It guides users on the right steps to use in downloading the AbokiFX apps on your smartphone and the best way to navigate through the features on the app.

Exchange Rates on AbokiFX

Users can also access Information on currency exchange rate available in some Nigerian banks on the website. Guarantee Trust Bank and Access Bank are the most active banks because their FX rates are often published.

You can view the latest information with regards to price movements between the Nigerian Naira and other country’s currencies, previous rates, rates set by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and rates charged by international money transfer firms such as the Western Union and MoneyGram, as well as parallel market prices.

CBN Official Rates

AbokiFX app and site also features a direct connection to the official rates of the Central Bank of Nigeria. While checking the standards of the parallel market, users can keep tabs on what the official CBN rates are and make guided choices through this flexibility, all from a single platform.

ATM Rates

ATM rates on AbokiFX will give users a working idea of the exchange rates that banks in Nigeria give to their customers, under the thorough supervision of the CBN. If you would like to know the ATM rates of currency together with the monthly rate postings, you will find this tab very useful.

Western Union Rates

For people who are willing to send or receive money through the Western Union channel, you can use the AbokiFX app to check the rate for which transactions are carried out for the Nigerian Naira (NGN) against currencies like the United Kingdom Pound Sterling (GDB), the United States Dollars (USD), and the EURO.

Black Market BDC Rates

Bureau de Changes in Nigeria are a vital part of the foreign exchange ecosystem in the country. Hence, AbokiFx offers you the chance to know what the businesses approved by the CBN to play in the Nigerian forex market has to offer.

In depth Coverage of Parallel Market FX Rates

With the black market or parallel market being the primary destination for a good percentage of Nigerians sourcing for various foreign exchange requirements, the AbokiFX app protecta its users from making costly mistakes as a result of uncertainties or a lack/insufficient knowledge.

The App’s feature of providing the accurate currency quotes for both the morning, afternoon, and evening helps to eliminate any misinformation that may come up.

These innovations apply to all the primary currency pairs on offers such as the Dollar, the Pound, and the Euro rates against the Nigerian Naira.

Economic News and Updates

With this feature on abokifx, users can get current information regarding fiscal decisions and policy made by financial/monetary regulatory agencies, forecasts, and trends in the global and Nigerian financial markets, commentaries, and insightful analysis as well as other useful information.

The AbokiFx News is designed to run on a month-by-month basis. On the website, you can find news events on current economic realities and find in-depth analysis that spans across happenings in the global currency exchange market as well as the global economy.

These provide varying perspectives to users so that they can make accurate and informed choices regarding their economic and financial decisions.

How to use AbokiFX

To use any of the AbokiFX platforms, all you have do is to visit their web page at abokifx.com and then use the available navigation boxes to get the exchange rates as required.

If you want to download the mobile app, you can search your phone’s app store for the compatible application to install.

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