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Advantages of Tea and Coffee

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The debate between coffee and tea is similar to that of cats vs dogs as it is one that has lasted for ages and has inspired some research into the benefits of tea and coffee.

For most people the preference usually comes down to taste but if you’re one who drinks tea and coffee often enough there are few bonus points you might be able to pick along the way.

So in this post, we are going to be looking at some of the good things that tea and coffee have to offer, and at the end of the day, the choice will be yours to decide which is a better option for you.

Coffee can help you live longer

So many people decide to drink coffee because of that energy that it offers you whenever it’s time to get up from your bed and head to work as a complete human being. But, that’s not all, coffee can also help you live longer.

It has been discovered that drinking extra cups of coffee every day can reduce your risk of death which would eventually add some extra years to your life. The other wonderful thing is that the antioxidants contained in coffee can help to prevent diseases like cancer from developing.

It has been discovered that drinking extra cups of coffee every day can reduce your risk of death which would eventually add some extra years your life. the other wonderful thing is that  coffee can help to prevent diseases like cancer from developing and that is a significant bonus.

Tea can slow your aging process

With the absence of all of those diseases in the human system everyone is likely to live longer what this means is that you may end up battling against the external and internal signs of ageing.

This is where he can actually be of help to anyone at all not only will drinking tea help reduce your biological agent process is can also help to reduce the risk of memory decline as you begin to age.

Both tea and coffee have disease prevention properties

The disease-fighting properties that different teas contain have been publicised well for several years with some keys even going as far as to suggest that they can prevent cancer.

Given all of the antioxidants that can be derived from an average cup of tea, the claims might make a bit of sense however you might be surprised to discover that she has also received its fair share of positive press.

Regular consumption of coffee has also been discovered to offer some kind of protection from Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes. This is more than enough reason to take your tea and coffee consumption seriously.

Coffee will increase your energy level

Coffee in its different forms is a long time favourite beverage amongst office workers around the world, and that is for a good reason – the mighty dose of caffeine that you can get from a shot of espresso is enough to get you through a long work day no matter how tired you woke up.

Nevertheless, so much of it could have an unwanted side effect which mean if you drink more than two cups of coffee per day you should consider asking for half strength.

As an alternative, there are different varieties that also contain a tiny dose of caffeine and that makes them a great option for those who seek something that is a little less intense as coffee. Did you even know that an expresso is actually less caffeinated than a full 8-ounce cup of coffee?

Tea will help you sleep

There are different kinds of tea that have been known to have certain qualities, and they are consumed and loved by insomniacs all around the world. One tea that has become a popular choice across the globe because of its sweet flavour and sedative effect is chamomile.

While if you’re looking to reduce anxiety and stress a cup of lavender tea would do all the magic for you. It is also possible for green tea to help you sleep better as long as you go for the decaf version.

On the other hand, it would be a terrible idea for you to go anywhere around coffee when it’s bedtime, in fact, it is only best to consume coffee before 2 p.m. so that you do not have to battle a sleepless night.

You will certainly feel the difference in your bones

For those who bring out their tea cup often, one of the things they stand to benefit is increased bone density. And that’s great news for people who are dealing with brittle bones because the bioactive component found in various kinds of tea serve this purpose.

For coffee fans, on the other hand, your lovely favourite drink can only provide the opposite effect of what he would provide for your bones especially in women.

The density of people’s bones has been discovered to decrease slightly when they drink coffee often even though the impact is unlikely to become significant if you do not drink more than 3 cups daily.

A spoonful of sugar will help the beverage go down

If you’re not exactly a fan of sugar, you can do great without it but adding a teaspoon full of sugar or even a splash of milk or cream to your coffee or tea can reverse whatever potential health benefits there is and what still even take your daily sugar intake above healthy levels. Mind you that does not mean you have to drink your coffee black.

If you are willing to make things a little different, you can pay a few extra sense for almond milk or any other milk substitutes for your coffee as they would give you a starting advantage.

You can decide to include a fruity flavour to your coffee or tea if you are a sweet tooth and you wish to satisfy it.

The bottom line is both tea and coffee are great, but you need to understand that excess caffeine is not healthy for you first the choice is yours to weigh the pros and cons of both beverages before deciding which is the best option for you.

Leave a comment below so we have an idea what your thoughts on both beverages are.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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