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8 Best Dog Breeds for Fitness Enthusiasts

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Searching for four-legged friends to accompany you in your fitness endeavors? Join us to find out who can that be! 

There is nothing better than going for a run with your beloved dogo, is there? But if you are a fitness junkie and you love dogs you might be wondering which dog breed is best to keep you company when working out! Therein, this text is precisely what you need!

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there might be something wrong with your life,” are the words of a famous author Roger A. Caras. And we couldn’t agree more with that. Sharing a life with a dog is basically, in our opinion, one of the biggest blessings. 

You know it is practically impossible to live unhappily when you are waking up every single morning to a smiley face and a wagging tail. Many of us know that our woofer friends are always there to keep us company, improve our mood, etc.

But do you know all the ways you can enjoy the time with your pup? Many people don’t know, but dogs can be marvelous fitness companions, particularly if you are into running, rollerblading, or cycling. 

Let us ask you something! How many times you made an appointment with a friend to go for a run only to have them cancel on you at the last minute?

It is super frustrating, isn’t it? Plus, it can often leave you without motivation regardless of how much you like it!

However, when dog your running companion, there is no way you will end up in this situation. Our furry friends are always more than ready to join us in our outdoor adventures. 

Even if all dogs are generally happy to be outside, it doesn’t mean that all of them will be thrilled to practice sports with us!

Hence if your primary wish is to have a woofer who will accompany you in the fitness endeavors, you have to pick the right dog breed.

Keep in mind though; different breeds were created for different outdoor activities. Some dogs are more sort of couch potato type of dogs whereas others are dog breeds prone to be your fitness body and enhance your active lifestyle.

Bear in mind that high energy pooches behave much better if they get enough exercise, which is a big benefit for both of you.

In this text, you will find a list of dog breeds that are perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

Best Dog Breed for Your Activities

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers

Many people say that Labradors are the best dogs ever! Although we love all dogs and we feel each one brings something unique, we have to agree that Labs are pretty amazing puppets. They are fantastic with other dogs and children.

They give you all the love you need and more. But above all, Labs really enjoy playing and running, so they make a perfect fitness companion. Same as Golden’s, these dogs are super intelligent, and they are considered as a dog breed that is also easy to train.

2. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky will definitely be unhappy with someone who is a couch potato! These wonderful, powerful dogs really enjoy having an active lifestyle.

They have a thick coat, so they prefer areas with a colder climate. For many of us, it is generally difficult to go outside during winter, right? These are high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercises regardless of the temperature.

Hence a husky can really help you to move away from the TV and spend more time outside even if it is cold. 

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

If you are looking for a tireless dog, then Rhodesian Ridgeback is the perfect breed for you! 

Do you know that these dogs are originally used for hunting lions? It may sound like a joke, but if you hear a ridgeback barking, you will understand what we are talking about! It is a big dog breed, so you have to make sure to provide them with enough space indoors and exercise outdoors.

These dogs love hiking and running. However, they are pretty strong-willed and independent animals, so you have to make sure that you provide them with adequate training. 

4. Beagle


Do you know who the most famous beagle is? If you are thinking Snoopy, you are right! Usually, when we think about beagles, we have more of an idea of a cute little stuffed animal than a dog that can be our fitness companion.

They maybe are not idea running partners because they have the desire to stop every five seconds and smell everything. But if you prefer walking and hiking, then beagles are the best friends you can find. 

5. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

If someone asked you to name a dog breed that really loves life which one, would it be? We would say that it is a Golden retriever! Would you agree? These amazing dogs are, as you know, very friendly with humans, other animals, and children.

They love activities, particularly swimming and running. They also enjoy long hikes. It is one of the best dog breeds for first-time owners.

6. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Although many people think of German shepherds as police dogs, they are much more than that. These beautiful dogs are super gentle and warm with their humans, and they provide constant companionship.

They are also very confident, fearless, and continually protective of their human family. German shepherds are super muscular and fast. Hence it is one of the best dog breeds used to run with you.

7. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Aussie shepherds are absolutely among the dog breeds prone to be your fitness buddy! These are active dogs who love to play with children. They are easy to train, and they are seen as remarkably intelligent.

They are herding dogs, so it is fair to say that they are very protective of their human family. If a stranger is coming to your house, they will make sure to warn you. Aussies are not aggressive dogs, though. 

8. English Setter

English setters are gentle and friendly dogs. They are especially good with children! 

They are sensitive and love to get love and attention. However, they also give a lot of love in return! These woofers are perfect for all who love to enjoy jogging.

They are also excellent companions for people who love hiking. Whether you are looking for dog breeds to adopt or buy, this English setter is always a perfect choice! 

Final Word 

If you love dogs, you surely know that it is unlikely that a dog breed enjoys going outside! Most dogs love some activity! But same as with humans, their energy levels vary!

If you are a super active person who prefers to spending time outdoors more than anything else, then the doggos we listed here are perfect companions for you! Do you have a dog? Would you like a dog? What kind of woofer would you like to have? 

About and Author 

Thomas Nemel is a freelance writer and a fitness enthusiast. He is writing about various topics related to fitness, such as streetstrider reviews. Thomas is also a dog lover and lives with a partner and two four-legged companions.

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