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A fantastic way to communicate is by using standard emojis, small icons representing emotions, among others. They are handy for understanding messaging better, and using Animoji, a feature not available on Android can be even more useful.

If you’re reading this, you presumably have an Android device, and that’s great because we’re all Android fans here.

However, now and then, Apple designs a new feature for its iPhones that we would like to have available for Android. In this case, it’s Animoja, a 3D animated messaging feature that comes with the iPhone X 2017, and then Memoji.

It uses the smartphone’s front camera hardware to map the user’s facial movements and makes it easy to create emoji shots while moving and talking.

However, if you want to create some soulful emojis to use in your chats, but think you’re out of luck, we’ve got the news: There is hope!

There are numbers of apps you can use to try to copy Animoji that you find on your iPhone to Android devices. From this list, we will select all the ones we consider to be the best!

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How to Get Android Animoji to Your Phone?

Animoji is known as animated emojis or 3D emojis. Memoji is a slightly improved version that lets you create and customize an avatar that looks like you and animate it.

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In response, smartphone makers have started producing their versions of Android emoticons using similar technologies, although none are identical to Apple’s Animoji. For example, Samsung is bringing AR emojis with its Galaxy S9, allowing the user to create digital cartoon versions of their images.

Considering the popularity of Animoji Live, it might not come as a surprise that apps have started appearing on the Google Play Store that provides Android users with an Animoji-like experience.

Of course, some are more reliable than others, and that’s why we’ve created our pick of the best Android Animoji. These custom emoji apps will enable users to have fun making their Animojise, although we cannot guarantee the accuracy and sophisticated results of Apple’s proprietary version.

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Remember, these are alternatives, after all! All of the following applications are free to download, but some include in-app purchases.


Bitmoji is one of the oldest programs in this category that you can find, and Snapchat developed it. As such, it divides many users between the two platforms. This app allows you to make versions of yourself as an avatar and then make various animated emojis and stickers.

It also supports Gboard, or Google’s keyboard, which is an excellent pro because all Android phones come installed with it. However, to start using it, you’ll need to link your Google account or Snapchat account.

After logging in with your account, the app will ask you to select your gender and take a selfie to create your avatar automatically. Then you can change features like skin tone, hair, eyes, and more. Followthis linkto see more!

Smiley Face Emoji

Harmonious with any messaging app, Smiley Face Emoji is free to use emojis, which allows you to create moving emojis that look like Animoji on Android. You can even add sound! They are categorized into several different categories, including conversation, animation, animals, love, etc.

The best categories in the app are high-quality smileys and emoticons, ease of use, high compatibility, and an incredible number of different categories. To find out everything, go to the Play Store.

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Facemoji is one of the most famous custom keyboard apps for Android and iOS, with a wide range of moving emojis and thousands of standard emojis. The app is divided into five sections: emojis, stickers, keyboard customization, themes and settings.

Thousands of keyboard themes are available, and it offers several cool features such as the ability to add your own photos to the personalization as well as edit a template, add emoticons and more. Once the customization is complete, the app will direct you to your community so you can share what you’ve created.

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Its many different emojis that you can use is its strong point, but the design and user experience are somewhat lacking. To learn more about this app, follow this link.

EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI Face Recorder is a great app that uses you as a template to animate 3D moving emojis using your camera, basically creating Android Animoji. You can also record sound and finally record and share in any messaging app you want!

With over 3000 emojis, stickers, themes, and GIF options, there are many different categories. It’s also a customizable keyboard with the next word suggestion feature and works for free in over 150 languages! For more information, visit the Play Store.


MojiPop is another option that will recognize your face through your phone’s camera, so you can create an avatar that resembles you and then integrates it into your Android Animoji library. It’s very similar to Bitmoji, with a free and paid option that unlocks more emojis and features.

To use the app, you can install it in the Play Store. After that, you need to select it as your keyboard, and then you can easily share new emojis on any social network or in messaging app!


VideoMoji is a free application that also offers a paid version. It allows you to create 3D avatars and animate the feelings yourself to better express yourself. Better yet, you can record short videos with your avatar!

There are plenty of characters to choose from, including a clownfish, panda, monkey, or even… a burger! The app can reproduce users’ facial expressions very well. For more information, visit the Play Store.


This app is more basic but extremely easy to use. Just choose the mask or filter you want to use, line up your face in the area shown, hit the capture button and voila, it is that easy.

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When you open the app, you will see favourites in different categories, like an astronaut, a polar bear or an older woman (that surprised us)! We have to say that the number of skins is limited so that you may run out of ideas soon. However, for a free app, it works fine.


Another fantastic keyboard app, SwiftKey, seamlessly integrates with one of the best apps that let you use Animoji on Android through a feature called Dolls, which is not well known to many. You can choose from five different animals: a dinosaur, a panda, a cat, an owl and a dog.

To use this feature, you need Android version 7.0 or later. You will see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen through which you can start creating your own first doll.

The app permits users to create short videos of up to 30 seconds long using mannequins while recording audio, so you can easily share them on social media! To download the app, follow this link.


In Chudo, you can create personalized mobile emojis that are animated in 3D simply by using your phone’s camera and posting them on any platform, like Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger; Find out how to tell if you’re blocked on Facebook Messenger.

One of its distinguished features is that you can upload your designs so that other users of the app can use them.

You can choose to create an avatar using the camera or manually, if you wish, and customize all aspects of it. In the app, you can select many “things” for yourself, including unicorns, rabbits and cookies. If you are interested in this app, follow this link.

Did you like any of the apps that use Animoji on Android?

In the comments, let us know if you’ve used any of these apps before and if we can help you. Don’t forget to check out the best emoji maker apps, the best Android games, and the best Android TV apps for Android!

Android Animoji
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