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Android Q Release Date, Features and Rumors

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Now that Google has named Android P as pie, the world attention is now focused on the next edition of another Google Android product, which is called Android Q. There are many speculations going around about this product.

For instance, many people are in doubts as to the features to carry over from similar products, as well as new features to be added. There is no official information about the product from Google. What is available in the news today are mere speculations and rumors.

The rumor will continue until Google comes out to clear the air about this new product. What name is android Q going to bear? This is another thing people are speculating about. The same speculation was life about Android P until Google cleared the air about that product and named it pie.

This means that P stands for Pie. The same kind of speculation is ongoing about letter Q. what word is Google going to represent by Q when it releases the product sometime this year is not yet known.

When is the official release date?

As for now the makers of the anticipated phone have not come out to specify the date it will be released. Many people are anticipating that it will be released towards the end of the first quarter of 2019. There is speculation in other quarters that it can be released around August of 2019. This means that it will be released one year after Google released Android P.

What are the likely features?

Anything that anyone says about this operating system is conjecture because nothing has come out from the developers about that product. However, speculation about the feature is the system-wide dark mode emanates from XDA leak.

Furthermore, it is speculated that there will be more permission. There will be an improvement from that permission mode and it is no longer a general permit. It is going to be specific.

It appears that information about the new product emanates from XDA leak. It would introduce new features and one of them is a new game, which could be added to the system. The new game will be called Game Update package preference.

There are also features that it copies from Samsung such as the force desktop mode. This will be similar to what is obtained in Samsung DeX product and so on.

Here are some of the speculated features about this new product.

One of them is the assisted dialing feature. This feature makes it possible to dial people from anywhere in the world. It can add any country’s code when you are dialing. This means that with the phone, you will not find it hard when you travel because it can automatically detect the code, and this makes international dialing easy.

Another important feature that could be part of the new phone is the Emoji 12.0. The Unicode is 12.0. This is a great feature and it is in benefit of deaf people.

The emoji sequences are for holding hands and it will be available up to fifty-five skin tones. In addition to that, there could be gender combinations. It has more things such as the yawning face, ax, and other emoji characters. They will appear here in addition to other emojis.

As pointed out earlier. There will be a better desktop experience. It will be an improvement from previous editions as it is expected to emulate Samsung product.

This experience is for tablets. Because of this unique feature, it makes it easy to use the system as a PC and that is possible through the inbuilt desktop UI. It will look like what one gets in Samsung DeX.

Multiple monitor support

This is another great feature. It has to do with the ability of the product to be connected to an external monitor. When it connects, it will be possible to use both screens, which include the phone monitor and the table monitor simultaneously. This is feature will be copied to what Samsung is already doing in its Tab S4 and Note 9.

Another important feature speculated about the product is the manual google drive backups. The aim of this feature is to ensure that you do not lose your data. Because of that, it makes it easier to back files to Google drive and you can do that through battery power. You can also do that without Wi-Fi.

Vulkan API

This is for UI rendering. Depending on the way, the developers decide to implement that new technology. The aim is to ensure a prolonged battery life as well as menu transitions and smoother animation among other great functions.

It may have provisions to warn users of an android lollipop and older versions. This is to inform users when they are using apps that are meant for android lollipop operating system.

It plans how to prevent an incoming call from preventing or displacing an existing call

System-wide dark mode

Another rumored feature includes the wide dark mode. All the preloaded apps in the phone will support dark mode. Furthermore, there is speculation that it features a multi-resume feature. This is going to be unique because it implies that you could be running many apps at the same time without any system pausing.

It is further speculated that it will feature a new APIs and this is for RCS support. This new feature is meant for third-party apps that you may introduce to the system.

Previous products show support for an android beam. This may not be the case with this new product if information about it is anything to go by. There is speculation that it will no longer provide support for android beam APIs. This was a feature, which made it possible for phone users to share site photos, files as well as apps through NFC.

Another thing that users of the new phone could expect is that they will no longer enjoy support for seamless setting live cases. It will provide support for ANGLE and this is to help gamers. There are other expectations from the phone. As stated before all these are mere speculations. Google has not come out officially to confirm or deny any of this speculative news. Just keep your fingers crossed until the model hits the market.

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