14 Best Android Apps to Hide Images and Videos

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One of the main reasons people want to hide videos or pictures is usually for privacy. Our smartphone is practically our database as it contains images and videos that either captures our intimate moments or any other moment.

Since we always give our phones out to family members or friends and just in case of theft, chances of compromising media files falling into the wrong hands are high.

If for any reason you feel you need to hide your images and videos, here are the best Android apps you can use as a vault.

1. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix is an excellent app that helps keep prying eyes away from your gallery as it protects files added to its vault.

All media files added to the vault are encrypted and secures with military-grade AES encryption. There are different login protocols as you can use a PIN, fingerprint, password or pattern

LockMyPix does not just hide pictures & videos like other apps do. It uses real encryption, same as governments & banks worldwide. Just add photos or videos to your LockMyPix Photo & Video Vault to keep them truly private.

The added User experience that enables encryption of photo’s and videos right from directly from the home screen of the app is well appreciated.

The app truly takes privacy further as it disables screenshots when unlocked. You can also create a decoy safe with a fake pin that doesn’t open the main vault. This comes handy when you are being harassed into opening the vault.

You can also choose to make the app invisible from the app drawer. There is also Complete support for the SD-card, and it Supports gifs as well. The only drawback this app has is lack of cloud backup.Download Here.

2. Hide something

This app can help you protect your files from intruders and keep your privacy by using password, pin or fingerprint. It is one of the most trouble-free apps for hiding videos, photos, files etc. on your Android device.

You can also access a mini collection of beautiful themes, support for different media types, and advance image viewer and fake login to further safeguard your files.

Hide something does not show up in the recently used list so that it is not easily detected. Adding files to the app can be done by sharing the files with hide something app. It also backup your private media files to your Google drive. Download Here.

3. KeepSafe Photo Vault

This app has been in use for quite a long time, and it is also among the list of trouble-free apps for guarding your media against intruders. The app has been updated severally over the years which has made it very simple to use by all.

It also comes with the usual fingerprint, password or pin authentication options and provides you with a clutter-free and categorized folder grid.

These are the folders where you save and protect your private media. You can also create new folders and share with other users of Keepsafe, and also back up to your private cloud space.

KeepSafe comes with a lot of advance security features like break-in alerts (which takes a selfie of the intruder together with time, date and unsuccessful logged attempt), fake login pins and even disguise the app with another front-end via a secret door though most of these features are only available via subscription. Download Here.

4. Private Zone

As the name implies, the Private Zone is an app to keep your media(photos or videos) private, and if that is what you are looking for then, this App is the perfect choice for you.

Private zone is essentially useful for hiding your private videos or apps, photos, in conjunction with a variety of features for those who love privacy. some of these features in the Private Zone app includes:

phone anti-theft features, Boost-RAM manager, free private VPN service, Harassment/spam call intercept, custom lock screen app and many more.

Though Private Zone is equipped with a lot of cool features, it is at your disposal to make your choice. One downside of this app is that it is filled with ads which can be very frustrating for its users, but this can be controlled by picking up the premium subscription for the app. The good thing about it is that the focused privacy features are cool.

5. Vault

Vault is a universal app which helps safeguard more than just media files( photos and videos), unlike all previously mentioned apps. It is equipped to hide phone data such as call log, apps, contacts, SMS which contains private information.

This app provides all important and necessary features contained in a privacy-focused app that is used for guarding personal information. Features such as, ability to record break-in alerts, make app icon disappear from your home screen, and also to create fake or multiple vaults.

The free cloud backup support is an added advantage. Aside from that, there is an incognito browser that is in the app. The browser does not leave a trace of your web expeditions. Download Here.

6. GalleryVault

Gallery Vault is one of the most popular privacy apps out there on the playstore. This app enables you to quickly encrypt and hide videos, photos and other files that you want to keep private.

GalleryVault’s interface is simple, easy to use and provide access to all hidden files in a jiffy. It also supports other popular features which include; Shake to lock, fake login, break-in alerts, stealth mode, fingerprint authentication and more.

Aside from protecting your media, GalleryVault also supports private browsing within the app, gif playback and video editor that can help you piece a story together using hidden content.

An inbuilt browser and video editor, who wouldn’t want that in an app. Download Here.

7. Hide Files-Andrognito

Andrognito is an abbreviation for Android + incognito, and it is a secure privacy protection app with a simple and easy to use interface that allows you to hide videos, photos and other files behind military grade AES standards at the same time freeing up space in your device by storing the files in the cloud. Phew.

The free version enables you to hide apps only in a single vault, but you can purchase the pro version which enables you to create more private vaults and gain access to other additional features like invisible icon, fake vault spoofing, fake force close and custom themes.

The free mode has intrusive ads, and that is a drawback. Download Here.

8. Piktures

This is a privacy protection app that allows you to easily access all your device media files. This app has a secret drive feature that is what makes it very interesting.

To access the secret drive, you need to swipe from left to open the hamburger menu. Piktures focus on privacy and makes you step through multiple hoops to enable it. But once it is enabled, you can then secure your media by long pressing any video or picture you like to keep private.

This app may not provide other varieties of add on features, but it enables you to create multiple vaults to separate the media you want to hide. Download Here.

This app has a lightweight and intuitive user interface that makes it easier to organize photos and videos. The app contains features that will improve your gallery browsing such as; sorting and tagging experience. Sorting of images can be done by dragging and dropping the file.

This app also supports other features which enable you to exclude folders with your photo or video from the gallery by adding a .nomedia to the file name, and you can also protect a single media file by putting a password. You can access the secure folder from the hamburger menu. Download Here.

This is one of the newer privacy protection apps that functions as a gallery replacement app. It has customization options, sorting options, pinning content, favourite etc. Memoria contains an in-built vault that uses a password to secure it.

While other people can use it as a gallery app, they will need a password to access hidden files. Talk about hiding in plain sight. This app struggles a bit with larger galleries while some options are only available on the pro version.Download Here.

11. Vaulty

Vaulty is a simple and reliable app that seeks to make it easy for users to secretly secure their files. This app allows users to create multiple vaults all with different passwords, captures intruders mugshots. All these features are for free, and the premium version only removes ads and permit you to use cloud backups. Download Here.

12. Calc Vault

Calc Vault comes clean and simple with a little twist to how it should appear. The app hides inside a calculator app, a nice camouflage.

You can import videos and images to the vault app right from your gallery. Also, Calc Vault has an inbuilt browser that downloads images and videos directly to the vault
You can also create fake vaults with passwords, fake force close dialogue boxes and there is also intruder mugshots. Download Here.

13. Applock by DoMobile

A very popular app as it turns any app into a vault, only that it isn’t very secretive. It locks down your gallery, cloud storage apps, file explorer app, or any other app that might access your files. Other than the ads which you can get rid off by paying a premium fee, there aren’t many drawbacks. Download Here.

14. Clock – The Vault

Clock – The Vault is another basic but effective vault app with camouflage functionalities. You also get fingerprint scanner support, themes, and break in alerts.

The app icon can be hidden or replaced and also, the fake vault feature is well appreciated. It also comes with uninstall protection to avoid accidental deletion of all your contents.

Aside from the intrusive ads which can get rid of by subscribing to a premium package, there aren’t many complaints. Download Here.

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