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Best Cruise to Take in 2019

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Have you ever been on a cruise? If your answer is no then maybe one of the things you want to try out this year would be taking your very first cruise.


So whether you are looking to add one more and mazing close to your endless list or you want to take your first cruise, this article is going to help you pick the best one. The different cruise featured in this article has been expertly selected for their outstanding qualities, unique differences, and value.

1. Best original ice cruise

You may think you have experienced the real beauty of nature but trust me you haven’t enjoyed nature in all her splendour until you go on an arctic explorer ice breaker trip. This unique and fantastic ice breaker as a cruise in Swedish Lapland always takes place around the month of December and match, so it is essential that you book early. You’ll be privileged to see the sheep from top to bottom and get all the juicy information about the work done by these beautiful vessels. If you’re thinking about the possibility of walking on ice, then you really should go on this trip. Not only can you walk on frozen ice; you can even take a swim in a pool of free ice putting on a flotation survival suits. This trip usually lasts between two to three hours, and I assure you it is one that you can brag about once you return home.

2. Best luxury cruise

The best gift you can give to yourself when you feel like you’re not ready to face the rest of the year is a little bit of luxury. Regent seven seas is a luxury cruise line that has a famous ocean explorer ship that is designed almost as if you were living in a royal residence. If what you need to recharge your battery is expensive artwork which food and champagne then this cruise is the perfect one for you

3. Best dolphin and whale cruise

Have you ever imagined getting up close with dolphins and whales and even interact with them in their own habitat? Well, the best way you can achieve this dream is to book a cruise trip to New Zealand. these mammals are very friendly and they usually flocked to the kiwi coastline to feed and frolic. The best cruise to consider for this adventure is the Auckland whale and dolphin safari located on the North Island.

4. Best Caribbean cruise

A lot of us think that going on a tropical island cruise is a bit predictable and may be boring. However, this remains one of the many things that people feel the need to do once in a while. The Caribbean is sectioned into three distinct areas so you can find some cruises that would hop from one region to the other just to showcase the islands for your viewing pleasure. During peak season, the celebrity reflection ocean liner cruise ship would move from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. And you be can rest assured that you would enjoy the gorgeous activities and trappings that they have on board.

5. The best cruise for families

To get the very best in family adventures, there are actually to cruise ships that we can recommend for you: the Disney Wonder cruise and the polar explorer icebreaker took rules which leaves from Rovaniemi to Kemi in Finland. If you’re going for the icebreaker artic tour adventure, then you would be enjoying 3 hours of non-stop excitement and lots of fun for your children between the age of 7 and above. If you have children younger than seven years of age, then the best shape for you would be the Disney Wonder cruise. Onboard this ship will be your children’s favourite Disney characters.

What are you waiting for get your significant other get your children and all the people you love, and I’m back on one of the most amazing adventures of your life.

Sometimes I find myself in the mood to just go somewhere and relax without friends or family. A cruise ship is the very best option to explore if you find yourself in the same situation so pick one from the list above, and once you are done, come back and share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


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