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All to Know About Your Puppy’s First Grooming

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The holiday season is almost here, and some people will be putting together their wish lists, and a puppy might find it’s way to the top of the list. Knowing that Santa has all the puppies ready to roll down the chimney, I won’t be far from accurate if I say this is the right time to learn about grooming your little canine friends.


When is the right time to start grooming my pets?


It is best to wait till your puppy is eight weeks old and mature enough to detach from its mother before you consider grooming it. A puppy needs to establish a relationship with its new owner and get used to its new environment.

Once your little canine is comfortable, then you can take the step to introduce grooming. If you decide to leave your puppy till it’s 12 weeks old before you start grooming that pretty OK your pets first appointment will be a basic introduction into what grooming feels like he or she will have a bath some blow drying and nail clipping and maybe slight shave.

The reason we emphasise on a light shape for your puppy is that it is still very young and it would be unfair to subject such a tender creature to one and a half hours of being handled and restricted to one spot in the name of grooming ( it is too demanding considering your pet’s age). Imagine how a one-year-old child will behave if you have to restrict their movement or tell them to sit on one spot for about an hour without moving to play with things or hurry off to the toilet to pee.

You sure would expect tantrums, and that is the same way your puppy would behave because they are still tender and need to be free. Your puppy’s first grooming session shouldn’t take too much time and should only involve light trimming of the fur around their eyes and their pads after a simple bath and trimming of their nails so that they can go back to being themselves and play around. Introduction to having scissors in front of their face will take place during the first grooming session, and your puppy would start getting used to staying still while their feet pads are trained.

It is important to pay attention to how your puppy reacts during the first grooming session; this is what would determine if you will have to repeat the same pattern one more time before your puppy finally gets a full body trim. One basic rule of grooming is that the better your puppy reacts to being handled by a groomer and spending time in the bathtub and on the table the better he would becoming at handling grooming as it grows older.

What you can do to help your puppy

It is effortless to groom an eight weeks old puppy than to groom a 6-month-old puppy for the first time. The reason is that at six months old, your puppy has already become familiar with its surroundings and has grown to have the character of aggression and fears so it can’t be well behaved during a grooming session.


Remember that puppies are like children and you do not expect to take a five-year-old to a kindergarten class for the first time without any preschool experience or any basic composure training from home and have that child behave like the other kids who have learned have to act in the classroom.

If the pet owner has not exposed the puppy to any form of grooming like nail trimming, combing, or simple brushing at six months, the furry guy would not behave well in the hands of the groomer and would be most afraid and not trust the groomer enough to allow them to do their job.

All about training your puppy for grooming

Grooming your puppy at home is very important so they can get used to it and it will be easier for the groomers to handle them. Different puppy furs required different types of equipment for grooming so talking to a groomer would help you choose the right tool to use in grooming your pets furs. another question pet owners ask is when their puppy would transit from having puppy furs to normal Adult coat.

At six months your puppy should be having an adult coat and asking a professional groomer would help you know how to take care of your pet’s fur so it doesn’t mat. Some species of dogs do not shed their baby fur, and it gets tangled with their adult coat, but regular brushing can help prevent tangling and help them fall off gradually.

Grooming your dog helps them stay beautiful and prevent insects from latching on to their bodies, therefore, it is vital that you pay attention to grooming and you employ the service of a professional dog groomer.


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