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Airtel TV: How to Get Started

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Airtel TV may just be the Nigerian version of Netflix, but we can only find out in a few years. Airtel Nigeria has been one of the Telecom companies at the forefront of the market in West Africa, and they have taken an interest in entertainment as well.

The Nigerian branch of the company has recently announced the launch of its television app in a giant step to redefine the idea of the television viewing experience for its Nigerian customers.

Airtel Nigeria’s Chief Commercial Officer, Dinesh Balsingh, mentioned in a statement that the Airtel TV app would turn out as a one-stop platform for all things entertainment like music, videos, live TV, sports, news and lots more.

He stated that Airtel had also partnered with Discover Digital, Trace Africa, and other major content providers to redefine the TV viewing experience in Nigeria.

The Airtel television app is now available on iOS and Android, is subscription-free, and also grants registered users unlimited access to the full Airtel TV content library and also enables them to stream various content categories on the 4G network.

Apart from the Video-On-Demand service, you will get Airtel TV live television across famous channels including Gametoon, Bloomberg, Trace (Tropical, Urban, Gospel, Africa, Mziki and Sports Stars), Bollywood, Fashion Box, Nautical, God TV, Al Jazeera, Inspiration TV, among others.

The Airtel television platform is expected to deliver the best of TV experience straight to all Airtel customers Nationwide, Mr. Balsingh said.

He mentioned that Airtel was revolutionizing the TV viewing experience for all of its customers.

Mr. Balsingh stated that customers with Airtel TV would have access to movies, the best shows and live television engaging them with the best of content as well as bringing happiness, joy, and laughter to all no matter their location.

With the Airtel 4G network, which is the widest and most robust in the country, those who subscribe to Airtel TV will enjoy a seamless and smooth viewing experience without interruptions and hiccups.

He mentioned that he is confident that the TV platform will delight, inspire, and entertain Airtel customers as it provides first-class entertainment.

Mr. Balsingh stated that to access the Airtel TV on the go, subscribers are needed to download and install the Airtel app from Apple S Store or Google Play Store.

He noted that customers should launch the mobile app by clicking on the Register icon and type in their registered Airtel phone numbers, type in Email addresses and then click continue.

Mr. Balsingh said that subscribers would also be required to type in and confirm a four-digit OTP received on their smartphones and click the button.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
Emmanuella Oluwafemihttps://freelancespace.org
Emmanuella Oluwafemi is a sociologist, anthropologist, fashion model, and senior writer at Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. She is also the founder of https://freelancespace.org
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