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Augmented Reality Apps to Look for in 2018

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The technology is on the best of its upsurge in the recent years. One of the best technologies introduced in the last few years is augmented reality. It has been now taking over our lives and is being inculcated in almost every field now.

It doesn’t matter that whether it is health facilities or entertainment industry AR is building strong bases in each and every one of them. The best part is that it is now easily accessible in the form of apps.

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The year 2017 can definitely be called the era of AR and same is expected from this year. There is lot of games and apps being developed or are already available in the app stores which are brilliantly inducing AR and are expected to take the user experience to a completely new level.

Both android app development or iOS apps development agencies are putting in all the efforts to develop apps that are supporting augmented reality. The purpose behind it is the immense popularity and assistance in different walks of life. As far as games are involved AR has proved to be the technology which took the players to a complete level of gaming ecstasy. The biggest example is PokemonGo which made the whole world its fan.

Here we are going to discuss few apps which are to look for this year.


Tattoos are not new but the fashion statement has revived itself over the years. Having a tattoo is always cool and trendy. The only drawback that they are permanent and once done are quite difficult to undo. Temporary tattoos are an option too, and then again when they are being removed that could be quite an ugly sight. So, getting a permanent tattoo is the best option but what if it doesn’t look as cool as you want, here comes the Inkhunter.

An extremely cute app that allows you to look directly at your skin that how a specific tattoo will appear on you and would it suit or not. You just have to draw a smiley face on the area you want have to the tattoo and point your phone camera on it. Inkhunter will show how the tattoo will appear giving you the liberty to decide either you really want it or not. There is a number of tattoos to choose from within the app or you can upload your own design too.


PokemonGo is not a new name in gaming apps. It was the star that actually introduced us to AR through our phones. In 2016 the world went crazy about it and the updates helped it to continue. Now in the year 2018 PokemonGo is still going strong. The company’s strategy of continuous updates and introducing new features has helped in keeping the users’ interest built up.

Google Translate

Google the ultimate savior, our very own “Mr. know it all” has come up with another cool app. Google Translate has inculcated AR in the most exciting way. If you are a constant traveler then it is definitely a life saver. The app allows you to get any text translated by juts pointing your phone camera on it and here you go, it will appear translated. This app is definitely one of the most finest and useful apps by Google.

Google Goggles


Google Goggles another cool app from the maestro. As we all know that Google has the most wide range of every kind of information about almost everything, Google Goggles takes to a totally another level. The app works by pointing the camera on any object you want information about, and Goggles will show all kinds of information it acquires in its data base. Fan of Suduko? It can solve it for you! The most important feature is that it can recognize locations and provide all the relevant information about it.

Quiver 3D coloring app

Children are quite fond of coloring and it is definitely their favorite time pass. AR brings this hobby to a total another level. This app turns the coloring pages and drawings into animations. When you point the camera of your phone to the coloring page and tap the screen it will turn it into a 3d animation. It allows you to color, print and have amazing 3D versions of your drawings. The app is free but offers few in-app purchases which further enhance the interest in the app.

IKEA Place

IKEA is the most recognizable name in the furniture industry. It experimented with AR before in their catalogues but the app is one of its kind. All you have to do is to scan the area you want buy furniture for, upload it on the app and just drag your selected piece of furniture on the scan and get the complete visual idea of how the desired piece will look in that particular area.


Augmented reality is the next gen technology which is gradually taking over our daily lives. The most common interaction we have with AR is through the apps which we use on daily basis. The year 2017 was the year of AR and VR and it is expected that this year also has a lot to offer. Almost every brand offers an app and now they are inculcating AR with the apps to provide their customers a state of the art user experience.

Users all over the world are getting the most out of these apps and are observing new experiences each day.

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