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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Apple Fitness Plus: Everything You Need to Know

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Apple has finally given up some details on its long-rumored service for health and workout Known as Apple Fitness Plus. If you are wondering what this service is about, we’d have you know that Apple Fitness Plus is a group or collection of workouts that a person can easily tune into on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

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The primary thing with this fitness service is that it is conditioned to only work with Apple Watch, so subscribers can view and monitor their key workout metrics on any screen they may be using.

First publicized at Apple’s 2020 event, the fitness service was introduced to the public alongside the Apple Watch 6, watchOS 7, and Apple Watch SE.  One thing common with all the services and devices discussed at the event is a clever new health-tracking feature. 

The main eye-catcher of Fitness Plus is the ability for users to choose the workout they want – each pre-recorded video contains a specific workout type, time, music, and trainer, so a user is able to select whichever they are in the mood for, map a gym class schedule and even offer you the choice of workouts on the go.

Apple Fitness Plus price

The cost of the new Fitness Plus service is a pretty simple one, as it will be $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$14.99 per month on its own, or $79.99 / £79.99 / AU$119.99 if you want it to run for the year.

However, there is also a premium tier that you can sign up for on Apple One, which is the new subscription service from Apple. With a premium tier subscription, you’ll be offered Fitness Plus, News Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Music – along with great amounts of iCloud storage – for not less than $29.95 / £29.95 / AU$39.95 for a month.

Also, if you’re considering buying an Apple Watch (Series 3 or later), then you will be given three months free access to the Fitness Plus service, and if you already own the wristwear, then you’ll also qualify for an entire month of free workout tips.

Apple Fitness Plus features

There is no super-easy way to describe the Apple Fitness Plus than to compare it to a service like Peloton, where you’ll have to exercise with interactive videos on an iPad or iPhone.

However, unlike the Peloton service, Apple Fitness Plus has no live element to it, which means that all the featured videos are on demand.

What’s the content of the videos?

 Well, the videos feature a variety of different workout disciplines, from a basic treadmill run to core work, and even a mindful cooldown, and you’ll be able to play them back from your iPhone, Apple tablet, or connected Apple TV.


If you are tempted to assume that the videos are simply something you can stream for free on YouTube, then you’re yet to get the full picture Apple is trying to paint.

The Apple Watch you have on your wrist will generate information such as the number of calories that you have burned, the amount of time you’ve been exercising, and your heart rate (to provide information on how hard you have been working).

When the workout instructor on the screen thinks its time for you to focus on your heart rate, that metric will automatically expand to make it more obvious for you – it’s a seamless fusion of pre-recorded video, with dynamic and interactive stats from a user’s effort.

Trainers are also capable of triggering different highlights to your metrics – whether it is just how filled your ‘move rings’ (Which is how Apple measures your daily movement) are, or how long left in a particular interval, those elements are certain to change accordingly.

Sadly, one would have expected integration of competition with the user’s friends or family, but there’s no such thing

That said, a user can view the ‘Burn Bar,’ which will reveal just how far ahead you are of an average user in any particular workout. What seems to be cool about this is that it is specially equalized for height and weight – so it’s supposed to be an actual reflection of the effort that you put in without the flaw of losing out to a person at a genetic advantage.

The Apple Fitness Plus platform is designed to also give users balance in their workouts. When a user’s app is opened, they’ll have access to suggested videos that they can do.

And for those who have been doing so much of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or if you have been running of late, it’ll rather guide you towards further stretching or cross-training instead.

It’ll also encourage users to push a little bit further on occasion, but there is almost no way to have a dedicated fitness program that will help you get healthier or fitter over time. It is entirely up to you to choose the right workout you think you need.

If you are starting out or don’t have the slightest idea of taking part in a virtual studio class, it is often a little daunting. However, there’s an ‘absolute beginner’ class that will let you get up to speed with all of your fitness goals before you jump right in.


Apple Plus fitness trainers

There’s a wealth of brand new fitness trainers available on offer for the brand new fitness Plus service, and they come from all disciplines and walks of life. There is even a trainer who started surfing and Ju Jitsu before eventually finding yoga, pro runners, elite athletes, and more.

The idea here is that the team available to you are those that you can recognize over time, almost the same way you would in a live fitness studio set up.

The various trainers will show up in each other’s videos sometimes (socially distanced), so there will be a great level of cohesion between the workout sessions and allow users to find their favorites when it comes to the person they would prefer to work out with.

Apple Fitness+ specs and requirements

While the major thing you will need to make the Apple Fitness Plus app begin work is the monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll also need to get an Apple Watch – this is an additional move from Apple to get its users to more firmly embed themselves in its ecosystem.

In terms of which Apple Watch to use, anyone who owns an older model will most likely be out of luck. What you’ll need is the Apple Watch 3 and newer to access the Fitness Plus and an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV running on iPadOS 14/ iOS 14 / tvOS 14 to access the fitness plus service.

If you have got an Apple Watch that is compatible, you’ll also have to make certain that it’s running the recent watchOS 7 software so that it can beam across to other smart devices.

Apple Fitness Plus is compatible with GymKit as well, which adds a new layer of data to things. That means that if you are making use of a connect treadmill, for example, the speed you choose to run at will be transferred straight to your Watch and will be displayed in your metrics on screen.

Apple Fitness release date

Sadly, we are yet to get the exact date that Apple Fitness Plus will be officially launched, beyond Apple’s vague ‘later this year’ as the time.

However, people can expect it will be anytime from the end of October, allowing new users some time to get used to how the service runs and for it to bed in.

Apple seems to be so interested in fitness at the moment, and it seems to be a good move since people are more body-conscious now than ever before. More details on this fitness service will be available once Apple announces the official launch date.

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