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AirDrop – What It is and How to Use It

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In this article, we will walk readers through how to set up and use AirDrop on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even on iPod Touch.

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If you are still doing the old fashioned emailing of files to people nearby, or you still go through the stress of using a USB thumb drive to transfer one or two photos, now is the time to stop.

Because if you ow an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, you can make use of AirDrop instead. Why should you use AirDrop? The answer is simple; it is fast, secure, and almost the easiest thing to set up.

Shortly, I am going to walk you through using AirDrop for transferring photos, files, and so much more with all your Apple devices.

The first thing you must know about AirDrop is that it only works between Apple devices. That’s almost a sad news for Android and PC users, but soon there’ll be something like AirDrop for Android.

We live in a divided world of technology, and there is little we the customers can do about it. You can AirDrop anything from photos, videos, documents, audio recordings, website links, contact cards, notes, and so much more.

And as far as those who use this service can tell, there is no limit to the size of the file you can transfer via AirDrop — quick note, though; the more significant the file, the longer time it takes to transfer.

Using AirDrop on an iOS device

As mentioned earlier, AirDrop only works on iOS devices. This means that for you to use AirDrop, both yourself and the person you are sending any file to must-have Apple devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on.

(If you want to, you could even send files to yourself from another one of your iOS devices ) If one of you has a Personal Hotspot enabled, it needs to be turned off; otherwise, AirDrop will not work.

The same is applicable if you are using a VPN. I can’t tell you the exact reason why but I can guess it may have something to do with how a VPN encrypts a user’s internet connection.


Also, you do not necessarily have to be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network or even connect to the same network as the recipient’s device. Merely having the Wi-Fi antenna turned on will enable AirDrop to work.

Once you open the Control Center panel, you will need to push and hold the wireless connection square icon until it changes into a wireless connection rectangle.

After that, tap AirDrop and pick from Receiving Off, Everyone or Contacts Only. You can also get these precise controls when you go into Settings, General, and then AirDrop.

If the person you are sending a file to has set their AirDrop to Contacts Only, then they will need to possess a contact card in the Contacts app that either has your email address or your phone number for the AirDrop service to work.

If you are not in the receiver’s Contacts, tell them to choose everyone so they can receive your file.

With all of that cleared out of the way, whenever you spot a Share button, the rectangle icon that has an arrow pointing up, you can choose AirDrop.

When you do that, your device will show you any Apple devices nearby that have their AirDrop enabled. All you have to do is merely tap on the device that you want to send files or photos to.

Next on the receiver’s phone, you will find a window alert containing a preview of the content you are sharing with them pop up.

The receiver has the option to either Accept or Decline. Once they click on Accept, the files or photos you have selected are transferred. Video and Pictures will be saved into the Pictures app on the recipient’s phone.

For documents, the recipient will be prompted to select what app they would prefer to save it to. For web links, they will open automatically in Safari.


If you decide to AirDrop any content from one of your Mac or iOS devices to another like from your Mac to your iPhone and both devices are signed with the same Apple ID; You won’t be offered the option to either Accept or Decline.

Set up AirDrop on a Mac

To begin setting up your AirDrop on Mac, make sure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the device are both on, then proceed to open a Finder window.

Next, go to the sidebar and click on AirDrop. You will notice a window with a radar-like graphic pop open. Anyone nearby that has their AirDrop enabled will show up in this window as an AirDrop person circle.

Look to the bottom of the window where you can select who to send stuff to you: the options are No One, Contacts, or Everyone.

To share a file with your AirDrop, simply drag the file and drop it onto the circle of the AirDrop person you want to send it to. Note that, just like on iOS, you can easily access AirDrop whenever you see the Share button.

If ever you have trouble sending a file or content over AirDrop from a Mac, click on the button for Don’t see who you’re looking located at the bottom of the AirDrop Finder window. Then, click on the button for Search for an Older Mac that will pop up.

Now that you have learned the art of AirDrop, proceed to set up and start transferring content.

We hope that this article has been of help to you. If you have any questions, opinions or comments you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section provided below.

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