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Amazon Echo Dot Review: Does it Make the Right Noise?

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Alexa has been doing fairly well in the current Smart home devices range and is giving a good competition to the other voice control assistants, Google and Siri. Amazon, with the launch of its 6 new electronic devices is trying to take over smart home devices game everywhere.

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And while you would find all these devices using the Internet of Things (IoT), if you are looking for the most affordable one, you will need to take a look at the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon Echo Dot is just one example of what IoT has to offer.

Introducing the New Amazon Alexa Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon has turned the standard Echo into a chic device by introducing the revamped version in a range of styles and colors. The styles range from charcoal fabric to oak finish to metallic silver and many more.

The new Echo also has a shorter tower and a new set of speakers. Apart from this, a hands-free calling feature has also been added for iOS and Android devices. Amazon Alexa is a step ahead in the making of smart homes.

It simply proves that voice commands are going to take over the touch commands. In an artificial intelligence powered home, everything will be just voice-controlled. You can manage your music, TV and laptop sound and also internet surfing through Amazon Echo dot. Echo dot is cheaper and more portable than its predecessors.

You can actually put each one of them in each room of your home. A power packed product which is now affordable is definitely worth a try.

Features to Love it for

Here are a few things that are sure to turn your eyes when it comes to the Echo Dot.

1. Voice control

Echo dot uses the voice recognition software to pick up your voice commands and then acts accordingly. So, whether you are in the kitchen or just taking a shower, tune in to your favorite track by giving Alexa voice instruction.

This is also helpful for the kids. They can just ask it for some fairytales or nursery rhymes or even to get a cartoon series started in your smart TV. In fact, echo dot is a way ahead in reducing the actual time spent on smart devices.


When you don’t have to type the instructions on your phone, you tend to give more time to your surroundings. Also, the voice reception is very good. Of course, you should not put it under a pile of clothes but else, it hears you from anywhere. Even if a speaker plays loud music near it!

2. Good speakers

However small it may seem, Alexa Echo dot has got powerful speakers of 3.5mm stereo. Unless you have a wild party going on, you can use it to listen to your favorite track whenever and wherever.

Users have admitted that echo dot enabled them more rest! Like you need to get up to get your phone if you want to play any track from it. But with Alexa, you can get it played with your voice even from under the comforts of the blanket.

3. Alexa app

The best part of echo dot is the availability of a dedicated Alexa app. You can connect your echo dot with the internet via this app. This simplifies your work. With the Alexa app, you can perform all the internet based activities just with your voice commands.

Something straight out of a sci-fi movie! It takes just seconds to download and is one of the best ways to improve your Alexa experience.

4. Connectivity

Alexa echo dot has got incredible connectivity. It gets readily connected to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. So, you can use it with your home or office Wi-Fi or connect with the Bluetooth. However, there is a glitch.

If you have a Bluetooth device that requires a pin to stream, then this will not work. We can just hope that in the upgraded version, this issue is sorted out.

5. Good hardware

Alexa echo dot is designed ergonomically to suit the needs of the modern homes. The top comes with four buttons each for managing volume, microphone, and an action button. There is a micro USB power socket.

This makes it easier to charge it even with your laptop. The build-up is strong. So, you can carry it with you anywhere. Its small size is another benefit.


  1. Incredible voice recognition
  2. Good speakers
  3. Alexa app makes things easier
  4. Easy to use
  5. Helps make tasks simpler apart from being a good Bluetooth speaker


  1. Non-availability of a secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity makes it susceptible to hackers.
  2. Users have reported onboard audio output to be weak.
  3. It can’t sync multiple devices across multiple rooms.

The final verdict


Amazon Alexa Echo dot is definitely something that you will love to have in your home. It will upgrade the way your house works.

Users have actually reported that it saves them much time and is fun to operate. It has got its share of cons but we just hope that it will decrease with technological up-gradation. Buy now on Amazon.

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