Amazing Benefits of Mango Leaves for the Body

Mango Leaves

Mangoes known as the king of fruits are common and popular fruits in Nigeria, there are very common from February/march till the middle of the year; this sweet fruit is loved by many and offers quality nutrients to the body.

The active ingredient in mango is mangiferin; it offers immense health benefit to the body and it is also present in the leaves.

Most people take the fruit only and have no idea of the immense health benefits of the leaves and thereby discard them; they are very potent herbal medicines and they have no side effects.

In this article, we will be looking at the tremendous health benefits of mango leaves and how to take them.

  • Fights diabetes: The tender leaves of mango trees contain anthocyanidins which are potent in treating early diabetes; it also helps to treat hyperglycemia, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic angiopathy. Soak fresh mango leaves in clean water over night, in the morning strain the water and drink it.
  • Mouthwash: Old mango leaves helps to treat unhealthy teeth and gums and supports healthy dental care in normal people; take some old mango leaves, clean them properly and steep them. Then oil them in hot water till the water turns yellow in colour; you can rinse your mouth with the water to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Ear aches: Squeeze mango leaves to extract the juice; then take a teaspoon of the juice and put it in your ears, this is an effective ear drop and wonderful painkiller.
  • Fertility: Mango leaves are potent herbal medicine for infertility; boil onions and mango leaves in half glass of water, take this drink regularly.
  • Hypertension: Their hypotensive properties helps to strengthen fragile blood vessels, treat varicose veins and lowers blood pressure; take a cup of mango leave tea every day.
  • Good sources of Vitamin: Taking mango leave tea every day helps to nourish the body with vitamins, make the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. Mango leaves are very rich in Vitamin A, B and C. it also contains good amount of anti-oxidants that fights free radicals and oxidative damages in the body. It contains beta-carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, phenol, niacin and plenty phytonutrients.
  • Heal burns: Apply mango leaf ashes to painful burns and wounded areas; this will soothe the skin and offer relief from the pains.
  • Fights infections: mango leaves have powerful anti-microbial properties making them potent in fighting off various infections caused by bacteria.
  • Anxiety: People who have anxiety and suffering from restlessness will benefit from this as it refreshes and relaxes the body. Add few mango leaves to your bath water.
  • Warts: Mango leaves can treat warts and improve healing of wounds; take some fresh mango leaves and dry them under shade, then blend till it forms a smooth powder. Then take a little quantity of the powder, add water to it to form a thick paste and apply it to the warts. You can also apply this mixture to wounds to help hasten healing and prevent bacterial infection.
  • Hiccups: Burning mango leaves and inhaling the smoke helps to stop hiccups and cure other throat problems.
  • Fever: Drinking mango leave tea during a fever will help to bring down the temperature and relieve other symptoms of fever.
  • Gall stones and Kidney stones: It helps to break stones and flush them out of the body. Put finely ground mango leave powder in a glass of water and let it stay overnight then you drink it.
  • Detoxifies the gut: Mango leaves helps to detoxify the gut which leads to a healthier body; it is also a good stomach tonic that helps to clean the stomach and removes toxins from the body. Put fresh mango leaves in warm water; close the container and leave it overnight. In the morning, filter this drink and take it before you eat or drink anything. Do these regularly like three times a week. This drink also helps people that have digestive problems.
  • Respiratory problems: It helps to alleviate symptoms of cold, asthma and bronchitis. It is a great cure for cough and helps to cure voice loss (aphonia). Boil fresh mango leaves in water, add honey, strain it and drink it.
  • Dysentery: It helps to stop bleeding dysentery; add mango leave powder to a glass of water and take it three times daily.
  • Gout: Mango leaves helps to remove uric acids from the body and thereby helps in eliminating gout. Take fresh young mango leaves and put them in hot water; wait until the colour changes then sieve and drink this solution every morning and night.
Mango Leaves

Mango is a sweet fruit loved by many that is only available during summer but the leaves are with us all year round and many are unaware of the importance of mango leaves and thereby let it waste.

Mango leaves can be used as simple home remedies for many illnesses and they are very effective thereby saving money and they have no side effects, the tree also provides shade from the high heat of sun.

To live a healthy life, try making it a habit of taking a cup of mango tea every day.

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