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Akpobome Atunyota (Alibaba) Biography and Net Worth

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Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome popularly known as Alibaba, and described as the king of comedy, He is presently the founding father of comedy in Nigeria, who also founded the Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd.

He is outstanding when it comes to making people crack their ribs with laughter. Alibaba has been in the comedy industry for 30 years with many awards to his name, and has helped change the perception many had toward comedians as “never do wells” to a profession and a way of life that should be respected and regarded.

Apart from making people laugh,our comedy icon reads a lot ,and has great dexterity in painting. Also he is a good actor and has featured in movies like; the “the gold statue”,“wedding party” in 2017, and many more.

This article will discuss the early life , career, net worth of Alibaba.

Alibaba Profile

  • Full Name: Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome
  • Stage Name: Alibaba
  • Date of Birth: June 24, 1965.
  • Place of Birth: Agbhara Otor,Warri, Delta State.
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: Religious Studies & Philosophy
  • Alma mater: Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Comedian/Presenter/Actor
  • Years active: 1991–present

Early Life

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Alibaba was born to the royal family of Agbhara Otor, Warri, Delta State. He happens to be the first son of a retired soldier who served in Lagos in the south western part of Nigeria.

He was born after several girls. His first eight years was spent in Warri.


Alibaba got his first school leaving certificate at Ojo primary school where he attended. He attended the command secondary school in Lagos State.

He further attended Ibru college in Agbarha Otor before moving on to study religious studies and philosophy at Ambrose Alli University, the then Bendel state university.


After acquiring his degree,our comedy icon decided to turn to his comedy talent which he discovered while in school,this made him relocate back to Lagos to kick start his comedy career.

His professional career began when he started performing at corporate events, TV shows with popular actors like Patrick Doyle.

Despite the low regard for comedians then,Ali baba still persevered and sharpened his skills and then became an innovator and comedian for both corporate and non-corporate events and soon became the preferred master of ceremony(Mc).

He also worked as an executive assistant for Dapo Adelegan of DP Lekki Limited,before quitting his job to focus on his comedy carrier.

After much perseverance, hardwork and much sacrifice, he established his company known as “Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd” 1993 with the purpose of promoting the perception of comedians as a profession and a respected way of life.

He further stationed billboards on strategic places in Lagos streets with the caption “Being funny is serious business”.

Alibaba also made his business big enough,and open for other upcoming comedians as he also mentored,supported and groomed these ones,thereby helping them to maintain the standards and professionalism in comedy.


Our noble king of comedy is married to Mary Bassey Udoh who happens to be the director of Heritage Banking Company Limited of Nigeria. He is blessed with five children, three girls and a set of twin, both being boys.


Alibaba net worth

In 2009, the Johnny Walker “striding man” society which aknowledges men who have achieved great success in their different fields of endeavour, inducted the king of comedy, Alibaba. In 2012, he became the first comedian to perform or put simply, ring the Year End Closing Bell of Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Alibaba was later featured on CNN African voices in march 2015, where he had the privilege of speaking about his aim to make Nigerian comedy a trade that is worthy of mention in business world; what an inspiration to other comedians and an example worthy of emulation.

For his contribution to the comedy industry, he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International. He is also a special marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC).

Alibaba’s talent has fetch him series of awards which are listed below.

  • Laughter Awards – Baziks Theatre Abuja-2001
  • Laughter Incorporated – 2002
  • Delta State University – 2003
  • Pendulum Awards LASU National Association of Physics Student – 2004
  • 1st Nigeria Entertainment Awards -2004
  • National Comedy Award1st Nigeria Entertainment Awards – 2005
  • Eric’s Entertainment Inc – 2006
  • Lagos state university city people – 2006
  • City people Entertainment – 2006
  • National Daily Award – 2007

Alibaba Net worth

Being one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, Ali baba is a proud owner of a luxury palatial mansion. It has three living rooms, seven bedrooms, a swimming pool sized jacuzzi in the master bedroom and a gigantic cinema for the delight of family panorama.

This paradise is located in a beautiful estate in the axis of lekki in a town called Nicon in Lagos.

His huge afinity for cars made him acquire ten fleet of cars with the plate numbers customized with the name Ali baba and two customized trucks worth over 45 million naira.

His cars and trucks sums up to over 300 million naira. All these sums up to an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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