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ALAT Wema Bank Mobile App: Features and Download Links

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Imagine going to the bank to ask a few questions about a transaction or opening an account and having to sit all day in front of busy customer service representatives.

They tell you to wait after filling out forms or do whatever it takes to serve others. Customers and pretend to be you. They do not see, as if you were invisible and wait and wait always.

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If this has happened to you in the past or before, you no longer have to feel frustrated because Wema Bank has introduced what Wema Bank has called the ALAT.

ALAT by Wema Bank is a modern and functional digital banking system that allows you to create an account without problems and efficiently carry out transactions on your mobile phone.

ALAT is the first fully digital bank. Save time by avoiding the bank. This digital bank provides banking services via the application, and its capabilities are attractive.

Six Amazing features of Wema Bank Mobile Banking (ALAT)

ALAT Wema Bank Mobile App

ALAT by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully functional digital bank. With ALAT, you can carry out all your underlying banking transactions without being physically present in the bank.

ALAT is created from entirely digital content that constitutes all banking services. Below are the six main features of the app:

1. Sign up in 5 minutes

Registering or registering for an app or software is something no one would want to waste time on. A simple step should suffice for the registration process.

The ALAT by WEMA bank app takes you only 5 minutes to register, download the app from the store, enter your BVN, and mobile phone number, and you are doing well.

Yes! So. No paperwork required, your account will be linked automatically to this mobile device.


2. Easy savings

The main reason for opening an account is a savings and savings account that allows you up to 10% of the annual interest rate to become a trap.

This is what the ALAT account from WEMA bank offers you.The good thing about this type of savings account is that it removes the savings pressure, as it has an automated system as a permanent instruction that gives the system how much you want to save.

3. Schedule Transfer

Have you ever planned to make a certain amount of payment, say a PHCN invoice or a DSTV invoice that you know will expire at the end of the month, but somehow forgot to make that payment and his subscription expires?

Well, you don’t have to worry about not remembering anymore, because the ALAT by Wema app covers you.

You can also schedule transfers for the future, and the ALAT by Wema app does its magic for you. For some people, especially when they know, they’ll be met by a crowd when they get there. Some can’t simply visit because of the busy schedule.

Why do you have to go to the bank when the bank can come to you? Yes! With the ALAT by Wema app, you can request a debit card, choose your location, and the card will be sent to you within two business days at no cost.

It’s incredibly magnificent! How many banks do this for their customers? While you are in Nigeria, you will receive your card within 48 business hours.

4. Free Card Delivery

Another exciting thing about this app is this feature. Visiting a bank room is like a nightmare available to you wherever you can access the internet.

The mobile banking app is just an app that offers some banking services, not a fully digital experience – for the mobile banking app, you will need to go to the bank to get a debit card and activate it. However, you can make this request by using the ALAT by Wema application.

5. Manage Your Card

You can control the functioning of the card, on which card it works, and activate it for use abroad.

  • You can activate your new debit card.
  • You can lock your debit card – in case it is missing.
  • You can unlock your debit card – once you’ve found it.
  • You can choose where you want to use your debit card – ATM, POS, or web.

6. Add Your Function

Do you need to change your PIN code, update your personal information, download a document (click on the phone and download), connect a BVN, update your contact details, etc.

You can do it all on this app. The idea has always been to defrost the banking hall and create various self-service options for customers so that they can meet their own needs in the comfort of their homes.

Another fantastic thing to note in this app is the 10 for ten features, where you can get up to 10,000 N bonus to refer up to 10 friends who will fund their ALAT by Wema account with the N500 and download the necessary documents.

Links to Download the Wema Bank Mobile Banking App (ALAT)

Wema Bank ALAT exists in application mode, so it is necessary to use ALAT to download it. I hope that even if it works or for iPhones, it also works for Android mobile phones.

How to Register for ALAT by Wema Bank Mobile Banking

Wema Bank guarantees registration in just 6 minutes from a mobile phone. Registering for Wema bank ALAT does not require lengthy processes or paperwork, unlike going to the bank to open an account and carry out transactions.

When registering, you will need to choose the card that suits you from one of the available card models, and the debit card will be delivered to you within two business days across Nigeria at no charge.

The conditions for opening an account are:

  • Photograph for valid identification of government identity card
  • The last photo of the electricity bill
  • Passport photo
  • BVN and telephone number.

After simple steps and registration requests, your account will be fully activated.

Financing an Accounts Using Wema Bank Mobile Banking (ALAT)

The fund account is managed by a Wema Bank current or savings account, especially if you are already a Wema Bank customer or can do so via another local or foreign bank card.

To transfer money from a contactless ATM via the Wema Bank ALAT app, follow the procedures below:

  • Connect to the ALAT by Wema app
  • Click on Send Money on the menu.
  • Click on Transfer without ATM card

Then fill in the required information and confirm the transfer with a PIN code. To withdraw money, go to any ATM without a card and follow these steps:

  • Press Enter to clear the ATM screen
  • Online payment code
  • Enter the reference number and the PIN code to be removed
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
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