50+ Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift
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It’s that time of the year again, and we’re all thinking of the best presents to give to those who matter to us.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 50 + affordable Christmas gift ideas that you can explore this holiday season. You don’t have to break a bank to give someone a Christmas present.

At the end of the day, as long as you put enough thought into it and your intentions are right, it will be appreciated. Without wasting so much of your time, let us go ahead and check out the list.

1. Small gardening tools

Gardening tools are the perfect present for new homeowners who have to care and tend to their garden.

2. Cute stationery, a quality pen, and a few stamps

I know everyone does emails and social networks these days, but some stamps, pen, and notepad might help someone appreciate the little things we now overlook.

3. A kitchen tool or two

It isn’t so easy to stock your first kitchen with stuff that’s going to last for a long time. If you have a friend who needs essential kitchen items like a potato peeler, can opener, or corkscrew, get them one.

Sometimes you don’t need to buy them a new one if you have more than one of such items at home.

4. Scented candles

In those few weeks leading up to Christmas day, everyone’s house has a pleasant smell. Let’s maintain that with these affordable Christmas gift ideas. You can gift out more than one scented candle.

5. Christmas tree ornament

Almost every child while I was growing up had fun hanging Christmas tree ornaments. Now that we’re grown, we know that each unique ornament you give as a gift is special. Christmas tree ornaments are an affordable Christmas gift idea you should consider.

6. A lovely print or poster in a good frame

If you have friends and family members in their 20s, then there is a huge possibility that they have their walls covered with posters from college or probably just bare.

Sometimes it could be delicate picking decor for somebody who’s taste you are not sure of. But, on the internet, you can find several talented artists that are doing wonderfully well when it comes to creating great art pieces like posters and prints.

You may find one that matches your friend or family members Are they into music? You can find a good concert poster from their favorite artist or band.

7. A great cookbook

There’s always that friend or family member who loves to cook or wants to learn how to cook. You can gift them a cookbook with great recipes that will get them excited. Do you know someone vegan? Get a vegan cookbook for Christmas.

8. A photograph in a beautiful picture frame

Do you have an aunt who’s special to you? Guess what she’d love to get this holiday? A lovely picture of you and her in a right frame that she can keep somewhere in the living room or just put on her desk at work.

9. A photo calendar, a good old-fashioned scrapbook, or a mug

Give someone a present they’ll cherish forever. A photo calendar, a mug with their picture on it, or even a scrapbook will cost you only a few bucks.

10. Lunar calendar

Just invade you are not in the mood to go all out and print a calendar, a lunar calendar is always a lovely addition to any home. If you have people who love astronomy, this one will mean a lot to them.

11. Recipe cards

Food recipes from the internet or a book are excellent, but there’s something wonderful about recipes you gather from other people. Put together some delicious recipes for someone special

12. A journal or notebook with a personal note

For a person who loves to write, has a creative mind, and wouldn’t mind keeping personal notes, this is the best gift option for you.

13. Wallet

Do you know a man who has been using the same wallet for a long time? Well, it’s because this essential item is neglected by so many.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to picking a wallet. Get one for that man in your life this Christmas.

14. Nice socks

Socks are always seen as the ultimate lame Christmas present, but grownups are aware that good socks are the best for the season.  Get nicely designed socks for the special ones in your life this season.

15. A nice tote bag

You can get almost every kind of tote bag for your family and friends. Literary tote bags or art tote bags work great for Creative. There are so many people out there who love tote bags.

16. Travel pillow

Ever had to travel long distances by road? have you been on a six-hour flight with nothing to comfort you but the headrest?

Then you know how appreciative a person would be when you give them a travel pillow. Besides, it’s an affordable Christmas gift idea.

17. Creative key chain

I am one of the many people who never go out to buy a key chain. You’ll be surprised how many people have never purchased a key chain with their money. Gift someone a creative key chain this Christmas.

18. An action figure or some other kind of figurine

An action figure or figurine is an excellent way to brighten up someone’s day after a stressful time at the office — gift one to that workaholic friend of yours.

19. Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is just perfect for everyone who loves fashion. I got one as a present last year, and I just found out they are super affordable.

20. Hat, mittens, or scarves

In many parts of the world, the Christmas season is always cold. Mittens, hats, and scarves are the best presents to give anyone you wish to keep warm.

21. A belt

Belts are never too many for people.  You can get someone an affordable belt this season.

22. A loaf of homemade bread

We all love carbs, even those who don’t eat them, and almost everyone enjoys baked items, especially when it has to do with yeast.

23. A charming vase or jar filled with candy

Food is never a bad idea when it comes to Christmas present. Gift one of these heavenly jars to someone special this Christmas.

24. A coffee or tea mug with a bag of coffee or a box of tea

Most adults love mugs because we start our day with tea or coffee. You’ll like this option as mugs are affordable, and you can get as many as possible.

25. A pour-over coffee starter kit

Pour-over coffee is the most recent in coffee connoisseurship, and you don’t need much to get started with this kit. A ceramic cone costs between five to $20.

26. A bottle of good bitters and a book of cocktails

Once you are out of college and you begin to get interested in some classy stuff, your taste buds will start to adjust as well. Gift a bottle of bitters to that coworker of you and don’t forget to include a cocktail book they’ll love.

27. Some nips of quality whiskeys

We will agree that whiskey sometimes is an acquired taste, and what it takes to get it right is something a few tries. Give your best friend several small samples.

28. A gift bag of nuts and trail mix

Everyone could use a good dose of salty, nutty taste in this season of sweetness.

29. A basket or gift bag of gourmet chocolate bars or truffles

Giving someone a gift of chocolates this season will be yet another delicious addition to the holiday ocean of sugar and candy.

30. A six-pack of a specialty beer

I don’t think we need to say much about how a pack of beer will make a great affordable Christmas gift idea.

31. A good bottle of wine that costs $10

There is always that place in every city where you can shop for a go wine at affordable prices. Don’t get me wrong, costly wines are not a bad idea, but If you’re on a budget and want the best of wine, that too is possible.

32. A flask

Together with the various types of alcohol mentioned above, a flask isn’t a bad idea. You can purchase a simple flask for that minimalist friend of yours. You can get a really good looking flask at an affordable price.

33. Bottle of beautiful olive oil

If you have ever seen Ina Garten’s show on the Food Network, then you know that she is all about using good olive oil. I have tried olive oil, and the difference is noticeable.

34. An outstanding collection of delicious chocolate mixes, together with a mug and some real good marshmallows

35. Pancake mix and maple syrup

Pancakes are the greatest weekend indulgence. A mix can help speed up the process for you.

36. Homemade delicious cookies

I am addicted to delicious cookies, and I bet everyone else is.

37. Travel size hot sauce

Hot sauce is that unique addition to my pizza and almost everything else that goes into my mouth. Everyone has someone like me in their life, so a travel size bottle of hot sauce will be the perfect Affordable Christmas gift.

38. Two free months of Netflix, Filmstruck, or Hulu Plus, with a bag of popcorn

That family member or friend who loves movies but doesn’t have access to the best series on Netflix or Hulu will kiss you silly when you gift them this fantastic affordable Christmas gift of a few months’ subscription.

39. A mix mixtape CDs, a $10 iTunes gift card, Tidal, or a month of Spotify, or Apple Music

These are not just for crushes or your high school girlfriend. Almost any and everyone will appreciate a gift of music.

40. The first issue of your favorite graphic novel series or comic book

Comic books are a real thing that people love to have. There are a wide variety of comics and novels that people read asides the most popular ones. Search for the first issue and give it as a gift.

41. A local bookstore gift card

Local bookstores are the very best when you don’t want to shop for books online. When you’re not sure what your friends or family member enjoy reading, just give them a gift card to choose what they want.

42. A deck of playing cards and a rule book

Cards are the best holiday game, and they don’t cost much. Trust me when I say people who love cards will appreciate this gift.

43. Board games

For a long time, board games have been the go-to option for when it comes to picking Christmas presents for people who love games. They are one of the most affordable Christmas gift options.

44. A few copies of the recipients’ favorite magazines

Do you know anyone who likes a particular magazine? Then get them a few copies of it.  I bet this Christmas gift option won’t put a hole in your pocket.

45. Puzzle book (Sudoku, crosswords )

Whether what your friends and families like is crosswords or they are crazy about Sudoku, we just know that puzzle enthusiasts can sometimes never get enough. These don’t cost more than you can afford.

46. A travel guidebook for a future vacation

Do you have a friend who deserves a vacation? A travel guidebook is the best way to motivate them. It won’t cost you so much.

47. Winter skincare kit

Winter is the best season for almost everyone who loves chilly weather, but the season comes with its unique horrors. You have to deal with frigid temps, chilling wind,  and the dryness your skin can’t avoid.

Get someone a care kit to keep their skin looking radiant all winter long. I bet these don’t cost so much.

48. A few shades of nail polish, some cotton, and some remover

Consider getting that special lady something holiday-themed, such as a lovely pine green or a catchy red for her holiday nail job.

49. A three or four-month subscription to BirchBox

If you don’t find any person who loves this, remember I’m here to accept it.

50. Travel-size toiletries

Everyone who has to travel for one reason or the other needs this. They don’t cost so much, and they make a perfect Christmas present.

51. Bath oils, Bubble bath, or a lovely soap

There’s no way anyone is saying no to a relaxing time in the bathtub. these are necessities and do not cost too much money

52. Lavender sleep mask

There will be nights you just get a shut-eye. Everyone deserves a lavender eye mask on such seemingly long nights.

53. Men’s grooming kit

While you’re getting personal care items for women, remember that men need them too. This kit is just right for a shave or simple trim.

54. A box of pet treats and a toy

This is the best and most affordable Christmas gift idea for pet lovers.

55. Custom cat or dog collars

You can have one made in no time. Price?  not so pricey.

So, guys, these 55 ideas are some of the most affordable Christmas gift options to try out this season. We hope that you find them helpful.

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