Apple Watch Tips and Tricks in 2021

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Apple Watch is a complex device, but the device offers a lot for happy Apple iPhone users that are eager to explore all of its features.

For the most part, one should be able to figure out the basics of your new Apple Watch, but Apple has included a host of hidden gems that will get you even more than you ever thought possible.

How is the power reserve activated? How do you delete all of your messages at once? How do I take a screenshot on an Apple Watch?

Listed below are our Apple Watch tips and tricks full of shortcuts, quick options and more, all waiting to be discovered and used to help you become an advanced Apple Watch user.

Apple Watch General Tips and Tricks

  • How to Turn off or Mute sounds on Apple Watch

Swipe up from the bottom of Apple Watch and tap the ringtone icon. This will turn on your Apple Watch into silent mode.

  • How to Pair and Set up an Apple Watch with an iPhone

Open the Apple Watch app for iPhone. Follow the instructions. It’s friendly and straightforward. It’ll walk you through everything from Hey Siri to adding cards to Apple Pay. Apple Watch only works with iPhone. In other words, if you are an Android user, you will not be able to pair the Apple Watch with your device.

  • How to Reset Apple Watch to factory settings

Open the Settings app on Apple Watch> General> Scroll down to “Reset”> Delete all content and settings.

  • How to Update an Apple Watch

To check if you have the latest watchOS software, open the Settings app on Apple Watch> General> Software Update. If there is need for a software update, make sure your Apple Watch is connected to the Wi-Fi network and your charger and click the “Download and install” button.

  • How to Change or Remove an Apple Watchband

Take off your Apple Watch and flip it over. Check out for the two buttons located at the top and bottom of the heart rate sensor at the bottom of the case. Press each key and remove the corresponding bar. Then you can put on another strap, and it will snap into place.

  • How to Turn off Apple Watch

Firmly press and hold the side button which is below the digital crown, then slide the power option from left to right in the menu to switch the Apple Watch off.

  • How to Switch on Apple Watch

Firmly press and hold the side button at the bottom of the digital crown to turn your Apple Watch back on.

  • How to take Screenshot on Apple Watch

To take a photo of everything on your Apple Watch screen, simultaneously press Digital Crown and the side button.

The picture will save automatically to your photo album on your iPhone. However, you will need to make sure that the “Enable screenshots” option is enabled. To do this, you need to navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone> General> Scroll down to Enable screenshot and make sure it is enabled.

  • How to deal with Third-party Complications

Navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone and select “Complications” from the My Watch tab. You will see which third-party programs you have installed and which ones will cause complications. These complications can be selected on different protective masks.

  • How to Extend Wake Screen Time

Navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone> Tap the My Clock tab, then tap “General”. Scroll down to “Wake Screen” and set the “On Tap” setting to “Wake for 70 seconds”.

  • How to Turn off Night Mode

Your Apple Watch can be switched to bedside table mode when connected to a charger on the side. This will display the time, just like, for example, an alarm clock.

If you want to turn off this feature, go to the Watch app on your iPhone> My Clock tab> General> Night mode. You can also turn night mode on and off in the Clock settings app.

  • How to Access Siri on Apple Watch

Say “Hey Siri” or firmly press and hold the Digital Crown key to activate Siri on Apple Watch.

  • How to Mute an Incoming Call

To mute an incoming call, cover Apple Watch with your hand.

  • How to Unlock an Apple Watch with an iPhone

You can set Apple Watch to unlock when you wear it and unlock your iPhone automatically.

Navigate to the Apple Watch app on iPhone> My Watch tab> Password> Unlock with iPhone.

  • How to Find a Lost iPhone Using an Apple Watch

Swipe up to Apple Watch face. Tap the iPhone icon, and if your iPhone is on, it will send an audible ping to help you find it.

  • How to Find Your Apple Watch Using an iPhone

Click the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Tap the My Watch tab> Click the Watch at the top of the screen> Tap the data symbol to the right of the watch info> Tap Find my Apple Watch. This will open the Find My app.

You can then choose to play the sound, remove the Apple Watch, or mark it as lost.

  • How to activate Airplane Mode on Apple Watch

You can pair the Watch and iPhone to switch to airplane mode together, or you can manually turn on airplane mode from Apple Watch.

Make sure the iPhone Airplane Mode Mirror feature is turned on in the Apple Watch app. From the Apple Watch app on iPhone, go to My Watch tab> General> Airplane mode> Turn iPhone mirroring on / off.

You can also slide your finger to swipe up and touch the airplane to turn it on or off.

  • How to Turn on or off ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your Apple Watch

Swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch clock mask and tap Moon. This will activate or deactivate do not disturb mode. You can choose between On, On 1 hour, On until tonight or On until I leave.

  • How to Switch Apple Watch to Left Orientation

You can change the orientation of Apple Watch by adjusting whether you wear it on your left or right wrist. Click the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Tap the My Clock tab> General> Clock orientation> Swipe left, right or back. You can also select the Digital Crown page.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks for Accessibility Changes

You can change several accessibility features on Apple Watch, such as how it responds to your typing. Click the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Tap the My Watch tab> Accessibility. For example, you will be able to move in bold and zoom in on these parameters.

  • How to activate Handoff for your Apple Watch

If you’re doing something on the Apple Watch and later want to continue working on the iPhone, you can turn on Apple’s Handoff feature so that you can continue as you were.

Navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Select the My Watch tab> General> Turn on Enable Handoff.

  • How to Change the Appearance of an App on an Apple Watch

Click the Apple Watch app on your iPhone> Tap the My Watch tab> App Layout> Start moving the circles as you like.

  • How to Remove an App from Apple Watch

Access the clock app screen by tapping Digital Crown> Tap and hold the screen until the icons start to scroll. Any application with an “x” in the upper right corner can be deleted. With this trick, you can also move apps in the same way as on the iPhone.

  • How to pair a Bluetooth headset with an Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, open the Settings app, then Bluetooth. From there, you can connect headphones directly to your Apple Watch.

  • How to activate a Six-digit Passcode

By default, Apple Watch ships with a four-digit password, but you can increase that level of security to a six-digit password.

To do this, navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Password> Disable Simple Password> Enter a new six-digit password.

  • How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi network

During setup, you’ll need to connect your Apple Watch to a Wi-Fi network, but if you change your Wi-Fi system or need to connect to a different network, it’s easy and enjoyable.

Click the Settings app on Apple Watch> Scroll to Wi-Fi> Select the network you want to join> Enter password.

  • How to unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch

If you have an Apple MacBook and an Apple Watch, you can set them up so that Apple Watch unlocks your MacBook without having to enter a password.

Go to System Preferences on a Mac> Security & Privacy> Check the box next to ”Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac”> Enter your Mac password to enable it.

  • How to set the Noise Threshold on an Apple Watch

You can choose to have Apple Watch notify you if you are in an environment where the sound level could damage your hearing.

Click the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Noise> Noise threshold> Select your threshold.

  • How to Start Voice Recording from your Apple Watch

Open the Voice Memo app on Apple Watch and press the big red button. This will start recording the voice which will be recorded on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks for Messages

  • How to read Messages on Apple Watch

When you receive a message, raise your wrist to see who your message is from and read the entire message.

  • Reply with a Preset Message on your Apple Watch

When the message arrives on your Apple Watch, scroll down, and you can send an already preset message in response.

  • Reply with Emoji, Animoji or Memoji

Apple also lets you respond with several different emojis exclusively for the Apple Watch, as well as standard emojis, Animoji stickers, and Memoji. To see past recently used emojis, scroll down with your finger or Digital Crown, and you’ll find more emojis, as well as Memoji and Animoji.

  • How to send a New Message to Apple Watch

Force touch in your inbox on your Apple Watch to compose a new message.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks for Mails

  • Delete emails from Apple Watch

You can instantly delete an email from your inbox by swiping a message from left to right on your Apple Watch and tapping the red trash can icon. You will then need to confirm the deletion.

  • Check the email on Apple Watch

You can tag your email addresses by swiping a message from left to right on Apple Watch and tapping the flag icon.

  • Mark emails unread on your Apple Watch

You can easily mark an email as unread from your Apple Watch by swiping left to right by message in your inbox, or Force Touch Email when you’re there. A network of options will appear, one of which is marked unread.

Apple Watch Tips and tricks for Activity

  • Change your Goals on Apple Watch

Force-tap the Activity app on Apple Watch to change your daily goals.

  • To see more Information about Activity on Apple Watch

Slide your finger from the three-tone summary in Apple Watch to view more information, including active calories, steps, distance, and flights taken.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks for Workouts

  • How to Quickly Pause or End a Workout on an Apple Watch

Slide your finger from left to right as you exercise on Apple Watch to pause or stop training. You can then choose to save or delete.

  • Change the Metrics shown during Exercise on Apple Watch

Navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Training> Training View. You can define your settings for different workouts.

  • Turn on Running Autopause on Apple Watch

You can turn on a setting called Auto Pause Running on Apple Watch that will prevent the workout from starting when you stop moving and keep restarting.

Navigate to the Apple Watch app for iPhone> Training> Turn on Running Autopause.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks for Notifications

  • What the Red Dot means on Apple Watch

If you see a red dot on the watch face, it means you have unread notifications. To get rid of the period, open the Watch app on iPhone> Notifications> Turn off notification indicator.

  • How to Delete all Notifications on Apple Watch

Force press in the notification panel to remove all notifications on your Apple Watch.

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