25+ Best 3D Touch Apps and Games for iPhone 6S

3D Touch Apps and Games

Every year Apple Release a new iPhone with new features. This time, Apple launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s plus. Every time Apple does new and unique things for its customer. And that’s why people love it.

For own business Apple launches a new iPhone each year and releases new and advanced features with it. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus came out with excellent and high-level features. But the most amazing feature is the 3d touch that I like. 3D touch available in iPhone 6s and in the next iPhones.

Basically, 3D touch working on pressure sensitivity. With that, the apps and games become more enjoyable and fast. It’s a great experience to play games and access apps on iPhone. You can quickly access any apps from the home screen by 3D touch speciality. See more about Apple 3D touch.

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Apple has been working on to make Apps and games that use 3D touch features in iPhone. But here, I have a list of 3D touch apps and games. Here, Some are the third party manufactured apps.

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List of 3D touch apps for iPhone

Twitter (Free)

Twitter is third party free app which is used 3D touch pressure sensitivity.

Quick Action,

  • Search (Search through your feed)
  • New tweet (Compose a new tweet)
  • New message (Send a new message)

Shazam (Free)

Shazam is song recognization app.

Quick Action,

  • Shazam now (Start listening)
  • Visual Shazam (Take a photo for visual recognition)

Instagram (Free)

Instagram is social media app where you can share photos and videos.

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Launch Quick Actions panel to view your activity and notifications, search for photos, or send a direct photo message and create a new photo post. 3D touch to any profile link to the quick preview of users.

SPG (Free)

SPG is the free official 3D touch app for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Use 3D touch and you now can book a hotel for the same night immediately or view upcoming reservations right from your Home screen.

Pinterest (Free)

Peek and pop into pins with 3D touch in the Pinterest app.

Quick Action,

  • Trending (You can direct jump to trending pins)
  • Search Pin (Search pins by 3D touch to the Pinterest icon)
  • Create Board (Create a new board)

Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox is online space drive. Where you can store big files in it.

Quick Action,

  • Search
  • Upload photos
  • Offline Files
  • Recently added

AFAR (Free)

AFAR is the travel guide and magazine.

Quick Action,

  • Nearby
  • Browse your travel plan you saved offline
  • Recently viewed city guide

OpenTable (Free)

OpenTable free apps for Restaurant reservation, table booking, Local food and dining.

Quick Action,

  • Upcoming dinner or lunch reservation
  • Table available at your favourite restaurant

You can also use 3D Touch to Peek into a restaurant’s location on a map and book a reservation time directly.

Blue Apron (Free)

Blue Apron is a 3D touch app, that gives you a chance to save your most loved recipes, take photographs of your food, and get cooking tips.

Quick Action,

  • Camera (Take a snap and get tips about your meal)
  • Join Now

WeChat (Free)

WeChat is a messaging app.

Quick Action,

  • My QR code (Chat with people by QR code)
  • Take Sight video (Record short video)
  • New Chat

Buffer (Free)

You can share to facebook, Twitter, Instagram from one place by Buffer app.

You can 3D touch on Buffer icon from your home screen to start composing a new social media post.

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Spark (Free)

Spark is an E-mail app.

Quick Action,

  • View Calender
  • Attachments (Check attachments)
  • Smart Search (Search a specific message)
  • New Email

Citymapper (Free)

Real Time republic transit app.

Launch Citymapper with 3D touch peek and popto go your home or to go another location.

Evernote (Free)

Evernote is the app where you can keep your notes together that sync between your all ios devices.

Quick Action,

  • New Note (Composing new note)
  • Take photo
  • Set Reminder

GIF Keyboard (Free)

Share your feelings with GIFs.

Quick Action,

  • Search for GIFs
  • Upload a GIFs (Upload a GIF from your camera gallery)
  • Send a GIFs (Send a GIF through SMS)

Handle (Free)

Handle is the app, it brings together your calendar, Email and to do list. This is 3D touch app, you can access to your iPhone.

With pressure sensitivity feature you can direct jump to create a task, write an email, or create an event on your calendar.

Hipstamatic ($1.99)

Hipstamatic is for shooting capability.

Quick Action,

  • Shoot Food
  • Shoot Sunset
  • Shoot Portrait
  • Edit Last Photo

Magic Piano (Free)

Magic Piano now distinguish 3D Touch presses as an approach to control the volume and the harder you push down on a piano note, It will be louder.

BlueJeans (Free)

It’s a conference based app with which you can make video conferencing. With 3D touch pressure you can jump to video meeting, join a private room and also can schedule new video for the conference.

Bumpn (Free)

Bumpn allows you to add animated filters to your images and video.

Camera+ ($2.99)

You can add filters while taking a selfie and taking photos.

Quick Action

  • Take photo
  • Take Selfie
  • Take macro
  • View lightbox

Endless Reader (Free)

This is an amazing and fun app to get kids to read and learn.

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pressing with 3D touch on a letter that makes it considerably more animated and loudly.

Curious (Free)

Learn something new every time and every day.

Quick Action,

  • Today’s free lesson (If you are checked in you will get free lesson)
  • Daily Curio (Viewing daily lesson)
  • Curious TV (Watching curious tv courses)

Chairish (Free)

Buy and sell anything just like Home decor, Furniture, Jewellery, and accessories with Chairish 3D touch app.

With 3D touch pressure, it is easy to peek any different from your gallery to sell or buy.

GO Insurance (Free)

It is a car insurance comparison app. By 3D touch capability you can directly jump to your insurance profile.

Pandora (Free)

Pandora is updated with 3D touch support. It is a musician app. In that, you can create a station of music.

List of 3d Touch Games

Apple‘s 3D touch feature is also can be used in playing Games as well. It is a great experience to play games with pressure sensitivity.

Torque Burnout (Free)

Torque Burnout is racing game. But you have to win with car burnout, That take advantage of 3d Touch features.

Badlands ($0.99)

Badlands is surviving game inspired by the desktop counterpart.

Special Tactics Online (Free)

STO is the real-time strategy game. It brings powerful, tactical-action experience to iOS through killer gameplay.

Breakneck (Free)

This is a high-speed action game across the world. It is a modern racing game and it just got better with 3D touch feature. Make your speed higher and defeat your pursuers.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories ($6.99)

It is an amazing game from rockstar named Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is based on liberty city stories. 3D touch supports only on steering wheel while you driving a vehicle.

This list will expand with more 3D touch Apps and Games. So stay tuned.

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