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15 Benefits of Eating Banana

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Bananas seem to be one of the underrated fruits when in fact they should be consumed daily. The benefits of eating banana are numerous and bananas come in their own little package making it easier to carry around.

Some of the benefits of banana are:

1. Improved vision

Bananas contain vitamins A and C which are both anti-oxidants and good for the eye and skin. Beta carotene is also present in banana.

Beta carotenes are anti-oxidants and help repair damaged cells at cellular levels as well as protect these cells from further damage. Bananas also contain vitamin E and lutein, both healthy for the eyes.

2. Lowers Blood pressure

Blood pressure has been found to be lowered by the combination of low sodium and high potassium, and as well lower the frequency of strokes in people.

Bananas contain low sodium and high potassium and is therefore perfect for the job.

3. Energy providers

Individuals engaging in tough physical activities such as marathon runners have been said to take a banana before, during and after their activities.

Banana contains glucose which is easily digested and is the immediate source or energy. They also take it after workout to restore lost energy. Also, taking banana at random times during the day fuels the body and reduces fatigue.

4. Stronger bones

Calcium is necessary for bone strength and repair. Although bananas do not contain calcium, they help the body absorb more calcium into the body. They contain prebiotic fructooligosaccharides that when fermented in the digestive tract, increases the calcium absorption.

Therefore, bananas indirectly cause stronger bones.

5. Improved bowel movement

Bananas help normalize bowel movement. They contain insoluble fibres that help you remove waste faster, making it easier to excrete. This trick comes in handy to people suffering from constipation.

It also helps with diarrhoea. They serve as binders. They also serve as food to the healthy microbes in the body due to probiotics they contain.

6. Aid digestion

The fructooligosaccharides present in banana make the non-digestible banana serve as good food for the good gut bacteria, acting as a probiotic, leading to better gastrointestinal health.

7. Reduces bloating

Bananas fight against the retention of gas and water in the stomach. It increases bloat fighting bacteria and it also contains potassium, which prevents water retention.

8. Burns fat

Bananas contain 12 mg of choline, a fat burning vitamin that acts directly on the genes causing fat storage around the abdomen. Women that take banana before a meal everyday have been noticed to have reduced and shed off a few inches of belly fat off her waist.

9. Help reduce bad cholesterol levels

After hitting any fast food restaurants or eating food high in bad calories, grab a banana or two after before taking off. Bananas contain phytosterols, compounds that contain low density lipids cholesterol lowering effects.

They also contain vitamin B6, which helps in hearth health, immune system, nervous system and digestive health.

10. Improves your immunity

They help fight against diseases although they do not contain vitamin A. how does it do so? Bananas contain three different types of carotenoids which are beta carotene, alpha carotene and pro-vitamin A carotene that the body can convert into vitamin A.

11. Anti-cancer

They contain an antioxidant called delphinidin. This compound has anti-tumour properties. According to research, delphinidin in specific concentration inhibited the growth and proliferation of stomach cancer cells.

12. Strengthens your blood

Bananas contain iron that strengthen the blood and relieves anaemia. Iron transfers oxygen into your cell and is important to keep energy level up.

Lack of iron in the body can lead to slow metabolism which may cause weight gain because the body is attempting to conserve energy.

13. Detoxification

Bananas contain pectin, a gelatin like fibre that that flushes toxic compounds out of the blood through urine, making banana an all-natural detoxifier. It also helps with mercury poisoning as it removes mercury from the body via urine.

14. Helps to build Lean muscle

Bananas are good sources of magnesium which can help in protein synthesis, thereby increasing lean muscle mass. Magnesium also aids lipolysis which is a process where the body releases fat from its stores.

15. They improve your mood

Bananas contain vitamin B9, also known as folate, a nutrient that fights depression by boosting serotonin, the feel good chemical. Therefore, banana may also serve as anti-depressants.

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