Android Soccer Games You Should Try

Android Soccer Games

Soccer is a beautiful sport that attracts lots of fans around the world and the world cup going on in Russia presently is good evidence.

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The love for the game is so strong that developers and companies like Konami and Electronic Arts have been developing soccer games (Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami and FIFA by EA sports) for over ten years (the first soccer game rumored to have been launched in 1978).

These games have evolved over the years and are known by many, but they usually require large memory space and RAM to execute. Listed below are some soccer games below 400MB (apk, data, and obb combined) that I have tried and found exciting and addicting;

Score! Hero

Everybody wants to be a hero, everybody wants to be on the pitch feeling the adrenaline and all sorts but well, not all of us have the opportunity, but Score Hero gives you the chance to be a Hero on the pitch and chip in goals for your team.

With an excellent storyline that takes you over 10 seasons and different clubs, you make your Hero on a journey to become the Ultimate Champion.

The first time I tested the game, I thought it was too cheap as you have to draw paths on the screen to create curves, passes, and shots in orders to achieve targets but I quickly realized it wasn’t that simple. With an excellent commentary, game flow, and replays, I immediately got addicted.

The game gives you a pleasant experience and requires patience as you can get stuck in a level or season if you fail to achieve the targets. You can rest while playing it and if you give it a chance for the first season, you will be addicted.

Score! Hero is a game with Over 580 levels and counting, over 100 million downloads; this is a game you should try. Download Score! Hero from Playstore here

Score Match

Score Match

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Score match takes you through manager and match mode like score hero, but here you are in charge of the whole team.

You would have purchase team and player upgrades, kits, unlock formations, boots, stadiums and compete against random fans across the world in an online intense game mode (usually two minutes for the first level) to win more upgrades, diamonds, and cash.

Mastering the controls is quite easy, but it favors those who have experience in playing Score! Hero. You can play with or against your friends and borrow their captains to play against other opponents. Download Score Match From Playstore Here

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer, the successor of First Touch soccer offers almost everything FTS offers and more. Dream league soccer is like the manager mode in FTS with more features. Dream League Soccer players have more ability and control than that of FTS.

In Dream League Soccer, you manage your team from Academy until you get to the top division, coins are added for each win the visuals are much better than FTS. As with FTS, you sign players, manage them, build and upgrade your stadium to World Class and be the ultimate manager.

The soundtrack is fantastic, that AI control slick, and there are regular updates. You can play against players online to win more coins and rewards. The game Apk, Data and Obb file are less than 400MB. Download Dream League Soccer 2018 From Playstore Here

Fantasy Premier League


Fancy a game where you can relax, just sign players, set formation and wait? This game is for you. Fantasy Premier League is a real-time game that depends on real-life players performance in the premier league.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) gives the chance to be Manager and you have 100 to sign 15 players with a maximum of 3 players from a team who you will use throughout the Premier League season. Injuries, sanctions etc. all affect you in real life as you compete against over 1 million FPL players to be the number 1 manager in the whole world.

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Player performance in real life determines what point they are scored. FPL is free and the overall prizes to be won at the end of each season makes users take it seriously. Here are the prizes for the previous season;

1st Prize – Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 Champion

  • VIP hospitality at two Premier League 2018/19 matches including travel and 2 nights’ accommodation
  • A week’s worth of experiences in the UK courtesy of Visit Britain, including travel and 7 nights’ accommodation
  • TAG Heuer connected watch
  • Copy of FIFA and a games console
  • Nike manager jacket
  • FPL goody bag consisting of a rucksack, t-shirt, mug, water bottle, stress ball, pen, pad and key ring

Manager of the Month

  • Tablet computer
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Copy of FIFA 18
  • Nike Ordem V match ball
  • Nike manager

***All prizes available here

Join FPL here | Download Mobile App Here

First Touch Soccer 15 (and other mods)

First Touch Soccer

First touch soccer 15 is a mobile game that provides an awesome experience that rivals PES and FIFA for less space.

Little below 300MB, the game gives you experience that would leave you amazed as addicted. Excellent commentary, simple controls and excellent graphics, the game employ AI to make sure every match day is different and takes you through different modes through which you earn experience points and coins which you will use in the game.

In manager mode where you become a club manager, train players to develop them, build stadiums, sign and sell players, pacify players hence they get angry and their morale drops, sign coaches, complete club objectives or get sacked, and win trophies.

Daily match challenge gives you two random teams to play against using the internet, offers the highest coins.

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There is also the quick match mode where you can play a quick exhibition game, Tournament mode where you play up to 8 different league games, Star player match where you control only one player in a team (also available in manager mode) and practice mode.

The games settings are also simple and closing the app when a game is in play doesn’t terminate the game; instead, the game is saved at the last checkpoint (freekick, corner, goal kick, throw in, kick-off) so you can continue where you left it even after a month, not kidding.

Though the game has been discontinued for Dream League soccer, it still has a massive follower base, and it is being modified by many fans out there to keep it up to date with transfers, great visual and the new stadia and field with the latest version being FTS 2018.

The minimum requirement to play First Touch Soccer;

500MB RAM, 500 MB free ROM space, Android 4.0

Download FTS 15 Here | Download Modded FTS Here | Download FTS 2018 Apk Here, Obb Here and Data Folder Here

How to Set Fts With OBB File

  • Download and install the First Touch Apk File, do not open.
  • And do remember not to run the app or play the game if you have not installed obb file.
  • Download the main obb file from here
  • You’ll download a zip file named ‘’ or an obb file named ‘’.
  • If you download a zip file, use a file manager such as Total Commander to unzip or extract it to get the main obb file firstly:
    ► (96.96 MB)
  • Copy or move ‘’ file to the required right location on your SD card:


  • If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder (case-sensitive) manually on your SD card.
  • The full/absolute path of the main obb file for First Touch Soccer 2015 should look like the following path:
  • And now the First Touch Soccer 2015 main obb file is installed successfully.

Follow the same procedure for FTS 18 with the file name being com.firsttouchzames.ftz18

Alternatively, watch the video on how to set it here

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