Amazon Echo Show 8 Review

Amazon Echo Show

The concept of smart home is still catching up with the general mass. Even today, people consider it more of a luxury than a necessity.

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It is only a matter of time that the technology of smart speakers will improve and people will realize its importance in their everyday life. Amazon echo show is yet another advanced model in the echo series. This one comes with a screen.

So, while making a new dish, you can now ask Alexa to show you the recipe just with your commands. This actually solves the problem of tainted mobile screens. But the technical problems still persist. The audio quality is still far from matching the standards of well-known speakers.

The smart device is still not smart enough to catch instructions with accents. Still, this is definitely a gadget to look into.

The Amazon Echo Series

Amazon Echo Show

The reason you will love the Echo, no matter which version you buy, is that it’s got machine learning. The AI helps it learn over time, including identifying your habits and behavior so that it can better identify what you need.

Over time, your Echo would be able to deliver better and you wouldn’t mind the initial hassle of setting things up.

Features: Amazon echo show review

What would you love about the Amazon Echo Show? We will take a look at how it can make everything simpler and exciting for you, whether it be listening to music or knowing how the weather would be through the day.

1. Interactive video with voice commands

The best part of Amazon echo show is that it allows you to view what you need. You can ask Alexa to show you the live streaming from the nanny cam. You can take a look at your home security cameras while enjoying the vacation.

You can look up to the recipe while cooking. Most of those who love cooking admit that their phone screen gets flour prints, sauce drops and even gets accidentally dropped in water. All of this can be prevented if you have a screen in the kitchen which operates on your voice commands.

No prints and risk of the phone getting damaged. There is a whole range of help that a video provides you. Even if it is lying just by your bed, you can look up for the Amazon trailers, news clips, and music videos. Not only that, you can video call your friends and family too.

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However, this will need bot the parties to have Alexa app installed on their device. Once you make a call through echo, the recipient will get a notification through the Alexa app.

2. Good audio specifications

The device comes with a big speaker at the bottom of the screen. The audio output is better than its predecessors. The eight microphones are strategically placed and capture your voice perfectly. The microphone is equipped with noise-cancellation technology.

So, even while you have a loud conversation going on or even a wild party, you can still command Alexa. A large number of microphones will catch up the auditory signals.

3. Gets personalized

Alexa echo is cloud-based technology. It begins to notice your use patterns and adapts itself accordingly. So more you use the device, better it gets for you. Also, the software updates are delivered to it regularly. It keeps the device efficient and relevant. You don’t need to worry about your device getting outdated.


  1. 7 inch LCD screen is good
  2. The camera works fine and is good for making video calls
  3. Audio quality is better than other echo devices


  1. Even though the audio quality is better, it is still not at par with the normal speakers
  2. The compatibility is an issue. It works slower than the Google devices. Also, you can’t use it with google smart home hub.

The final verdict

A smart speaker is a gadget that is going to revolutionize the way homes function. Amazon echo show is the best echo gadget yet. It comes with a 5MP camera which is pretty good for making video calls. You can keep an eye on your home even while working in the office.

Despite all these advantages, the technical lag is still an issue. Obviously, the smart speaker is a work in progress.  But, you can definitely invest your money in this one. It is the best echo device available yet. Buy now on Amazon

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