Amazon Echo Plus Review

Amazon Echo Plus

Do you want to ace the race for the best smart home? Then Amazon Echo Plus is the one gadget that is one stop solution to all. Without the requirement of any additional hub, this smart device simply turns the tables in your favor.

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It comes with built-in ZigBee smart home hub saving you the efforts of syncing it with different devices. All the ZigBee compatible devices can be easily paired with it.

Amazon Echo is a product in the echo series from Amazon. It is worth noting that Amazon is currently the market leader in smart home devices. Echo plus is the upgraded version of standard echo devices. With Amazon echo plus, you get an efficient virtual assistant which makes your home better managed and a fun place to live.

Features of the Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus

If you are looking for smart speakers that can do the job well, you would love the Amazon Echo Plus.

Here is a list of things that you would like about the Amazon Echo Plus.

  1. Built-in ZigBee smart home hub: Amazon echo plus comes with the built-in ZigBee smart home hub. This hub can be connected with the other ZigBee devices like lights, fans and also products from some reputed electronics brands like Philips. So, if you have an amazon echo plus, you can voice control many of your electrical appliances. This will allow you to switch off the balcony light from your bedroom and from inside the blanket. No need to use multiple smart home hubs.

Only Amazon Echo Plus is enough to handle them all. Thus, you will have a better-managed home without hassles of wires.

  1. Better audio delivery: Amazon echo plus is the modified echo device. Obviously, it comes with better features. Its sound output is improved. It comes with Dolby processing speakers with clear and crisp vocals. The bass is more refined and balanced. The immersive 360-degree audio gives a better surround sound. It also comes with seven microphones.

This means the sound output is stronger. Additionally, it also means that it can hear your instructions more easily and even from a distance. It also comes with beam forming technology and noise-cancellation technology.

It allows Alexa to hear you even if there is chaos. So, next time when there is a party at your place, don’t bother about Alexa not getting your instructions. It will get your instructions every time you call it.

  1. Smart virtual assistant: Amazon echo plus gives you the smartest virtual assistant possible. You can answer your calls while doing yoga and can let your smart door open even from a distance. Your house will look almost like fairy tales with lights, fans, doors etc. working just by your voice. It also makes you more efficient. You can handle more works at a time. If you work from home, this will serve as your perfect help. You can check the weather, make calls, listen to music and news and control the lights of your home.
  2. No need to worry about headphones centric problems

If you are going to use your headphones for running, or doing pretty much anything, you could have wires getting tangled everywhere. With the Amazon Echo Plus, all you need to do is to let it know the type of music you prefer and it would play it for you – all in seconds!

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  1. Good audio quality overall
  2. Built-in ZigBee smart home hub makes operating electrical devices easier
  3. Voice reception is excellent
  4. It is super easy to set-up
  5. Amazon echo plus upgrades itself regularly leaving you with better options.


  1. Even though it comes with ZigBee smart home hub, you cannot use ZigBee switches and sensors with it.
  2. Sound quality is still not comparable to the market leaders in normal speakers – though we would still rate it highly among the other Bluetooth speakers.

The final verdict:

Amazon echo plus is definitely a better version of amazon echo. But this technology is still going through modifications. A good audio quality still lacks in this. Even after it comes with built-in ZigBee smart home hub, users have reported issues with its pairings. This definitely needs work.

Nevertheless, if you wish to get into the smart home game, this can be your perfect first buy. One of the incredible customer bases for it is those with immobility disorders. They will definitely benefit from it.

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