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Battlegrounds PC Game: Play PUBG on PC

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Player Unknown Battlegrounds game also known as PUBG is a battle shooting game involving 100 players that shoot against themselves. It involves gathering supplies and finding ways of outdoing the opponents.

The aim of the game is to be the last person standing at the end of the battle. The game is developed by no other than Brendan Greene. He is famous when it comes to battle royal genre.

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Players can decide the best way to play the game and it is played on the PC. If participants want, they can move to the war as a solo fighter. Furthermore, they can enter as a team of few people.

The most important thing here is that in the game, the last man that stands alive when all the others have died have actually won the game. If they are fighting as a team, it means that the last team that remained standing when other teams are killed are the clear winners in the game.

PUBG is indeed a good game for anybody who likes taking action. It is a battle to the death game, and this means that if you do not kill then you will be killed. The maximum time the game can last is just 30 minutes. Even if you die, you can start afresh until the time elapses.

Points are earned here when you hit an enemy and kill him. In this game, the previous game has great impact on what you do next and this means that you have to be cautious of the way you approach this PC game.

There are different ways you can die in this game. It is not just by been shot by the opponent. You can also die accidentally like when you fall off a building, or when you crash in the car. Every game here will start on a blank page. Because of this, you can try different war strategies, while doing that; you must not jeopardize your chances.

In the game, weapons are used. In the same way, vehicle and items for health are used randomly in the game. You can always target heavily populated spots because this is where you can get more loot. If you want to engage enemies that are not close by, you have to use weapons that target people at long distances.

At different points in this game, planes are used to support the warfare, as it drops weapons and other car packages. You are not the only person targeting the enemy. Other shooters will be targeting them as well. This means that you should count yourself lucky when you hit the target first before others do.

This game also requires strategy to win. You should have your own playing style, and this can assist you a lot in winning the game. It is advisable to look for a good strategy that can assist you win other fighters.


The game involves lot strategies if you must win. You begin the game with nothing and you can always locate your arms in the armory and equip yourself and begin to shoot until you become the last person standing if you want to win that game.

The game is played on the PC and it is fought on an island size 8×8 battleground. When you start the game, you will have an arsenal of weapons. The arms continue to build up as the battle intensifies.

Various kinds of weapons are often used such as throwables, melee weapons, as well as realistic ballistics. Also included in the armory is trajectories. Various weapons, which you can always use to your advantage, are made available to you.

You can adopt any strategy that can help you deal with anybody that stands in your way. Remember that in the game that everybody is an enemy. The most important thing is to ensure that you are the only survivor when every other person has been killed.

Some of the war arsenals available to you include different kinds of vehicles ranging from motorcycles, trucks, as well as cars.

Even boats are also available to you and you can use this to hunt down the enemy. Even when you become a target of attack, you can use any of the travel items to escape death.

It is already stated that different strategies are allowed in this war game. You can enter the war alone. In this case, ensure that you are the last man standing. Another option available to you is to team with friends.

Many people find this convenient because they think that they will be better and stronger when they fight as a team. You can always coordinate the action with your friends and there are different ways of doing that such as through chat, voice commands, and so on.

If you want to play the game on your PC, ensure that it meets the requirement for the game. This way you can enjoy the best of what that Player Unknown Battlegrounds game can offer.

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