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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Nnadi Henry

A freelance web developer, writer, and digital marketer. Loves sharing ideas about the things I know.


The Importance Of Morse Code In Medicine

A 79-year-old English woman was injured in a fall and suffered severe brain damage. She was unable to move or speak but...

Top 11 Apple Carplay Apps for Your Car in 2020

Things can get boring while on the road and it can be a pain trying to find good music. It may also be difficult...

Top Five Revolutionary and Hottest Tech Products on Amazon 2018

Looking for cool tech-products to get this 2018? Before you pull out your credit card to shop online, you should read this...
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Micro SIM Vs Nano SIM: Everything you Need to Know

There are various patterns in which mobile phones are being categorized. One of these classifies phones into two types; which are: GSM...
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Best Calendar Apps For Mac in 2020

A calendar app can be handy for personal users, but calendar apps can be crucial for businesses. When intended...
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GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Checkout the new GB WhatsApp Tutorial. Hello, welcome to WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp tips and tricks. For the sake of this article,...

22 Smartphones With the Highest Screen to Body Ratio in 2020

Screen to body ratio on a smartphone screen recently turned into an important thing to consider when comparing smartphones. It became more...

20+ Latest and Best Infinix Phones to Buy in 2020

Infinix Mobility is a well-known brand in Nigeria and a household name along with Tecno and Itel mobile are they mainly produce devices targeting...