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10 Best Beginner Motorcycles

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Motorcycles are one of the most popular transportation vehicles in the world today. Unlike bicycles, motorcycles have more advanced features and use engines rather than manual effort.

Aside from this, they are some of the most exciting vehicles for going on road trips and adventures. 

When you learn to drive this vehicle, your next step should to own one. While there are several motorcycles in the market, not all are suitable for beginners.

Inclusively, there are certain things to look out for when buying your first motorcycle.

This article shall discuss the best beginner motorcycles, their features and why you should buy them.

Things to look out for on the best beginner motorcycles

There are several features of a motorcycle that could impress you as you pore over the manual. However, for new riders, there are only a couple of things to consider.

Below are some of the important aspects to look out for when shopping for motorcycles.


When selecting any of the best beginner motorcycles, the engine should be one of the first things to consider. For new riders, we recommend you opt for bikes with engines less than 600cc.

These bikes should also have engine configurations that have nothing over two cylinders. 

Bikes with these modifications could be smaller for a larger person or too big for a smaller person. Regardless, they are the best options as they have enough power to still handle freeway ridings and other roads.

Running gear

Though the engine determines a bike’s acceleration and speed, other aspects of the bike depend on the running gear. This includes the chassis, brakes, and suspension.

Once, these components were present only in high-priced motorcycles; but you’ll now find them on the best beginner motorcycles.

Seat height and Inseam

At a point, you have to stop and put your feet on the ground while on your bike. Your seat height and inseam will determine how possible that will be.

Thus, consider both components. If the seat height is high and the inseam low, you might stand on tiptoes to keep the motorcycle upright. 

A shorter motorcycle with a longer inseam, on the other hand, will be uncomfortable. This is because it’s nearly too easy to come into contact with the ground while riding.

Rider comfort, when stopping and standing, depends on the balance between the seat height and inseam length. Therefore, they must remain within a few inches of each other.

Height of the handlebar

Handlebars, like seat height, play a significant role in the comfort of a rider. When you seat on a motorcycle, you should be able to easily reach for your handlebars.

The handlebars shouldn’t be too close or too far, just enough to have your elbows slightly bent when holding them.

Now that you know the key elements to look out for, let’s dive into the best beginner motorcycles.

Motorcycles for Beginners

1. Honda Grom

The Honda Grom is one of the best beginner bikes for riders who have little experience with bikes. Despite this, it isn’t the best option for highway roads and rough riding.

Instead, it works perfectly for running errands in your neighbourhood. The Honda gram is lightweight and basic; however, its controls are like larger motorcycles. 

Its weight and flexibility make it easy for riders to manoeuvre. With a 125 single-cylinder engine, it has low power, which makes it safe for new riders.

This doesn’t eliminate the opportunity for a rider to have a little fun. Rather, it allows you to have a comfortable ride while going about your regular activities.

2. The Honda Monkey

The Honda Monkey was one of the most popular bikes in the 1960s and has maintained a steady production for years.

Honda, putting a rider’s comfort first, makes this bike suit several rider sizes. However, it has a low seat that might be too small to carry heavier riders. 

It shares similar features with the Honda Grom; but, has other unique attributes that single it out. First, it features a 124.9cc engine with a single cylinder and an air-cooling mechanism.

Though it is a mini bike, it obviously has the frame of a grom and a similar exhaust system. 

With its knobby tires, it is one of the best beginner motorcycles for adventure or urban driving.

3. Honda Rebel 300 ABS

The Honda rebel 300 ABS has always been one of the best beginner-friendly cruisers since its launch. They are lightweight, fun with low seat heights that make them easy to ride.

Furthermore, it features a distinct look that makes it unique amongst other cruisers. With a narrow 285 single-cylinder engine, the motorcycle has enough power that makes it safe yet easy to ride. 

For narrow roads, it has an assistant clutch. Though it’s a single ride, it’s also a blank canvas that allows you to attach another case for an extra driver.

4. Aprilia RS 125

Aprilia RS 125 is one of the best beginner motorcycles for homing your skills as a new rider. Though it comes at a high price, it is one of the best in the market.

Aprilia RS 125 has an impressive outlook and design that makes it a head-turner. In the right environment, you can get the best out of this bike.

 It has good chassis and grippy tires that make it easy for a new rider to handle. It might not be the best option for speeding, but you can still enjoy its comfort while riding.

5. KTM corner Rocket (390 Duke)

The KTM 390 Duke received honours because it allows quick handling and maximizes consumer value. As a result, it is one of the best beginner motorcycles that assures riders of a safe riding experience. 

Because it’s light as a feather, powerful, and packed with innovative technology, it offers an easy ride. This is irrespective of the road terrain and location. 

Furthermore, the KTM 390 DUKE engine delivers gut-wrenching power and hair-raising acceleration. This small engine packs a punch, and at 32 kW, it’s one of the most powerful A2 engines available.

Thankfully, it features a cautious fuel system that allows it to maximize the fuel intake.

The KTM 390 DUKE has a one-of-a-kind multicolor TFT display that displays all the information you need. As you rev the engine while it’s still cold, the display bars change color.

The color change either encourages you to continue riding or to quit. Furthermore, the display’s color adapts automatically to meet the ambient light.

6. Kawasaki Z125 PRO SE

The Kawasaki Z125 PRO SE is a nimble street fighter that surpasses light motorcycle constraints. This easy-to-ride bike offers the freedom and exhilaration of riding to both novice and experienced riders.

With distinctive styling, Z125 PRO SE is one of the best beginner motorcycles to explore the rebellious side of fun.

The Z125 PRO’s single-cylinder, 4-stroke SOHC engine has an over-square 56.0 x 50.6mm bore and stroke.

The 125cc engine is perfect for street use, providing an exhilarating and quick power delivery while remaining comfortable.

Thus, unlike other small-displacement engines, the bike’s engine features digital fuel injection and a 24mm throttle body for smooth operation.

With tiny chassis, agile suspension, and tires, riders can feel the light, nimble handling that a Kawasaki Z motorcycle offers.

7. Suzuki GW250

Suzuki has a reputation for creating a lot of drama with basic designs. The GW250, also Inazuma in Europe, has a subtle allure. It’s a bare-knuckled motorcycle with a lot of muscle that has a street-fighter feel about it. 

Because of its unique design language, easy-to-work-on mechanics, and hassle-free ownership experience, the Suzuki GW250 is the best beginner motorcycle.

It also competes against the Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 for beginner bikes.

The best thing about the motorcycle is how consistent its performance is and how simple it is to operate.

The water-cooled parallel-twin engine of the Suzuki GW250 has a displacement of 15.13cu and uses the same 248cc.

Besides, this is the most basic engine design you’ll find in this day and age of electronic engine management systems.

Furthermore, the 6-speed transmission on this big naked bike delivers 26 horsepower at 8,200 rpm. Thus, this big bike is an easy-to-ride motorcycle, even for beginners. 

8. Suzuki GSX250R

The GSX250R bears a striking resemblance to its larger GSX-R siblings, however; it draws inspiration from the Katana lineage. The lineage combines ridability and dependability thus, making it a comfortable ride.

According to Suzuki, this motorcycle has undergone “extensive analysis and optimization to maximize low-to-mid-range torque,” Therefore, it has a new camshaft and intake valve design.

The model’s low torque, on the other hand, makes it suitable for pleasant city riding.

The GSX250R is a fantastic handler, especially at low to mid speeds. It offers all the features you’d expect from a small-capacity sports bike.

The GSX250R’s front and rear disc brakes are also effective at different speed levels.

9. BMW G 310 GS

The BMW G 310 GS is a powerful street-legal adventure touring bike with a rugged exterior.

The G 310 GS, which debuted in March 2018, gives you the assurance to go on your daily or even unexpected adventures.

The steel grille bridge frame of the BMW G 310 contributes to the vehicle’s ride stability. An LED headlamp and taillight are standard features for extra elegance and visibility at night.

Furthermore, there are digital gauges available for a more modern design.

A 313cc water-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke DOHC engine provides 34 horsepower and 28 Nm of torque in the adventure tourer. Also, the engine comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.

There are safety and security features, including anti-lock brakes (ABS) and a pass switch. On the other hand, there’s an immobilizer and an alarm system as optional safety features.

10. Yamaha V Star 250

Yamaha knows that a best beginner motorcycle should be friendly, pleasant, and enjoyable. Therefore, it infuses the right qualities in the Yamaha V Star 250.

New riders will instantly feel at ease when they place their leg over the highly friendly 27-inch saddle.

Most people can sit astride the sleek 326-pound motorcycle with both feet firmly planted on the ground. This is one of the most effective methods of putting a novice at ease.

The rider can easily reach the grips since the compact cruiser motorcycle has short drag bars. Also, the foot controls are in a comfortable forward position.

Although you may drive the V Star 250 on the highway, you’ll be happiest if you stick to urban routes with a 55 mph speed limit.

Additionally, it has a 5.5 inches of fork travel and is nearly four inches from the diagonally arranged twin shocks.

With this, the V Star’s suspension soaks up most of the road irregularities at modest speeds. Therefore, it enables unhurried spins around side streets and neighbourhoods.

Also, exploring mountain paths is also enjoyable. This is because of the V Star’s small front tire, spindly 33mm fork, and 32-degree rake, it appears less planted.


Getting a new bike as a beginner might be daunting, but with the options available above, your search is easier.

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