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Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

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The highly anticipated Avengers: endgame is here, and we have decided to offer this movie review as thousands of fans cannot wait to know what is in store for them before they hit the cinema.


Our array of superheroes were overcome by self-doubt yet propelled by the burning urge to live past their failures and put Thanos behind them for good. All your favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes come together to join forces in a final fight against their one enemy – Thanos.

Avengers endgame is the last part of 11 years of wonderfully written scripts coming to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans all around the world who have been privileged to see this film in the first few days of its release have not held back to express how achieved and satisfied they feel.

Avengers endgame is one movie that is neatly orchestrated to bring all the other stories together in a perfect ending that’ll leave fans feeling sad that the journey has come to an end. This powerfully rendered culmination of 11 years of hard work has fans who have grown up watching superheroes movies, and fans who are older and started with superhero Comics rushing to the nearest cinemas to purchase tickets.

This film is no doubt a medley of drama, action, and subtle humour that keeps you on your seat with eyes wide open and your heart pounding as you watch applause-worthy moments.

The Avengers infinity war left fans heartbroken as it ends with Thanos snapping his finger and wiping off more than half of the world’s population including some of our favourite superheroes. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was kind enough to begin the Avengers: endgame right from that very moment when Thanos had our heartbroken and showed us what it takes to mend a broken heart.

If memory serves us right, the view Avengers who survived the tragic moments are Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bruce Banner/Hulk, James Rhodes/War Machine, and Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. It is five years after everything, and none of these superheroes feels self-motivated enough to move past the pain shame and disgrace they suffered from Thanos and prove to the rest of the world that they are strong enough to save us.

Thor who has been the man crush every day for a lot of female fans seem to be the most out of shape avenger in this new movie. The god had retired back to Asgard to drown all these pain and Sorrow in beer, thus losing his masculine appeal and joining the potbelly men’s Club. Thor obviously had no time to think about the repercussion of what Thanos had done to the Avengers and citizens of the world To get Thor back on the road one more time, his mates must put in some effort

One of the most touching moments was when one of the superheroes was offered the chance to come back and redeem himself he makes it clear that the only second Chance he deserves was right there and then with his family and loved ones which included a sweet little girl who means the world to him. He emphasised on not wanting to throw dice on it.


Earlier in the movie, you can also see another superhero leading a group therapy session and stressing on the need for people to move on. Avengers endgame offers you the privilege to view the masculinity that superheroes are supposed to possess from a very different angle at the same time revealing to you how fragile they can be.

If you have seen Captain Marvel, then you probably noticed the post-credit scene that Captain Marvel who is the first female superhero with so much strength in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will play a part in the final instalment of the Avengers.

That was more than enough proof of the changing gender dynamics in the Marvel cinematic universe and Hollywood in general. The presence of Carol Danvers in Avengers: endgame was all the motivation and energising the other superheroes needed. At this point, any movie lover would start to wish captain marvel had a more extended role in the rest of the movie.

The other folks who joined the major surviving group of Avengers include Nebula (Thanos estranged baby girl), Clint Barton/Hawkeye who has been searching every corner of the world for bad guys to deal with, Scott Lang/Ant-Man who lucky was set free from the quantum realm and did his best to seek out the other superheroes.

The Avengers come together to create a plan on how to get rid of Thanos, the supervillain, and Antman brings up the idea of time travel. The crew was sceptical about going back in time at first, but once they warmed up to the plan, nothing was holding them back; not even fear.

The Avengers: end game is evidence of professional directing as Joe, and Anthony Russo provided fans with precisely what they expected to see and more.

Avengers: endgame is no doubt a film without flaws, and even if you are one of the world’s best movie critiques you probably would have to cook up some lies (that won’t sell) to get people to believe there is a loophole we failed to notice.

The Avengers: endgame is the 22nd film in the series, and the team has taken it as an opportunity to do a good job and bid us goodbye forever. This movie scores big on bringing back the small but precious moments as some of the superheroes encounter their younger selves and the people they love.

Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus’ screenplay reveals to the viewers the human sides of these characters who became extra and took on the responsibility of saving the world with their superhuman abilities. Some much details needed to come together to draw links between all the prequels and this final film.

And though it obviously wasn’t as easy task fitting all those details in, the three hours this movie runs for, brings together all the little bits of information the makes the Avengers who and what they are.


Take it or leave it, Avengers: endgame is the best film of 2019, and it sure will not be getting stale anytime soon.


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