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14 Most Beautifully Made Casings for Your Mobile Phone Protection

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Smartphones these days are becoming more beautiful in design. Smartphones are now built to be sleek in designs and because of that, they are ever prone to sliding off your hand or table and crashing to the ground.

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When you are willing to push out a huge amount of money to buy that dream phone of yours, while wouldn’t you be willing to invest a few dollars into buying a smartphone casing that will help you protect it against damages.

Our smartphones serve us with all faithfulness and loyalty and they deserve a casing to protect their beautifully made body.

There are so many reasons why people buy smartphone casings, it might be either to hide the back of their smartphones they don’t feel comfortable seeing or they are trying to prevent cracks and scratches. But, one of the main reasons is to offer a degree of protection of a slide off and fall incidence mistakenly happens and the idea of casings on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is no different.

Also, you will want to put a casing on the S9 to not only protect your phone from damage when it mistakenly falls off but also to cover the glass back that’s prone to retaining smudges from your fingers when you hold the phone.

In this post I will show you 14 best types of smartphone casings you will like to choose either of them for your Galaxy S9 or get a similar type for any smartphone you are using.

Maxboost Perfect Fit series

The Maxboost Perfect Fit series offers super slim cases for your phone. It won’t do a ton if you drop your phone from distance, but focuses more on scratch and bump protection. Sometimes it’s the smallest drops that can do the most damage.

VRS Design Transparent Crystal Thin Cover

Check out this casing that will create a Transparent Crystal Thin Cover from VRS Design. VRS casings have a history of creating quality casings. This case offers a nice bit of bulk on the sides of the device without making it feel huge and a lip to protect that gorgeous screen. At under $15, you can’t beat the price.

Caseology Skyfall Series

Caseology is one of the biggest names in device accessories for a reason: they’re awesome. The cases it produces are always high quality and provide a ton of protection. The story is no different here with the Skyfall series. The transparent back and tinted sides look absolutely great while offering some protection against falls and bumps. Caseology’s smart design makes this case a no-brainer.

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen is my personal favorite case maker and the Liquid Air lineup is my favorite case from the company. In in my option, the case provides the perfect amount of protection without adding too much bulk to a device. I also love the design on the back of the device. While I’d rather not cover up my phone in the first place, at least with a case like this it can still look good while being protected.


i-Blason Rugged Clear series

If you want series coverage without dropping some serious coin, the i-Blason Rugged Clear series might be for you. It covers the entire phone in a two-piece design. The case is enhanced at the corners so dropping the device doesn’t automatically end up in an insurance claim. The case also has a screen protector built in so you can save on purchasing a screen protector too!

Spigen Rugged Armor

If the Spigen Rugged Armor lineup isn’t one of the best selling cases around, I’d be extremely surprised. I see the case everywhere on the street for a variety of phones. It offers just enough protection without making the phone super bulky and looks pretty good in the process. It costs under $15 with free Prime shipping.

LOHASIC Crystal Clear Series

If you want protection without hiding the beautiful design of the Galaxy S9, this might be the case for you. This clear case has a raised lip to protect the screen and camera, as well as enhanced bumpers to prevent damage from falls. The clear design means that you can still marvel at the best looking phone on the market right now while keeping it safe.

Caseology Parallax Series

The Caseology Parallax Series is hands down one of the best looking lineups on the market right now. Available in several colors, the Parallax Series offers stunning looks, excellent protection and a price tag that can’t be beaten. I love the Burgundy/Rose Gold combination pictured above, but there are others to chose from if that’s not your thing. I highly recommend them.

OtterBox DEFENDER Series

When thoughts about cell phone protection come, what’s the first name that comes to mind? This company has a reputation for keeping phones looking new from the day the case is put on until the case is taken off. The DEFENDER series offers all the protection you could want and a handy holster so your phone doesn’t have to fit in your pocket anymore. If you’re looking to protect your investment long-term, there are few better choices than OtterBox.

Maxboost mWallet Series

While I am certainly not a folio case lover, I can see the logic behind them. A cover for the front of your phone to protect it from scratches is a smart route to go and adding convenient features like credit card slots is just downright smart.

The Maxboost mWallet Series has both of those features and more. The case can also be opened up to prop up your phone for hands-free media viewing and the magnetic lock means your phone will stay protected even when it’s in your bag or purse. We also love the design with the folding flap over the front. Not bad, Maxboost.

Spigen Tough Armor

Another volume, another entry for Spigen. Spigen is pretty much the undisputed champ for cell phone accessories. Not only are its cases fantastic, but it makes about 15 different kinds. Today we’re talking about the Tough Armor, one of the best cases out there to protect your phone. It features a ton of cushioning to protect your phone from falls and a kickstand to make watching media in landscape easier. We highly recommend it.

Ringke Wave

Ringke is another well-known case maker on our list today. The Wave series combines excellent aesthetics with minimal bulk to provide a really pleasing case. There’s just enough bulk to adequately protect your phone from falls, but not so much as to make your phone feel like a big brick. We love the design on the back and how it makes the case stand out in the crowd.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

For serious protection, SUPCASE is a brand you can trust. I’ve used several of its cases in the past and have come away pleased each time. The Unicorn Beetle Pro features a two-tone design that provides you with a screen protector to protect the glass front and a hard protective back to protect the glass rear of the phone. A perfect combination if you’re looking to protect your phone long term.


YOUMAKER Heavy Duty Case

If you’re looking for a two-tone design but want a little bit more modern design, YOUMAKER might have the case for you. Its Heavy Duty Case has a protective front and rear, but a little bit of flair on the back too.

BAISRKE Gradient Case

BAISRKE is a new company to us, but this is a great first impression. Its Gradient Case is one of the unique cases we’ve seen on the market today. With several different color combinations, there’s something for everyone. And BAISRKE didn’t forget the protection either.

There’s a lip to cover the front of the device and bulked up corners to protect the phone even if you drop it. If you want something a little bit different, check out the Gradient Case from BAISRKE.

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