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Chrome Ad Blocker Extension
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If you’ve concluded once and for all that you can’t submit another video ad before playing, it’s time to install an ad blocker.

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But which one? Don’t worry; we’ve picked out the best Chrome ad blocker extension. Our selection of AdBlock does precisely what the name suggests and allows you to customize which websites can display ads and what types of ads are displayed.

But if AdBlock doesn’t meet all of your ad blocking needs, check out the other options for the best Chrome ad blocker extension on this list.

However, it should be known that when installing ad blockers, there are many free websites around the world, including TheXplorion, that depend on ad revenue. If you want your favourite sites to continue working the way you see them now, whitelist them.


As one of the most broadly used ad blockers globally, we would be reluctant not to mention AdBlock. Thanks to its likable name and long-term availability, people often turn to online ad-blocking today.

The AdBlock extension for Chrome functions automatically, blocking ads on static websites and websites like YouTube. It also allows you to whitelist sites and ad types so the filter can pass if you want.

With the filter list subscription system, you can customize your web browsing experience to show only the ads you like, or uncheck them all and block almost everything.

You can even force the app to remove other aspects of the website that annoy you, such as social media links, and protect yourself against potential malware attacks.

AdBlock participates in the “Qualifying Ads” initiative, so ads allow (if you wish) that meet specific requirements. AdBlock is also notorious for not having enough resources, especially if you want to open multiple tabs at once. It has been claimed that it does not block YouTube ads particularly well.

Finally, AdBlock receives very regular updates that help the software keep up with the latest advertising methods online, which is always essential for good ad-blocking programs.

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Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is the original app for grandparents to block online ads, and it’s as popular today as it was when it initially appeared on the web.

Combining blocking technology that removes banner ads, pre-play video ads, social media ads, and pop-up ads offer a full ad-blocking service to anyone who installs its Chrome extension.

With a simple navigation interface and a customizable filter list, you can specify which ads you want to see and never like to see again. The allowed list feature allows you to make sure your favorite sites keep showing ads to keep showing. If you enable acceptable ads, you can automatically run out to help sites that adhere to the policy.

Note that about five years ago, AdBlock Plus was charged with secretly offering to display ads in exchange for underpayments, which AdBlock Plus has not precisely denied. The organization appears to have unique contracts with larger organizations that might miss some additional announcements.

uBlock Origin

Entirely free and open-source, uBlock Origin is another best Chrome ad blocker extension because it entirely blocks ads without testing your system.

Using blocklists similar to AdBlock Plus, uBlock offers comparable blocking capabilities, but by leveraging surveys of stylistic resources required for individual websites, it can be more efficient at its job.

It has also been known for its specific ability to counter annoying pop-up ads, which have become more common as more and more browsers are equipped with their pop-up blockers.

Users can also use their uBlock filters for ads, malware, privacy concerns, and custom filters. Individual sites can be whitelisted by pressing a big button of feed into the tool itself, and there are detailed statistical failures to let you know how useful the tool has been since it was installed.


AdGuard is another popular best Chrome ad blocker extension. Able to effectively block almost all ads on static websites, video streaming sites, and social media, AdGuard scans for pop-up and basic ads.

The lightweight Chrome extension has additional features to block the tracking and installation of malware like dialers, adware, and other malware. One of the most significant fame requirements is speeding up the web browsing experience and reducing bandwidth by reducing the unnecessary crowds that come with some ads and tracking programs.

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Some users have reported disturbing notifications that encourage you to buy the premium version, but other than that, AdGuard has almost universally positive reviews from its millions of users.


While it works somewhat differently than some of the other ad blockers on this list, Ghostery is a beneficial tool for customizing your web browsing experience to your liking. Its primary function is to block web trackers and analytics tools that collect data about you, but it also has its useful ad-blocking tool.

What draws people to Ghostery due to some of the other alternatives available is its more in-depth user capabilities. If you need to block specific types of ads or tracking programs, you can.

To make it easier for even those new to the idea, Ghostery breaks down each page you visit with detailed information about the types of tracking programs and ads used by a particular site. You can then remove the elements at will or extend the cleaning blocks.

The only real downside to Ghostery is that you have to spend time telling him how you want it to work. While other ad blockers work quite well, if you try to do this with Ghostery, many aspects of the web may not work.

Take a moment to resolve this issue, and Ghostery could become your tool for personalizing your web browsing experience.

Easy Ad Blocker

Easy Ad Blocker automatically blocks different types of ads. It functions as a Chrome extension, so it remains in the background when you browse the internet. This plugin can help you block video ads, annoying captions, and pop-ups.

Ad Blocker can speed up browsing so that you can save bandwidth.


Windscribe helps you hide your physical location, block ads, and track devices on any site. This browser extension can also prevent unwanted content. Thus, it allows you to protect your privacy online.

It hides your IP address and gives you unlimited private access to your website.

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Hulu Ad Blocker

Hulu Ad Blocker restricts access to web content when it is active. This is one of the best Chrome ad blocker extensions that insert code into your video device to block ads without being detected.

Adblocker Professional

Adblocker Professional is a Chrome tool that helps you block annoying ads, malware, tracking, and pop-ups. You can use it to avoid sidebar ads, YouTube news feeds, Facebook feeds, and other websites. Allows you to enable or disable this extension from the menu quickly.

Ad Remover

Ad Remover blocks online ads & activity tracking and one of the best Chrome ad blocker extension. On the other part, if you are searching for a free adblocker, this will not work. It only has a trial version, which is limited. The subscription costs $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

You’ll need an activation key to configure the extension. However, if you click on its icon in the browser and select Options, a settings tab will open. There, it is possible to open the log or configure user filters. Well, the on/off option, user rules, stats, and real-time log aren’t bad for testing.

Tests. The Chrome ad removal plugin uses an average of 65-75MB of browser RAM. The loading speed of the website, in most cases, remains unchanged. Simultaneously, of all the Chrome ad blockers we tested, this one showed a record loading speed of the website from TaoBao, a leading player in the retail industry.

As for traffic, the figures are also acceptable. Ad remover heavily blocks the (not) known video block in DailyMail and does not lose traffic. Cosmetic filters work as they should. A WebRTC leak is present, but all trackers are blocked.

In conclusion, ad remover is not free ($39.99 per year for five devices). The trial version is difficult to set up to see its full potential. However, Ad Remover has shown drastic results in blocking online ads and increasing download speeds.

The user’s final tip would be this: If you want to buy an ad removal tool, but the price keeps it up, stop testing, and you will receive a special offer of $19.99.

Adaware Ad Block

This Adaware extension blocks site ads, pop-ups, video ads, and increases browsing speed, making it the best Chrome ad blocker extension. It also has built-in phishing protection against malicious websites that attempt to steal user data. Security and privacy settings are available with one click in the browser.

The basics are in place: settings, on/off switch, on/off for pop-ups, on/off for dangerous sites, statistics, blocking elements on the site. There are hardly any configuration options other than allowing web pages, user feedback forms, creating your filters in automatic or manual mode.

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Tests. The RAM consumption of the Adaware Ad Block extension varies between 100 and 130MB, which is quite large. The loading speed of the website, in most cases, remains unchanged. As for the anonymity of the network, although it blocks trackers, the digital footprint remains in the form of WebRTC.

Saving traffic to sites with big ads when using Adaware is real but not as important as the competition. ThinkMobile also managed to hide the media block on the DailyMail website only after putting in a custom filter; however, there was still a traffic leak. On returning to the page, it detects an extension.

In conclusion, the Adaware Ad Block product has potential but requires several improvements. Video ads can still slip there. Overall, if you don’t consider other ad blockers for Chrome, Adaware is pretty decent. However, not a single 2018 update casts a shadow over it.

Chrome Ad Blocker Extension
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