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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

All iTel Smartphones Firmware/ OS Updates (Free Download)

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Good day and welcome. I used to think Itel doesn’t make patches or updates for their devices as the update page in settings always returned “Your system is up to date” but that is not the case.

Rather, it was the inability of the phone to pick up the OTA updates ( or maybe Itel didn’t push them) to everybody.

How To Load The Itel Firmware Updates?

To load the firmware, download the one related to your device using your PC and copy it to your phone’s SD card or alternatively, download with your phone’s browser and copy to your phone’s SD Memory card.

On your phone, navigate to Settings > About Phone > Update, tap the three dotted menu to select Update Manually.

Then select the Firmware Zipped file you downloaded then tape Update Now. Wait for the update to be applied after that your device will reboot.

Here is a list of all known Itel devices with updates and their download links.

Itel A32

Update Version: V028-V038 for Africa Open Marke

New features:

I-voice feature are added,you can go into the Settings and select i-smart to turn it on


1. Update the MTK Patch
2. Update the Google security Patch.
3. Remove the freeze icon.
4. System performance has been improved.

Download Itel A32 Firmware Update

Itel A11

Itel A11

Update Version: V042-V044 for Africa Open Market


1. Update the APN parameter.
2. Update the security patch of Google.

Download Itel A11 Firmware Update Here

Itel A15

Update Version: V005-V008 for Africa Open Market

New features:

Holster window related features are added, such as clock display, answering phone call, etc.


1. Update some build-in APK version
2. Power-saving mode strategy changes
3. APN information has been updated.

Download Itel A15 Firmware Update Here 

Itel P12

Itel P12

Update Version: V023-V027 for Africa Open Market


1. The problem of the phone switch off after charging has been fixed.
2. Update the google security patch
3. Update APN parameter.

Download Itel P12 Firmware Update Here 

Itel P32

Update Version: V022-V027 for Africa Open Market


1. Solve the problem that the fingerprint does not take effect in some scenarios.
2. Update APN parameter.
3. Optimize camera performance.
4. Update Google Security patch.

Download Itel P32 Firmware Update Here 

Itel P51

Update Version: V058-V059 for Africa Open Market


1. Update the patch
2. Remove the Multi-Account

Download Itel P51 Firmware Update Here 

Itel S12

Update Version: V047-V052 for Africa Open Market

The content of the update:

1. Solve Launcher there is no icon
2. Solve North Sudan time zone issue

Download Itel S12 Firmware Update Here 

Itel S32

Itel S32

Update Version: V030-V032 for Africa Open Market


1. Affect the production efficiency issue has been fixed.
2. APN information has been updated.
3. System performance has been optimized.
4. Modify the issues against the law

Download Itel S32 Firmware Update Here 

Itel S32 LTE

Itel S32lte

Update Version: V023-V024 for Africa Open Market

The content of the update:

1. Remove MultiAccount
2. Update APN parameter

Download Itel S32 LTE Firmware Update Here 

For any questions and enquiries please drop your comments below. To verify the download links of the firmwares above, please click here

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Please,what about Itel S15 updates.
Please do well and add it so that I can download for Android 10 Q.


Hellow what about itell S33 update!

Kingsley Felix

No information about that

Elvis mhembere

New software for itel s32 lite

Kingsley Felix

we don’t have any at the moment