30+ Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

DIY Christmas Gift

DIY Christmas gifts are one of the best ways to tell someone how much love you have for them.

With that additional effort from you, someone’s Christmas might just become extra special, and nothing is better than making the ever hyper teenagers excited with some cool DIY Christmas gifts!

It is almost too difficult to shop for unusual gifts for teenagers, and that is why we are sharing with you 38 great DIY gifts for teens.

Go ahead and try some!

1. iPhone or Mobile phone tripod

Number one on the list is an iPhone or Android smartphone tripod! This is one of the coolest gifts you could give to a teenager in today’s world. Every time your teen wants to make use of this YouTube video and reaches for his or her tripod, they will think about you and how you made them feel.

2. Painted Camera Strap

Very stylish and crafty, a painted camera strap is one of the most natural gifts to make, and if you don’t want to spend too much money. You can get a plain camera strap and get creative with it and be sure that it always comes out nice. It’s perfect for a teen’s Christmas gift!

3. DIY Photo Frame

A fundamental and carefully designed DIY photo frame makes a memorable gift for the teenagers who love pictures of friends and family members. Worth a try!

4. Anchor Bracelets

These are just about the coolest DIY friendship bracelets in trend, and you can buy or make them! Anchor bracelets are not only great Christmas gifts, but are very fashionable and adds some spice to your teenager’s dressing.

5. Comic Book Magnets

The classic comic books are a favorite for many young teen boys. When these comic books are turned into fridge magnets, they can make almost any teenager happy. This Christmas, make your teenagers very happy with these lovely DIY fridge magnets!

6. Makeup Magnet Boards

This one is exclusively for girls. The ladies love makeup, and the makeup magnet board is a delight for most of them!

7. DIY Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are every girl’s favorite. The best part is that they are straightforward to create and they don’t consume so much time.

8. Friendship Bracelets

How cute are friendship bracelets? 100% adorable. You can buy a pair for your teen and his or her best friend. There’s nothing more friendly than wearing matching bracelets with your friends for Christmas.

9. Rhinestone Embellished Scarves and Gloves

Christmas all over the world comes with a lot of warmth, and gloves and scarves are just the pieces of clothing you need to provide your teenagers with some warmth. You can make those regular, boring scarves and gloves trendy by gluing some beautiful Rhinestones on them! Simple and pretty!

10. Lucky Lollipops

What a delicious sight and a unique way of giving something special to your teenagers this Christmas! Lucky lollipops can never go wrong.

11. Leather Cuff

This is a cool present for older teens. Snap leather cuff is just right for the boys and men in your life. If you don’t want to buy one, It’s easy to make, versatile, and durable. It makes a great Christmas gift!

12. Fabric Scrap Keychains

Do you have regular key chains lying around? Such little keychains can be unique once you have fabric scrap glued on them!. All you need to do is cut out lovely shapes from your old scarf or stockings and change the way these keychains look! It’s an easy to make gift options!

13. Monogrammed Mugs

This is an easy and unusual Christmas gift idea! These monogrammed mugs can be done for you in no time, quite easy to make!

14. Icy Treat Cellphone Holders

These are cute ice cream and popsicles sandwich phone holders that make a perfect gift for teenage girls! They will fall in love with these fresh, vibrant colors!

15. Pantone Chip Magnets

These are one of the most colorful gifts any artsy friend of your’s would love.

16. Neon Coiled Bowls

These may seem like a complicated piece of art, but neon coiled bones are a simple to make, beautiful, and colorful gift option. Your teens would love them! Fill these with cool things this Christmas!

17. Custom Tablet Case

You can customize the tablet cases of your teenager girls and boys and make it look stunning for the season! They will love it!

18. DIY Zippered Bow Pouch

When your Teenage girl needs to pack some makeup out, this very attractive gift option is the best thing to reach out for. This cute pouch is a very easy-to-sew one, and you can make as many as possible in no time! Get one for yourself too!

19. Handmade Bags

Every person likes a cute and trendy handmade bag. Handmade bags are a lovely gift! You can use your old coats and scarves to make them!

20. Telephone Bookends

For all those who are addicted to reading, this is the perfect gift they would love! Almost every teenager who aren’t addicted to their gadgets love to explore the world through books, and with these innovative telephone bookends, your teens can store their books properly! Go ahead, give this DIY idea a try!

21. Candy Bouquet

Who says no to candies and chocolates? Thus, it is guaranteed that these gifts can never go wrong! Even when you think you have run out of options, a bouquet of candy is the best gift for anyone and everyone.

22. Secret Stash Book

Teens like to hide things, and we can’t seem to figure out why. This is a gift option that will make them excited and feel loved.

23.Phone/ iPod Charging Station

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a gift, but you want it to be valued, this DIY fabric phone charging station is an essential product almost every teenager would want.

Even if you decide to make one for older adults, they’ll still find it useful because we all have phones, iPods, and e-readers that need to be charged.

24. Chocolate Cash

This is a personal favorite. Who can turn down a box of cash rolled up in chocolate wrappers? If your teen doesn’t love this one, do well to send it to me.

25. Instagram Frame

This is another useful present for your teenagers! No kid would say no to an Instagram picture frame! Your teen girls can frame their lovely selfies with their best friends and make an exciting collage this way!

26. Marbled Drinking Glass

Use those old nail polish to give a set of everyday glassware a pop of color at the bottom. Perfect for every teen!

27. DIY Triplet Tote

The perfect gift for your teenagers! This Triplet Tote very easy to make and is both stylish and functional.  It has three dividers that can hold a notebook, laptop, and smaller miscellaneous items.

28. DIY Comic Book Coasters

For all of those who like comic books and the action hero lovers, this gift option might just make them very happy! All is need is simple coasters glued with these funny book posters. It is an inexpensive Christmas gift!

29. Baseball Bracelet

This DIY baseball bracelet is a great gifting option! Once you can get an old baseball, you can make this simple bracelet.

30. DIY Amulet Necklace

An amulet necklace for teen girls is a nice yet lovely DIY gift idea and would go with any clothe and also make a real statement!

31. Amazing DIY Phone Cases

These DIY phone cases are just simple and so much fun to make! You can just spray paint on them or stick marbles, and that would be all. You’re done thinking of the right gifts!

32. Galaxy Printed T-Shirts

This is just about the coolest t-shirt you can ever create, and your teenage daughters will be happy to have such a gift! All you need to create this beauty is a little bleach and voila.

33. Custom Coloured Candy

If you and your teens are sweet tooths, then you will enjoy gifting them these as much as they will enjoy having them. This is perhaps the tastiest and most adorable gifts for teens!

34. Stud Your Duds

Once you place a couple of studs on the duds, you have homemade studdeduds!! They are lovely to look t and easy to make!

35. Tassel Bracelets

Really beautiful and easy to make. I promise you that your teens will be unable to resist these.

36. Giant Bow Necklace

Get a pretty giant bow for the Christmas season! Attach a lovely bow to a long chain for a beautiful necklace for teenagers and see them jump with joy!

37. Nautical Stripe Bracelets

This is a lovely design to try out this Christmas. These nautical stripe bracelets can charmingly on your teen’s wrist!

These are some of the very best gift options for your teenagers. These gift ideas are affordable and mostly DIY options, so nothing can stop you from trying them out.

Leave a comment if you have other gift ideas you’ll like to share or questions you want to ask.

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