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7 Apps You Must Have as a WhatsApp User in 2020

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WhatsApp is the most popular app for chatting in this part of the world. This app which has received regular updates over the years, now have a lot of features including; sticker support, group video calls, swipe to reply, status stories etc.

While WhatsApp is awesome on its own, there are third-party apps that can make it much better. These third-party apps can make WhatsApp compete with GB WhatsApp (and its siblings, OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus) and are listed below.

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Table of Contents

1. Auto Responder for WhatsApp

AutorespondEver wanted to set auto response in WhatsApp? Here you are. As the name suggests, this app allows you to set auto response for messages from all contacts or a particular contact.

It is similar to using third party app to set auto-response for email replies to the client, but many have never tried it on WhatsApp.

The free version might have some limitations, and you may want to pay $5 to get a pro version. Alternatively, you can move to GB WhatsApp and enjoy it for free. Download Now

2. CropShop

CropShopSo many people are still waiting for the day whatsApp will allow a non-square pics to be put as profile pics. This might be seen as one of the biggest shortcomings of WhatsApp. It used to be a problem on Instagram till it was fixed.

But until whatsApp comes with a solution, the CropShop app can help you solve that problem. Using CropShop, you do not have to crop your favourite pics just to fit them as profile pics on WhatsApp, but instead, you can edit the pics with the CropShop app and add a blurred background which will give it a square shape.

You can also use the app to do some basic editing before sharing the photos. So next time you want to use your pics as your profile pic, you don’t need to chop off your legs. Download Now

3. Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber app for whatsappThis is an app that will be beneficial to WhatsApp users as it is very useful when you receive a WhatsApp audio message which you cannot listen to because you are in a noisy place and you are not with an earphone. This app helps to transcribe the audio message to show it as a text version.

To use the transcriber for WhatsApp, follow the instructions below;

  1. Whenever you receive an audio message, tap and hold the particular audio message, you want to transcribe and press the share button.
  2. Tap the transcriber app icon. This will make the app to start transcribing the audio. The app will open over the chat window to show the text version of the audio message.

The app also allows you to see chat history and you can also play around with the app settings like interface opacity, language selection, block or remove ads etc. Download Now

4. Sticker Maker

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the ability to share stickers on IOS and Android as an alternative to emojis, and they are slowly taking over the messaging platform.

While a small collection of sticker pack is made available by WhatsApp for you to start with, you can also download sticker maker app from play store to create your own personal stickers. You can check here to know how to make your own stickerDownload Now.

5. Notifly


Notifly offers a more convenient way to receive and reply notifications. This app opens the conversations in the form of a bubble and allows you reply messages without having to switch between apps.

It has a very simple and easy to use interface that allows the user to have a conversation without obstructing anything else. It also supports other apps such as Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Textra, Groupme, Hangouts, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and others. Download Now

6. App Lock


If you are using WhatsApp as your primary messaging app, then you might want to protect it from unauthorized access.

Using a password- protecting app is one way to keep your chats private. The app lock is among the most popular security apps you can get on the play store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can then open it to set up a password or pattern lock. You can also set up a fingerprint authentication if your phone has a fingerprint scanner.

When you are done with the set up, then you can add WhatsApp in the list and tap the lock button. This will set up App Lock for WhatsApp. Download Now

7. SKEDit Scheduling App

This is a message scheduler app that you can use to schedule messages on WhatsApp with a few simple steps. This app is straightforward and easy to use.

Once installed, you can open to see the apps with which you can use the services. Choose WhatsApp then connect your WhatsApp account, you will be taken to a page where you can schedule a message easily. This app is available on play store for free download, so try and check it out.

These are the seven must have Apps for Android users of WhatsApp who do not wish to switch to any of the modded WhatsApp versions (GB, OG and WhatsApp Plus, most of these functions are inbuilt). Download Now.

These apps cuts across security, productivity and usability. If you enjoyed this topic, please let us know by dropping your comment and also, help us share to spread the world.

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