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Beardoodle: Dog Breed Facts and Information

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Beardoodle is a great dog family and it consists of bearded collie and a peppy poodle. These have different characteristics and they are considered great and wonderful family. They love to play together, and they like to hang out with people as well.

You would like the family when you allow them to stay on their own. They are going to exhibit wonderful characteristics, and they make what is considered an amiable working family.

Their origin

The beardoodle family was believed to have started around the 80s. At this time, breeders experimented with purebred dogs to bring about various kinds of traits of parents breeds.

The dogs are known to be healthier and they are also smaller than dogs they are produced from. In addition to that, they are gentler. In addition, they are more hypoallergenic.


Because this is a mixed breed, they are not fit to become members of the American Kennel Club, but their parents are qualified, and they were members for a very long time.

One of the parents Poodle has been a member of that association from the year 1887 while the other join much later in the year 1976 but joined the union as a herding group.

Food and diet

By size, the dogs are medium size and they like to exercise. Because of the active lifestyle, there is the need to feed them with food rich in nutrients. The food formulation must be mixed in the right proportion so that it has to be according to their sizes.

They are always actively involved and feeding with the correct diet would help them in the active life they live. Later in life, they can develop a joint problem.

Because of that problem care must be taken to ensure that they are not overfed, and they are given the right food proportion. When that is done the problem of becoming obese or overweight in the future may not arise.

Another thing that you need to know about this pet is that it could face a digestive problem. Do not feed them with fat meals.


When you talk of beardoodles training, you must not lose sight of its origin. The pet is a bye product of two intelligent breeds, and you expect much from the training. Experience has shown that the pets is quick when it comes to training as they are fast in learning. Furthermore, they could obey commands with ease.

The dogs are highly energetic and because of that, they require constant training. If it is not trained the dog becomes bored and can be easily distracted.

During training, you have to involve a lot of activities and it has to include those that can be rewarded for when it does well. Research has shown that the best to train the dogs is to use reward-based training and combine that with treats and praise. You can achieve your aim with ease.


When it comes to weight, it is estimated that the weight range is put at forty to sixty pounds.


This pet has a good temperament and it is known for fun loving. The pet is also super intelligent, and it likes playing with kids.

Most importantly, it plays with other pets. In addition, the animal is known to be full of self-confidence. The pet can easily pick new tricks, especially if there are rewards associated with it.

Most importantly, the animal is known to be independent in nature, and if left alone, it can relax and does not suffer separation syndrome which is the issue with other pets. Making working families prefer to use this pet because of their independent disposition.

Health problems

Some of the health challenges associated with pure bleed can be transferred to these designer dogs. It is important that you understand those things which this pet can easily inherit from the parent breed.

Some of the health challenges it can inherit include digestive and bloat problem which it can inherit from Poodle one of the parents. The other health issue which it can inherit includes eye anomaly which it inherits from Bearded Collie.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the dog is put at 12 to 13 years.

Exercise requirements

As said before this pet is highly energetic and because of that, it can exercise very well. It is capable of carrying out 60 to 90 minutes of vigorous exercises daily.

It can engage in different kinds of activities such as running, power walking as well as Frisbee and so on. This pet likes playing and likes being busy. When the dog does not exercise it can lead to boredom. It can even engage in destructive behaviour.

Recognized clubs

Currently these species do not belong to any know AKC club, the pet, however, belongs to the DBR which is the designer breed registry.


Its coat is thick, long and coarse. Because of that, there is a need for constant brushing, and this can be done 4 to 5 times weekly. When you want to comb it, you must apply a metal comb. Moreover, this pet must be taken care of and you have to clean it to prevent infection.


This species is known to have two high and intelligent breeds. One of the breeds is known for its stubborn streak. It is important that you allow it to socialize with other pets especially dogs.

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