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What is an AV Cable?

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An Audio and Video cable (AV) can be used to connect several audio-visual types of equipment. AV cables are of different kinds, depending on the number of sound channels, the number of video channels, and the number of power signals.

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AV cables are utilized in connecting display sources to output like TV. The array component analyzes the signal and sends it within the AV cable to reach the TV connector.

AV cables can transmit both sound and video alerts and have two separate connectors that are connected to the TV on both ends of the left & right channel sounds.   

Types of AV cables

There are several types of AV cables, and they include:

RCA AV Cable

The Radio Corporation of America cable, also referred to as RCA cable, is amongst the oldest AV cables that are still in use today.

It was introduced in the 1940s and has been used with several standard definition devices that include gaming consoles, cable boxes, and DVD players.

The RCA cable can’t handle a high definition (HD) signal, so the application of RCA cables has declined over the years.

The RCA cable is divided into three output cables that include the red part of the cable, which is utilized for the right audio channel.

The second part which is the white part of the line, is used for the left audio channel, and the third being the video, enters via the yellow part of the cable.

It’s imperative to properly insert all three cables into your gadget since failure to do so can cause a low picture quality on the screen or choppy audio.


Coaxial AV Cable

The coaxial cable can be used to convey both audio and video between devices. Coaxial cables are mostly used in the cable industry because it can transmit audio and video from the cable supplier to your cable box.

Supposing you subscribe to an internet service, coaxial cable is utilized in carrying cable internet from your cable provider to your modem.  The cable box is generally hooked to your TV using an HDMI cable.

S-Video Cables

S-Video Cables are utilized in transmitting only video cues over a cable by disseminating the video data into a brightness and colour signal. They are commonly used on older TV that may not possess HDMI to enhance image quality.


The Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable is used to display video from a computer to a video display such as a monitor or an HDTV.

VGA cables can show RGB video onscreen at both low and high resolutions. This is because the VGA signal is analog, and its resolution won’t be as excellent as HDMI & DVI cables.

The VGA port is standard on most desktop computers from the 1990s throughout the 2010s, so it may be an excellent alternative to utilize if your display monitor has a VGA port, and you can’t make use of HDMI or DVI.

The Digital Video Interface (DVI) cable can also be located on desktop computers. It’s has a higher-resolution display than the VGA cable since it utilizes technology that is identical to HDMI cables.

The DVI cable is the right alternative that can be used to display a high-resolution image from your computer to your monitor, but like the VGA cable, it can’t transmit sound. You’ll have to connect a 3.5mm audio cable from your computer to your audio input device if you need audio with your video.


The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable can carry HD video and audio from your device to your computer monitor or TV.

It’s common in all HDTVs and many other devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and most laptops & desktop computers. HDMI cables have various configurations.


The standard HDMI cables can display 720p or 1080p video and transmit audio. In contrast, standard HDMI with Ethernet cables can accomplish every task the standard HDMI cable does and can also execute device networking if both devices support it.

High-speed HDMI cables are built to maintains higher video resolutions that may include 1080p, 4K, 3D, or Deep color alongside the audio. The type of HDMI cable you use with your device will rely on whether the device is 4K or the device standard HDMI with a resolution of 720p or 1080p.

Advantages of HDMI

HDMI is a lot better than all other formats because of the following benefits:

  • HDMI makes use of only one cable, and you wont have to worry about wires making a mess of your place
  • HDI is future-protected as it already supports Gbps of bandwidth
  • HDMI technology can adjust its applications in the absence of human intervention. You can regulate a home theatre employing a single remote with one-touch play
  • It is easy to maintain, clutter-free and less expensive
  • HDMI has a backward-compatibility so that you can make use of older formats like DVI-based systems and arrays
  • HDMI utilizes a digital signal, and an HDMI-HDMI association denies all action issues of digital to analog conversions
  • HDMI possesses eight audio channels, works with DTS, Surround Sound, S/PDIF, and Dolby audio formats
  • HDMI automatically recognizes the configuration of the device its connected to, then plays videos and music at acceptable optimal levels

You could discover other types of AV cables such as DVI cable, which can also equalize the transformation of analog signals and vice versa.

The RCA cable is another alternative that is better than S-video and coaxial video cable with regards to color detail, color purity, and little color noise.

How to convert HDMI to RCA

Typically, high-definition (HD) audio & graphic devices, which include Blu-ray players or specific video game systems, are connected to televisions through a high-definition cable, such as an HDMI cable.

If your television has no accessible HDMI ports or is not compatible, you can still connect the HD device to your television by modifying your HDMI cable into an RCA signal.

For this to be done, you must create a makeshift thread, making use of a converter box and original wires.

Step 1

Join an end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your audio and graphic high-definition gadget.


Step 2

Link the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the HDMI-to-RCA converter.

Step 3

Secure one end of the RCA cable with the RCA ports on your HDMI-to-RCA converter. Your HDMI-to-RCA converter cable has now be completed.

Step 4

Link the RCA cables on your recently developed converter cable to the RCA ports on your television, then switch on your TV and change it to its RCA input channel. You will notice the signal from your HD appliance on your television screen.

There are many types of AV cable to choose from, and if after reading this article, you won’t find it challenging to determine which is right for your devices.

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