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Benefits of Henna for Hair and Body

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Henna, also known as Mehandi in Indian subcontinent is one of the well known natural medicines for skin problems and is also a great Natural dyer for both skin and hair.

Many civilizations across the globe such as Egyptian, Middle East and Indian Civilizations are known to have greater significance for Henna in their respective histories.

Henna is basically derived from Mignonette tree also known as Henna Tree, which belongs to Lawsonia Genus species.

Today, Henna has become a modern trend and is widely used for making Tattoos on skin.

How Henna works?

Until now, many of us know that Henna is a natural dyer, but other than that it also has medicinal effects on skin.

Henna is said to have anti bacterial agents that destruct the microbial colonies and maintain the acidic balance both on skin and on scalp. They also help skin and scalp from getting burnt from the harmful rays of Sun.

Henna must be applied on the skin with lemon juice any citric fruit as it helps in activating the Lawsonia present in it.

Benefits of Henna for Hair

Henna can bring out some great outcomes if you are suffering from hair related issues. It has the following benefits on hair:

  • Henna helps in bringing down the dandruff to a significant level as it is a great antibacterial agent that kills the bacterial colonies and helps in moistening the scalp thus reducing the scalp dryness.
  • If you are suffering from hair loss, Henna helps in reducing hair loss as it strengthens our hair by thickening it starting from root to its tip.
  • Henna powder is also a great hair conditioner as its regular usage brings softness and shiny texture to our hair and also reduces the hair locks.
  • As it is natural, it does not have any significant side effects (none other than its pungent smell), neither on skin nor on hair.
  • It also helps in rejuvenating the dead hair follicles under the scalp further avoiding early baldness issues.

Henna packs for Hair

Here is a list of henna hair packs that might help you in reviving your hair health naturally.

The Conditioner Hair pack

This hair pack is provides a shiny and smooth texture to our hair. All you need to do is collect the following ingredients: Henna Powder, Egg Albumen and Lemon Juice.

Soak Henna powder in Lemon juice overnight so as to maximize its potential and apply it next day. You can also add egg albumen to this mixture as it provides silky smooth texture to your hair. Apply this pack once in a couple of weeks so as to obtain best results.

The Hair fall controller pack

This Hair pack helps in significantly controlling the hair fall and also nourishes the scalp. Collect about 10 Henna leaves and boil it with 250 ml of Mustard oil or Coconut oil.

Store this oil in your desired dry container and apply it atleast once a week for better scalp and better hair health.

The Henna Hair Dye pack

This hair pack is prominently known for hair dying, but secondarily, it also nourishes the hair and scalp and reaches the hair roots.

To make this hair pack, all you need are: Henna powder, freshly brewed green tea and Lemon Juice. Soak Henna powder in the freshly brewed green tea and lemon juice overnight before applying it on your hair the very next day.

The green tea and lemon provide lustrous effect to your hair and also makes your hair denser and stronger.

The Dandruff Control Hair pack

This hair pack actually helps in reducing dandruff to a great extent as it nourishes the scalp and makes it moist. Grind few drops of Fenugreek seeds and boil them with few leaves of henna and 250 ml of Coconut Oil or Mustard oil.

Apply this oil once a week for better and healthier scalp, which further leads to reduction of dandruff.

Cons of applying Henna

There are no such significant shortcomings or cons of applying Henna, but let’s face some of them.

Applying henna for hair dying is a time consuming process as some of them take more than 2 hours. If you are allergic to pungent smell, then henna might not suit you as it has mild to strong pungent smell.

Excess application of henna can lead to a despicable red color which might not suite on you.

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