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10 Apple Carplay Apps for Your Car in 2021

Things can get boring while on the road and it can be a pain trying to find good music. It may also be difficult to answer a cell phone and stay in contact when traveling.

Apple decided to help. Apple Carplay makes it easy to get directions, respond to contacts, and listen to music while traveling.

There are some great Apple Carplay apps that it easy to access a smartphone and still be able to be safe on the road. We also have a list of apps for android auto users.

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1. Maps

This is one of the most important Apple Carplay apps for those that travel often. The maps will allow a person to see their location and local attractions, food, and gas station based on their location. This app can also provide direction.

This app can be accessed by pushing the microphone button on the steering wheel or siri can be used to turn on this app. This app will only work with Carplay and is the only navigation app that will work on a car set up for the Carplay.

2. Phone

When driving no one wants to take their eyes off of the wheel to answer their cellphone. This can be dangerous. The Carplay has an app for the phone. A person can make calls and answer calls through this app. They do not need to touch the phone to do these activities.

They can access their contacts, make and answer calls, and even check voicemail. Siri can be accessed to perform all of these features. All a person has to do is say call and then the name of the contact or the number and this app will handle the rest.

3. Messages

It seems that text messages are becoming more popular than making phone calls. When driving it can be dangerous to send and receive text messages. Apple Carplay can help with this too. The messaging tap will allow a person to read their message and reply to them.

This app can be linked with Siri so a person can handle their messages while still concentrating on the road. A person can need to say text and then the person and their message. They can read messages by saying read my text messages. It is easy to use this feature.

4. Music

Many people need to listen to music when they are driving. There does not seem to be much good music on the radio and there are a lot of ads.

Apple has helped put a stop to this. the music app can be used on Carplay to allow a person to play their songs on iTunes. They can also access other features that they have subscribed to on the app.

This app will allow a person to have access to their playlist or music that they have saved. They can click on this app once they start their car and it will play through their speakers. A person can even access this with siri if they want to have a specific song.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts can be informative and are good for people that want some background noise or information but do not want to listen to music while they are driving. There is a podcast app that can be accessed on the iPhone. A person can turn on their podcast before they start driving.

They can also use siri to access this app and find a podcast to listen to. They can even use siri to skip ahead in the podcast.

6. iBooks Audiobooks

iBooks Audiobooks

This is good for people that like to listen to audiobooks while they drive. In order to use this app on Carplay, a person does need to have an Apple iBook service account.

All a person has to do is click on their book before they go, and they can listen to it from the speakers of their car.

There are some other providers of audiobooks that a person can search and listen to if they do not want to pay for their service.

7. iHeartRadio


This app does need to be downloaded but it is free to download and free to use. This will allow a person to have access to a radio station from anywhere in the country. They can also design their own playlists of songs to listen to.

This radio app can be downloaded on an iPhone and can be used with Carplay. It is best to turn on the app before driving and listen to music on the go.

8. WhatsApp

Photo by Anton on Pexels.com

This is another popular app that can be used with an iPhone and available when driving on Carplay. This app is a messaging service.

A person can access most of the same information as the messenger app, but they will not be able to look through past conversations.

This app can be controlled using voice commands. Siri can be used to navigate this app while driving. A person will be able to listen to their messages and respond to them hands-free.

9. Spotify


This app is another music app. While many say that this app is in competition with the Apple music app, it can still be accessed using Carplay and voice command features. A person can set a playlist and listen to in from the speakers as they drive.

Siri can also play a specific song on this app. There may be some ads on the free version of this app.

10. NPR One


This is an app for those that want to keep up with the news as they are on the go. This app will allow a person to listen to radio stations, podcasts, or news show in their car.

There is a Catch-up feature that will allow a person to hear the latest content. They can also look for specific stories on this app.

These are some of the great features that Apple Carplay will allow a person to access while they are driving. These apps are compatible with siri so a person can access the Carplay apps without having to take their hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off of the road.



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