Adclerks Review: The BuySellAds Alternative You Need


BuySellAds has been the prominent market platform for selling ad space in your blogs. However, in the last two years, this has become a very competitive arena and BuySellAds has become very choosy about their selections.

AdClerks launched in 2012 hence becomes the best alternative for BuySellAds. We would get to a proper analysis of the same later.

Initially, let us start by understanding what AdClerks actually is:

  • AdClerks was previously known as PublicityClerks
  • Comes with an on-site cart feature which can used on your site that facilitates advertisers to directly purchase ad space in your blogs.
  • Payments are facilitated by PayPal or credit card.
  • Minimum limit for withdrawing your funds is $25
  •  In a month, 2 cash-outs are possible

Now what makes AdClerks exciting is the fact that it is a new thing in town and comes equipped with the same features as does BuySellAds. To add to it, it also scores higher in few aspects.

BuySellAds was launched in the year 2008, a year which saw the influence of Google AdSense. Hence it didn.t make much sense for customers to change loyalties as this was a new thing to try. However, in quick time, BuySellAds with its user-friendly features started generating a customer base.

Those who changed their loyalty from Google AdSense to BuySellAds even today reap benefits in the competitive arena. AdClerks is also at that nascent phase when a partnership with the same might reap benefits in the long run.

Right now, AdClerks the intent is to increase its customer base but later on when it shall have assimilated its own trusted customers, it would become a tough competition for new bloggers than to make the cut.

What’s more important is the fact that AdClerks has been steadily increasing its customer base and the trend looks highly positive. Wise investments are always made before time? and it is high time for us to catch the boat before it is too late.

Now let us analyse the various features and BuySellAds and AdClerks and try to draw our own comparisons:

  1. On-site cart: This feature is a common tool in both BuySellAds and AdClerks. A site cart allows advertisers a god’s eye view of how your site is doing be it your stats, available slots or impressions.

To add to that AdClerks have started a new scheme for Ad bundles. Selling ads per CPM will also be an added feature in the near future. This would allow us to be free from a 30-day ad slot.

  1. Listings: Along with the site description and also a personal message to the advertisers, AdClerks offers a very convenient market place for publishers to sell ad space. It becomes a convenient bridge between advertisers and publishers by creating a personalized space.
  2. UI advantage: AdClerks has the advantage of having filters to sort sites according to a category, price, impression and many more. Since AdClerks is still a new thing in the market, it welcomes newer publishers and the lists are updated on a weekly basis.
  3. Cashing it out: AdClerks has the same cash out options as with BuySellAds PayPal and credit card.
  4. Customer assistance: AdClerks has an all-round the clock (24/7) Live Chat support system. BuySellAds on the other hand takes its time to respond to queries via the ticket system in place.
  5. Approval: AdClerks has a very transparent policy about the approval of publishers. It cannot have a TLD domain or cannot be incomplete. The language used in the sites should be English. It should have at least 50000 monthly impressions.

Selling ads with AdClerks is pretty simple and the website is user friendly. A simple registration and verification is what is required before getting started.

adclerks payment proof
earnings from the platform

Now to sum it up, what actually makes AdClerks the best alternative to BuySellAds? It is in the very fact that AdClerks has a 24/7 response system and a prompt customer support system in place. The onsite cart setup is also absolutely free. It has all the features of BuySellAds.

The only drawback might be that it is new but then for investors of the long run, this might be the greatest plus point.

AdClerks is fresh, young and dynamic serving its customers 24/7. Besides all the other alternatives, this looks like the horse that will run the longest race.

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