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Benefits of Buying Used Honda Cars Syracuse NY

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A used car is often known as a pre-owned vehicle or a secondhand car that came from one or more retail owners. Some car retailers offer certified pre-owned cars (CPO) and extended service plans.

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There’s a huge difference in buying a CPO and non-CPO cars. Buying a car from a private seller or independent used car dealers can be a shady deal. You can’t count on their claims that the car is well-maintained unless a certification is handed to you.

While buying certified pre-owned cars are ideal for price-conscious customers that won’t sacrifice quality over a good deal. That’s because buying these types of cars is coupled with an extended warranty by the automaker.

Fortunately, Honda cars in Syracuse NY offers a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles. You can click here to check the recent auto details and select the best one for you. Surely, you won’t regret the purchase because the CPO car is the next best thing to buying brand new.

Now, in this article let me share with you the reasons why it’s a smart choice to buy a second-hand vehicle. Here are the benefits of buying used Honda cars in Syracuse, NY.

Prolonged Warranty Protection

Majority CPO programs prolong the basic original and powertrain guarantee on a used car. Usually, companies offering a short-term time and mileage limits for the original new car warranty tends to lengthen the CPO program by valuable amounts to be competitive.

While some manufacturers provide an immense car warranty for new cars but aren’t allowed to increase the limits for their CPO cars at all. Instead, the remaining car warranty will be acquired by the new owner.

Moreover, roadside assistance is incorporated by most CPO programs. It provides free 24-hour assistance that lasts for the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage.

It assists owners in case technical problems occur like needs a jump-start, locks themselves of the car, and even charging the gas when they run out. Surely, you can never go wrong with CPO Honda cars.

Lower Interest Rates on Financing

Car companies usually offer the lowest interest rates for a new vehicle because it has a low risk to the lender. CPO car is as good as the brand new in terms of condition and functionality.


Hence, the CPO vehicle is considered new so it has lower interest rates making it quite affordable in terms of a monthly payment.

CPO car is more expensive compared to a similar non- CPO car. Nonetheless, CPO is priced higher because it covers the costs of certification. This ensures that the vehicle will be constantly checked for functionality and longevity.

Guarantee of Certification

used Honda cars in Syracuse, NY

Certified cars are continually inspected to meet the desired standards. Certainly, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the car because Honda dealers ensure all cars are in good condition.

The certification tells you the status and health of the car. The health is confirmed through a vehicle-history report that includes the VIN code and title status. It’s also coupled with a comprehensive inspection by a factory-trained mechanic.

Absolutely, the CPO car that will be given to you is cleared from repair issues. It’s important to secure a copy of this record for references in case auto failures occur.

Expert Help with Maintenance

Buying a CPO Honda car can be beneficial because the dealership provides assistance with the maintenance of the vehicle. The process is essential in maintaining the car performing at its best for a long time.

The auto service maintenance includes:

  • Tire inspections
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Change in an air filter
  • Renewal of engine oil

These services are provided to ensure that the owner will have a safe and convenient journey on the road at all times.

Vehicles with the Best Condition

Not all types of vehicles are qualified for the certified pre-owned program by manufacturers. If the car doesn’t meet the requirements, it can’t be a CPO vehicle.

The criteria for car condition include:

  • Clean vehicle history
  • Low mileage less than 85,000 miles
  • No older than 6 years of age
  • Went through a multi-point checklist
  • With extended warranty
  • Late-model

Saves Money

Buying a new car can cost a lot of money from the price itself including high-priced registration fee and insurance premiums. However, when you buy a CPO car you can save money due to lesser fees than with the brand new.

The quality of the car is almost the same as the new one so no need to worry about short-term failures. In fact, even wealthy consumers are choosing used cars over new ones.

Final Thought

When buying a car, price and quality is a common factor. Definitely used cars from Honda dealership in Syracuse NY will not fail you as presented by the benefits above. Still, it’s best to check and verify the credibility of the auto dealership to prevent fraud.

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