12 Android Launchers to Customize Your Phone in 2021

Android Launchers
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Customization is a fundamental part of Android’s essential appeal. iOS has a locked interface where the user can only rearrange icons, while on Android, there is a setting or icon, which allows you to change the interface.

This relatively fragmented method to design can be found in the “skins” of different manufacturers. The Samsung device’s software may be “Android,” but it is very different from the “Android” used by the Sony phone.

This control is also returned to the user using a launcher. These Android launchers, which you can download from the Play Store, can completely change the look of your phone’s software to suit your tastes better and often run a little more efficiently.

There are tons of Android launchers, each suitable for different demographics and use cases, some opting for speed and others for flash.

In this write-up, we have put together a list of our top Android launchers to customize your phone in 2020, each a solid choice for your device, provided the best one depends on your taste.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher
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Microsoft Launcher

After the failure of Windows Phone, it may seem strange that Microsoft has sought to create software for the operating system from its archives. Nonetheless, the resulting efforts are one of the top Android launchers available for your phone.

Microsoft Launcher is endlessly customizable, offering a built-in news window, widget shelf, expandable dock options, customization of app icons, and more.

It also provides deep integration with Microsoft’s services such as Skype, To-Do, Wunderlist, Outlook, and more, which is a definite preference for those who have already invested in their software ecosystem.

And not only can the launcher be very customizable, but it’s also super fast, with the ability to remove short animations for even higher speeds. It’s an excellent launcher for most people, and as such, it’s one of our top picks.

To download the Microsoft Launcher, click here.

Evie Launcher

Many Android launchers offer a large number of customization, and there are also others that want to provide a simpler overall experience. Evie Launcher is one such feature that provides a variety of options for app columns and app database width, but not much else.

Not that it’s a weakness, far from it. The emphasis on simplicity means this is one of the fastest and easiest to navigate for those who don’t want to do many setups. It has a robust search function and offers more significant tweaks for those who want to invest.

It is a top pick for those who want to dive into the world of Android launchers for the first time and customize their smartphones’ software experience.

To download the Evie Launcher, click here.

Nova Launcher

Since the inception of Android launchers, there has been Nova. One of the first opportunities for widespread acceptance, the app has garnered its loyal followers since its launch, offering some of the most detailed customization available in the market.

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If you want to change something with Nova, chances are you can – from animation speeds to widget spacing and home screens – there doesn’t seem to be anything beyond your power.

However, offering so many options can mean there is a bit of a learning curve, and it also means it’s harder to find a style that suits your tastes.

The Nova is an excellent option for most, but it shines in the hands of those who know what they’re doing. There is a paid Pro option, but most can safely bypass it.

To download the NOVA Launcher, click here.

Launcher 10

For a small fragment of the population, Windows Phone is never dead. Despite its slander, the mobile operating system has always had a passionate fan base, and this Android Launcher is aimed precisely at them.

Launcher 10 is the best version Android can offer in the unique “Metro” interface provided by Windows Phone, a mosaic that the user is fully customizable. While it doesn’t offer any of the old Windows Phone design’s functional features, it’s still a well-structured offering with great ease of use and a bit of nostalgia.

While it’s best to leave it to those who dream of Lumia, it’s also an excellent pick for people who are seeking something a little different from the standard Android.

To download the Launcher 10, click here.

BlackBerry Launcher

Not only is Windows Phone missing, but there are a few people in the general population who love the Blackberry devices. The BlackBerry Launcher, straight from the BlackBerry itself, replicates these phones’ classic look and functionality and offers some significant innovations.

These include the Blackberry Hub, a built-in station for all your communications, and pull-out widgets that appear when you move the compatible app icon, providing instant access to information without taking up space on the phone home screen.

While there are some exciting design quirks, this again is an unconventional option for those looking to stray from the beaten path. It’s also a good route for those with a flow of intensive mobile work via email, thanks to the powerful integration of BlackBerry Hub.

To download the BlackBerry Launcher, click here.

Smart Launcher 5

The key problem with the options on this list so far is that none of them try to formulate the wheel when it comes to user experience. While they do offer customization, they don’t deviate significantly from the general Android interface.

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The Smart Launcher 5 takes things a bit differently. This launcher tries to use smart guesses to group apps by types and offer useful shortcuts that help make things as easy.

While it may not appeal to minimalists, the various shortcuts and features on offer promise to redesign the way you use your phone; it’s for those looking for a little adventure.

In practice, this means “smart” configuration of widgets, “smart” grouping of applications, and more. This Android launcher will try to guess what you want to do before you even swipe your finger on the lock screen. Without a doubt, the Smart Launcher is one of the top Android launchers to customize your phone.

To download the Smart Launcher, click here.

Poco Launcher 2.0

In 2018, the Chinese manufacturer of Xiaomi made waves in the global smartphone market by introducing the Pocophone F1, a budget phone with cutting edge specifications.

For this device, to emphasize speed, it designed a separate launcher with an emphasis on efficiency and simplicity. This app has since been released as a separate app in the Play Store for anyone with an Android phone.

Poco Launcher works with a pixel feel, which means it is very smooth and agile. Navigating the interface is swift, and a RAM cleanup shortcut has been created on the main home screen that eliminates hungry background apps.

This Android launcher is for those looking for a relatively pure Android experience with a bit of its personality. The small download size means it’s generally a good option for older, cheaper devices.

To download the Poco Launcher, click here.

Action launcher: Pixel Edition

Another important entry, Action Launcher, has been around the Play Store for many years, but has recently licked the paint and is now one of the top Android launchers available.

This particular flavor of ‘Pixel’ wants to mimic the Google Pixel line’s software experience, which means we’re focusing again on simplicity and speed.

The emphasis is on easy transitions from the Home screen, providing access to lists of apps, and an easy-to-find shelf of widgets.

Although the app’s paid version receives little promotion, Action Launcher: Pixel Edition is an excellent pick for those who have recently found themselves owners of Huawei or Xiaomi and looking for a quick and easy software experience with minimal configuration.

To download the Action Launcher: Pixel Edition, click here.

Niagara Launcher

When it comes to minimalism, sometimes it seems like there is no limit to what can be pared. Niagara Launcher seems like a philosophical experiment to see how little the average user can do.

No app bar, home screens, or plugins; instead, there is a list of quick access apps that the user has selected and an alphabetical list to access everything else.

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It’s strict, clean, and quite beautiful, although it may be too simple for some. No bells or whistles and it works quickly. The Niagara Android launcher is a good option for those who feel that any frivolity is too much to bear.

To download the Niagara Launcher, click here.

Lawnchair 2

A fully open-source, Lawnchair 2, is another option that seeks to enhance the wholesale Pixel experience’s more positive elements. In other words, it once again advocates simplicity and speed, while removing as many redundant features as possible.

The Android launcher has a very small installation with only 15MB, which means it’s a good option for older phones who want to apply a lick of paint to their software.

The Android launcher also offers the usual selection of plugins and customization options, and all of these options are easy to find, leaving this option as a solid choice for beginners.

To download the Lawnchair 2 Launcher, click here.

AIO Launcher

Where other Android launchers can offer neat visual customization, AIO Launcher is all about accumulating as much information as possible on your screen in a relatively simple format.

The app displays your frequently used programs and system information, recently received calls, messages, and emails, upcoming calendar events, etc.

Although AIO Launcher is free, in-app purchases unlock other features, such as widgets support, app icons, and Android notifications on the home screen. It’s not the most excellent interface out there among the top Android launchers, but it’s a great option if information density isn’t an issue for you.

To download the AIO Launcher, click here.

ASAP Launcher

ASAP Launcher is another app which has its focus on providing a clean, no-frills interface to allow you to get back to what you are doing as soon as possible.

ASAP adheres to the pure aesthetic of Material Design while using sliding app trays and configuration trays to keep your favorite apps and device settings close at hand.

Unlike other top Android launchers, ASAP doesn’t target customization, but the launcher does come with several themes and icon pack support.

To download the ASAP Launcher, click here.


Most of today’s Android launchers look too similar. However, there are still some customization options unique to the launcher app. Also, some Android launchers focus on design rather than overloading users with customization options.

We recommend users to try all of the above Android launchers to find out what works best for you. If this list of the top Android launchers was helpful to you, share your reviews in the comments section below.

Android Launchers
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